Christian Missionaries Harm India

By: Maria Wirth

Christian missionaries have become increasingly visible and controversial in India. As I grew up as a Christian, I would like to share my observations from a personal angle.

When it comes to religion, I noticed that Indians tread cautiously. Care is taken ‘not to offend the sensibilities’ of the followers of other religions. Well, I should specify: Hindus take care not to offend the sensibilities of Christians and Muslims. As those are in the minority, it is argued, they need special consideration so that they don’t feel threatened by the Hindu majority.

It is true that those religions are in the minority in India, but worldwide, both religions are very powerful with great financial and political clout to achieve their objective which is to bring as many people as possible into their fold. This clout is reflected even in the Indian media and politics. Just observe how mainstream media report on minorities. I can’t help feeling that there is a clever Public Relation strategy behind the scenes. In contrast, Hinduism clearly has no PR strategy. ‘Truth will triumph’, is the motto here, never mind if it takes ages.

Sometimes I hear the following argument for a laid back attitude: ‘Just because missionaries despise Hinduism, it does not become bad.’ This is true, but it would not harm anyone and might benefit many, if Hindus would refute the obnoxious accusations that Hinduism is a primitive, polytheistic religion, as it certainly is not. One can present the profound tenets of Sanatana Dharma, as Hinduism used to be called before foreign rule, if not point out the shortcomings of the dogmatic founder religions.

Pointing out the shortcomings of other religions seems to be a taboo for Hindus. I wonder why. Debates on religious issues were common in ancient India and were of the highest order. Women also took part in those debates, which are recorded in the Upanishads. Adi Shankara challenged the Buddhists in debates.

Yet today there is not much discussion on religion or philosophy. One reason may be that a part of the intellectual class in India has been influenced by the British to such an extent that they adopted the view that Hinduism is primitive without ever reading any of the ancient scriptures. It is a small, but influential group that is ever ready to defend the minority religions.

Often, Hindus declare that all religions are equal as they all believe in the same God as there is of course only one. Yet are they equal? Christianity (and Islam, too) refute this view. It declares that it is not only superior but “the one and only way” and therefore everyone needs to join it to be saved. The Church claims that Jesus Christ himself commanded to go out and convert. So they have the ‘duty’ to convert the whole world population to their ‘professed truth’. And the Church goes about it with great zeal and dubious means.

Of course every religion has good points. They all point to the Highest; they all stress the need for an ethical life. They all give hints how to connect with God. Yet one should be very wary if there are also ‘bad’ points, like if a religion divides humanity into those who are saved and those who are eternally damned.

So what distinguishes Christianity from Hinduism so that it feels superior? The main point is the status of Jesus Christ. It is just not enough to see in him a great enlightened sage or an avatar. He is claimed to be the only son of God, whom God had sent to earth and who, through his death, saved mankind from the original sin.

This of course is difficult to understand and cannot be understood. It has to be believed. It is a dogma and dogma means, there is no proof. So why should one believe it? Because it has been decided in some council some 1700 years back that this is the truth and Christians have to believe it.

Unfortunately Christians do believe it. I, for example, ‘knew’ already in primary school in a small town in Germany, that we, i.e. the Roman Catholics, were ‘right’ and all others, including the Protestants in the neighbourhood, ‘wrong’. As a teenager, however, I started questioning and almost lost faith in God. I could not believe in the personal God anymore who loves his Church and sends all heathens to hell.

One uncle happened to be a priest and in his library I read about the history of the Church. It was an eye-opener – the decadence of the popes, the bloody conversion of South America, the literal killing of any dissent, the scheming for power and wealth… Together with religion I was about to throw out God as well, as He seemed inextricably linked with it.

Then I read an article on modern physics. It said that the whole creation basically is one energy. “This means there is a God!”  I realized. God cannot possibly be biased towards one group against another. He has to be the ground of everybody and everything.

When I came to India, I was amazed how profound her ancient wisdom was – a wisdom that does not have any dogmas and does not divide people into us versus them. ‘Brahman’ or ‘Tat’ of the Vedas is not a personal God that has likes and dislikes, but the invisible, conscious basis of all forms and names in this creation. This basis is there also in our own person and can be experienced, is claimed and this claim does not go against reason. “Enquire and experience” is recommended.

