“Replacement of India with South Asia” controversy: Facts and propaganda

12 Apr 2016 — In the past few days, there have been several propaganda attempts made by either dishonest or ill-informed journalists and writers to discredit our petition.

The LA Times and some others have tried to argue that the “South Asia” name change was ONLY about references to the Indus Valley Civilization, and that India is “not being erased.” That is a blatant lie.

Please read the attached summary of all the edits made by the South Asia Faculty to the history curriculum. It goes far beyond some benign Indus Valley references, and includes egregious moves like deleting “India” and subsuming it within some pan-Asian “Islamic civilization” in one instance.

Please pass on the link to friends and others who might be finding it hard to believe that India could be erased like this…

Following are the 76 revisionist edits proposed by “South Asia Faculty Group” of which 80% of them were initially accepted by California Board of Education, some of which were recently reversed in response to…

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