‘Nirbhaya – the raped womanhood’ – In India or in the US?

By: Prabhat Gupta

Nirbhaya – a woman – was not long ago raped in India, who later on died in hospital.  It was indeed a gruesome rape. At that time the Western media dubbed India as ‘The Rape Capital’ of the world. At that time, if my memory does not fail me, BBC said about Indian men, ‘It is not a case of few rotten apples but the barrel itself being rotten’ implying that most Indian men were sexually perverts.

What is the reality? Where does the world’s ‘Capital of Rape’ lie? To put it more graphically, to which place on Earth ”It is not a case of few rotten apples but the barrel itself being rotten’ does the reality lead us?
Before answering these questions, please watch this video aptly titled ‘The Hunting Grounds’:

This documentary puts the spotlight on the highly sexualized and porn fueled civilized West.

Indians gripped by inferiority complex should note that India is far more safer and should rely on RAINN (https://rainn.org/ ) and see how the Western men, whom they think as their saviour, are actually far “ahead” when committing crimes against women and are far more deviant and pervert than most in the “developing” world, including India.

I have copied this to Prof Michele Decker of John Hopkins University who runs this https://www.coursera.org/course/gbv, so that she and her colleagues can better understand where the problem spots are.

I must hasten to add that she did write back to me saying words to the effect that “India does not have the unusual burden when comes to dealing with GBV”.

I was pleased to hear that from her and I also understand that she is also aware of the cultural sensitivities involved in the matter.

It is on these pages that they had shown Devi Durga Mata with a torn lip, as if to indicate that Indian men were responsible for this depraving violence. That image, a very offending to Hindus, has since been removed. That offending image was akin to Mother Mary being shown naked or some imagery which showed her being injured by several thugs effectively putting her in a perdition, in primarily a Judeo-Christian America. One can imagine the furor this would cause in the US and the right-wing and then seeking “justice”.
Nonetheless the work – the work of correctly educating people – needs to be done everywhere, not just in the US and not just in India. It needs to be done everywhere with the right contextual settings realising that a simple cut and paste of ideas and a reductionist approach are all bound to be very measured in their success and at times will simply fail.

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