In contrast, Christianity demands blind belief and certainly does not encourage enquiry nor experience. A Church that branded her own mystics, who realized their oneness with God, as heretics cannot teach anything to India. She only can divide.

Missionaries try by hook or crook to get converts and target especially the lower classes and even children. It seems as if they have a quota to achieve. They claim that Christianity is the right faith and Hinduism very wrong. The phrase “divisive forces” is used freely in India, but strangely I have not heard it in connection with missionaries where it were appropriate.

Christian theologians would do well to study Indian wisdom with an open mind. It would give them a deeper understanding of Jesus’ sayings, as many of them are cryptic, yet from a Vedantic angle easy to interpret. They would realize that dogmas are a hindrance in the process to uncover truth. Such openness would make religion spiritual. Mystics would be appreciated. No “us versus them”, no borders, no God who belongs only to one group and who condemns the rest, just a genuine search for the One Essence beyond name and form…

To expect broadmindedness from Church representatives seems a long way off. As of now their course is set on confrontation and Hindus so far have been too polite to question the ‘one and only way’ bogus. While in the west many leave the Church, in India many join for reasons that have nothing to do with religion.

Those converts may initially get some financial benefits but the price is high. They have to confess a belief in dogmas, in which they don’t believe. They have to despise the faith that they had held dear. They or at least their offspring will become convinced that they alone have the ‘true’ faith and will look down on those who go to temples because their gods are ‘false’.

In the process they lose their integrity and will become hypocritical, like so many in the west. And if conversion is not restrained, together with her children, Bharat may lose her integrity. Truth will have no place anymore.

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A few things to know about Hindu civilization

विन्देश्वरी मिश्रा – हिंदी अंश

(Shreepal Singh – English part)

दो पक्ष- कृष्ण पक्ष , शुक्ल पक्ष ! (Based on Lunar calendar, there are two fortnights in a month: Krishna or Black one and Shukla or White one)
तीन ऋण – देव ऋण , पितृ ऋण , ऋषि ऋण !(There are three kinds of debts one can owe: Debt due to Deity; Debt due to one’s forefathers; Debt due to Spiritual Guru or Rishi).
चार युग – सतयुग , त्रेतायुग , द्वापरयुग , कलियुग ! (There are four Yugas or icons for humanity on Earth: Sat-Yuga, when people are pious; Treta-Yuga, when comparatively lower stage arrives; Dvapar-Yuga, when still inferior age arrives; Kali-Yuga, when the lowest stage arrives – at the end of which again Sat-Yuga arrives. It is believed that today humanity is passing through Kaliyugअ).
चार धाम – द्वारिका , बद्रीनाथ , जगन्नाथ पुरी , रामेश्वरम धाम ! (There are four pilgrimage places to go).
चारपीठ – शारदा पीठ ( द्वारिका ) ज्योतिष पीठ ( जोशीमठ बद्रिधाम ) गोवर्धन पीठ ( जगन्नाथपुरी ) , शृंगेरीपीठ ! (Four religious centers – Dwarika Peeth;  Badridham Peeth; Jagannath Peeth; Shringeri Peeth – were established by Adi or the First Shankracharya).
चार वेद- ऋग्वेद , अथर्वेद , यजुर्वेद , सामवेद ! (There are four Vedas: Rigveda, Atharv veda, Yajur veda, Sam veda).
चार आश्रम – ब्रह्मचर्य , गृहस्थ , वानप्रस्थ , संन्यास ! (There are four stages – Ashram – of life, namely: Brahmcharya, when one leads a rigorous life of student abstaining from all kinds of pleasures; Ghrahist Ashram, when one carries out his worldly duties and responsibilities; Vanprasth Ashram, when one takes his mind away from world and his involvement in it; Sanyas Ashram, when one renounces the world and disassociates oneself from human company).

