An open letter to Dr. Ananya Vajpeyi (of US)

By: Parbhat Gupta
​Dear Dr Ananya Vajpeyi let me come, without much of any preliminaries, instantly to the crux of the matter.

You recently accused Shree Rajiv Malhotra of plagiary. It would only go on to demonstrate that you are playing to the gallery. or are a philistine or a combination of these two factors.

Either way it would behove an academic of good repute to check first the facts. It is obvious that you have not only not done your homework but as I have alluded to, you are playing to a small gallery owned by Shreeman Pollock, who in turn is owned by Mr Murthy  (or is it the other way round, for he needs to consider Rohan’s future./ Sheldon needing funds etc the usual game of garnering academic credentials.)

Let me beak some news for you:

1.) Youngsters in Murty’s organisation are now openly talking about this. They are careful not to use emails for they know that though Murty is an honest to goodness business man, however his management is vindictive and are pretty much like sepoys of the old raj.

2.) It is hilarious for these youngster’s to know  about a unique combination of a Marxist and capitalist. Again they (students) are careful. They also know that rich people ask for land subsidy but use it for profits that can be channelised for University chair.

This reminds me of many Indians in the academe who are like those dogs who  have a chip in their collar’s and are trained not to cross a line, for that results in a small non-life-threatening shock being given to the dog.

As a result you will see many of these Indian academe at times pretending to bark at their masters in the US but boy, they never cross a line.

3.) Please google Rajiv Malhotra’s address at TISS, a harbour for such dogs mentioned above, It will dawn upon you that Andrew Nicholson does not have the intestinal fortitude to sue Rajiv Malhotra. Perhaps Mr Sheldon Poloock can ask for some monies from Mr Murty, but wait, if this plan gets leaked, it will not only make the triad look like a fool but to add insult to the injury they will also loose. So time for plan B.


But really, Dr Ananya, there is no plan B. Only a fools in a huddle with an incurable itch oozing with puss and scratching each others backs.

So for your own good, please be on the right side. It will be a game changer even for you.


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