Syrian genocide: Reply to Free Syria Media Hub

Dear Free Syria Media Hub,

You have requested us to sign a petition supporting the campaign to stop Syrian genocide. As fellow humans, we have a moral obligation to support this campaign. We assure you we are wholeheartedly with any and every effort to stop Syrian genocide.

But it is also important to make our position clear on this issue.

We have an uncanny feeling about your approach to the problem of genocide in Syria. It is: Baghdadi versus Assad; US versus Russia.

Which one is more dangerous?

Genocide in Syria must stop.

But will IS not spread this genocide from Syria to other parts of world?

We know you want Assad to go. And so does US; well.

But US is more concerned with Assad than genocide there, or else US would have been more intrested in assisting efforts against IS than opposing Russia.

Our position: we are against Syrian genocide but not in favor of using the Syrian genocide as a ‘brand’ to serve imperialist interests. Committed to Syrian people’s right to peace.


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