चार वर्ण: ब्राह्मण क्षत्रिय वैश्य शुद्र (There are four classes – Varna – of people in society, namely: Brahmins who devote their life and attention only to things spiritual, do not own property, survive by begging, have affection or enmity towards none, roam freely fearing or harming none, teach students and guide the king – kshtriya, set example by their conduct for society to follow, and command highest respect; Kshtriya, who have mental makeup to fight and be a king, duty to protect the other three Varnas, punish the wicked, not fearing the death, obeying the Brahmin; Vaisya, who have inclination to pursue mercantile activities, earn king-set profits, not allowed to hoard merchandise over to next year, feed the three Varnas; Sudras, who by their conduct are not able to rise to become either Brahmin, Kshtriya or Vaisya, who have to eat but cannot do business, have to be protected against enemy but cannot fight, who enjoy the peace and order established in society but cannot contribute anything to the society, had to serve other three Varnas).
चार अंतःकरण – मन , बुद्धि , चित्त , अहंकार ! (There are four parts of inner consciousness. One may translate them as: Man or desires; Buddhi or mind; Chitta or heart; Ahankar is ego (or perhaps the totality of consciousness of one’s personality).
पञ्च गव्य – गाय का घी , दूध , दही , गोमूत्र , गोबर ! (There are five pious outputs obtained from cows: Ghee; Milk; Curd; Urine).
पञ्च देव – गणेश , विष्णु , शिव , देवी , सूर्य ! (Five deities to worship).
पंच तत्त्व – पृथ्वी , जल , अग्नि , वायु , आकाश ! (Five elements).
छह दर्शन – वैशेषिक , न्याय , सांख्य , योग , पूर्व मिसांसा , दक्षिण मिसांसा ! (Six philosophies).
सप्त ऋषि – विश्वामित्र , जमदाग्नि , भरद्वाज , गौतम , अत्री , वशिष्ठ और कश्यप! (Seven sages).
सप्त पुरी – अयोध्या पुरी , मथुरा पुरी , माया पुरी ( हरिद्वार ) , काशी , कांची ( शिन कांची – विष्णु कांची ) , अवंतिका और द्वारिका पुरी ! (Seven abodes of God’s avatars).
योग के आठ अंग- यम , नियम , आसन , प्राणायाम , प्रत्याहार , धारणा , ध्यान एवं समािध ! (Eight parts of Patanjali’s Yoga)
आठ लक्ष्मी – आग्घ , विद्या , सौभाग्य , अमृत , काम , सत्य , भोग ,एवं योग लक्ष्मी ! (Eight kinds of worldly opulence).
नव दुर्गा — शैल पुत्री , ब्रह्मचारिणी , चंद्रघंटा , कुष्मांडा , स्कंदमाता , कात्यायिनी , कालरात्रि , महागौरी एवं सिद्धिदात्री ! (Nine Durga).
दस दिशाएं – पूर्व , पश्चिम , उत्तर , दक्षिण , ईशान , नैऋत्य , वायव्य , अग्नि आकाश एवं पाताल ! (Ten directions).
मुख्य ११ अवतार – मत्स्य , कच्छप , वराह , नरसिंह , वामन , परशुराम , श्री राम , कृष्ण , बलराम , बुद्ध , एवं कल्कि ! (Eleven incarnations of God).
बारह मास – चैत्र , वैशाख , ज्येष्ठ , अषाढ , श्रावण , भाद्रपद , अश्विन , कार्तिक , मार्गशीर्ष , पौष , माघ , फागुन ! (Twelve months).
बारह राशी – मेष , वृषभ , मिथुन , कर्क , सिंह , कन्या , तुला , वृश्चिक , धनु , मकर , कुंभ , कन्या ! (Twelve constellations).
बारह ज्योतिर्लिंग – सोमनाथ , मल्लिकार्जुन , महाकाल , ओमकारेश्वर , बैजनाथ , रामेश्वरम , विश्वनाथ , त्र्यंबकेश्वर , केदारनाथ , घुष्नेश्वर , भीमाशंकर , नागेश्वर ! (Twelve Jyotirling – places possessing spiritual force).
पंद्रह तिथियाँ – प्रतिपदा , द्वितीय , तृतीय , चतुर्थी , पंचमी , षष्ठी , सप्तमी , अष्टमी , नवमी , दशमी , एकादशी , द्वादशी , त्रयोदशी , चतुर्दशी , पूर्णिमा , अमावास्या ! (Fifteen dates for each fortnight).
स्मृतियां – मनु , विष्णु , अत्री , हारीत , याज्ञवल्क्य , उशना , अंगीरा , यम , आपस्तम्ब , सर्वत , कात्यायन , ब्रहस्पति , पराशर , व्यास , शांख्य , लिखित , दक्ष , शातातप , वशिष्ठ ! (Fifteen Smirtis – books of Laws).

Addition by: Unknown
⌛दो पक्ष⌛
१-कृष्ण पक्ष , २-शुक्ल पक्ष❗
🙏तीन ऋण🙏
१-देवऋण , २-पितृऋण, ३-ऋषिऋण❗
🏉चार युग🏉
१-सतयुग , २-त्रेतायुग ,
३-द्वापरयुग , ४-कलियुग❗
🌷चार धाम🌷
१-द्वारिका , २-बद्रीनाथ ,
३-जगन्नाथपुरी , ४-रामेश्वरमधाम❗
🕹चार पीठ🕹
१-शारदा पीठ (द्वारिका)
२-ज्योतिष पीठ (जोशीमठ बद्रिधाम)
३-गोवर्धन पीठ (जगन्नाथपुरी),
⌛चार वेद⌛
१-ऋग्वेद , २-अथर्वेद ,३-यजुर्वेद , ४-सामवेद!
🍁चार आश्रम🍁
१-ब्रह्मचर्य , २-गृहस्थ , ३-वानप्रस्थ , ४-संन्यास❗
🏉चार अंतःकरण🏉
१-मन , २-बुद्धि , ३-चित्त , ४-अहंकार❗
🍁पञ्च गव्य🍁
१-गाय का घी , २-दूध ,
दही ,३-गोमूत्र , ४-गोबर❗
🙏पञ्च देव🙏
१-गणेश , २-विष्णु , ३-शिव , ४-देवी ,५-सूर्य!
🕹पंच तत्त्व🕹
१-पृथ्वी ,२-जल , ३-अग्नि , ४-वायु , ५-आकाश❗
⌛छह दर्शन⌛
१-वैशेषिक , २-न्याय ,३-ऋषांख्य , ४-योग , ५-पूर्व मिसांसा , ६-दक्षिण मिसांसा❗
🌷 सप्त ऋषि🌷
१-विश्वामित्र ,२-जमदाग्नि ,३-भरद्वाज , ४-गौतम , ५-अत्री , ६-वशिष्ठ और कश्यप❗
🍁सप्त पुरी🍁
१-अयोध्यापुरी ,२-मथुरापुरी ,
३-मायापुरी (हरिद्वार), ४-काशीपुरी ,
५-कांचीपुरी (शिन कांची-विष्णु कांची),
६-अवंतिकापुरी और
⌛आठ योग⌛
१-यम , २-नियम , ३-आसन ,४-प्राणायाम , ५-प्रत्याहार , ६-धारणा , ७-ध्यान, एवं ८-समािध❗
🙏आठ लक्ष्मी🙏
१-आग्घ , २-विद्या , ३-सौभाग्य ,४-अमृत , ५-काम , ६-सत्य , ७-भोग ,एवं ८-योग लक्ष्मी❗
🌹नव दुर्गा 🌹
१-शैल पुत्री , २-ब्रह्मचारिणी ,३-चंद्रघंटा , ४-कुष्मांडा , ५-स्कंदमाता , ६-कात्यायिनी ,७-कालरात्रि, ८-महागौरी एवं ९-सिद्धिदात्री❗
🍫 दस दिशाएं🍫
१,पूर्व , २-पश्चिम , ३-उत्तर , ४-दक्षिण ,५-ईशान , ६-नैऋत्य , ७-वायव्य , ८-अग्नि
९-आकाश, एवं १०-पाताल,❗
🏉मुख्य ११ अवतार🏉
१-मत्स्य , २-कश्यप , ३-वराह , ४-नरसिंह , ५-वामन , ६-परशुराम ,७-श्री राम , ८-कृष्ण , -बलराम , १०-बुद्ध , एवं ११-कल्कि❗
🍁बारह मास🍁
१-चैत्र , २-वैशाख , ३-ज्येष्ठ ,४-अषाढ , ५-श्रावण , ६-भाद्रपद , ७-अश्विन , ८-कार्तिक ,९-मार्गशीर्ष , १०-पौष , ११-माघ , १२-फागुन❗
⌛ बारह राशी ⌛
१-मेष , २-वृषभ , ३-मिथुन , ४-कर्क , ५-सिंह , ६-कन्या , ७-तुला , ८-वृश्चिक , ८-धनु , १०-मकर , ११-कुंभ , १२मीन❗
🙏बारह ज्योतिर्लिंग🙏
१-सोमनाथ ,२-मल्लिकार्जुन ,३-महाकाल , ४-ओमकारेश्वर , ५-बैजनाथ , ६-रामेश्वरम ,७-विश्वनाथ , ८-त्र्यंबकेश्वर , ९-केदारनाथ , १०-घुष्नेश्वर, ११-भीमाशंकर ,१२-नागेश्वर!
💥पंद्रह तिथियाँ💥
१-प्रतिपदा ,२-द्वितीय ,३-तृतीय ,४-चतुर्थी , ५-पंचमी , ६-षष्ठी , ७-सप्तमी , ८-अष्टमी , ९-नवमी ,१०-दशमी , ११-एकादशी , १२-द्वादशी , १३-त्रयोदशी , १४-चतुर्दशी , १५-पूर्णिमा, अमावास्या❗
१-मनु , २-विष्णु , ३-अत्री , ४-हारीत ,५-याज्ञवल्क्य ,७-उशना , ७-अंगीरा , ८-यम , ९-आपस्तम्ब , १०-सर्वत ,१०-कात्यायन , १२-ब्रहस्पति , १३-पराशर , १४-व्यास , १५-शांख्य , १६-लिखित , १७-दक्ष ,
१८-शातातप , १९-वशिष्ठ❗

Conversion Industry in India: A Few Facts

This post contains these sections:

  1. Facts reported by press and a comment
  2. Personal experience of a person who was coerced related to religion / conversion
  3. A few facts observed by a person related to religion / conversion
  4. Observation by a person
  5. Historical facts of Goa related to religion / conversion
  6. Choose between “One God for all universe” and “My prophet, my god, my religion”

Section 1:

218,000 persons have officially left the Catholic Church in Germany in the year 2014. Never before was the number of Church dropouts so high. The previous record was in 2010 with 180,000 persons. Just have a look at this:

As a result of the worry for this declining numbers of its adherents, Churches across started exporting evangelism years back to offset their loss of members at home. Note that under their law, a certain percent of German tax money is given by the government to the Church. Given the domestic fall in consumption of Christianity, the Church accelerated its overseas evangelism to show they are using the money wisely. Same is true of Scandinavian Churches.

Section 2:

By: Name withheld for privacy reasons

As an academician in a Catholic institution – Fatima College, Madurai, T.N. – for the last 36 years I have first  hand  experience of the impact of the imported  Narrative of Aryan-Dravidian divide which reflected in the way I was treated here.

I was always made to feel diaspora even in my own country.

I have heard of the teachers abusing Hindu students.  I was blasted for about 45 minutes after I received my National Award for my Ph. D.  in 1994  from ASRC, Hyderabad – you would wonder why – just for having gone to Hyderabad to receive the Award not informing the Principal who was not in the College.  (It is not to boast of my Awards but I could not feel either happy or proud of any of my achievements.  But I worked with commitment till the end).

I mean I could go on.  It was the tolerance in the DNA that kept me going till 2006 when I had a nervous break down  and  lost one year of service.

Anyway I successfully completed my service winning an Award for the performance during the last year of service  2015-16..

All I wish to say is I am fully armed with a lot of insider’s  information of forceful conversions and people coercing the Hindus to convert,  the Brahmin bashing going on in all the University events.  All the so called National Seminars are on the so called atrocities in Tamil Nadu and the manufactured literature called Dalit Literature and comparing it with African American literature.

I worked on the African American writer Langston Hughes and the impact of music on Literature. I have taught that literature along with American and American Studies and so I was annoyed by this simplistic comparison.  It is like comparing the mount with a mole hill.

They are even manufacturing writers like Meena Kandasamy (both her parents I.I.tians) who says she has embraced the Dalit title. God knows what she means!

Section 3:

By: Name withheld

My experience:

1. As a Prof of English in a Catholic College experienced innumerable verbal attacks, gestures of disapproval and arrogant remarks from colleagues: a.  Human Rights class open attack on Brahmins – “Brahmins only used to molest Dalits.”

2.  When I had a chat on WhatsApp with my student – a journalist currently with Indian Express – I criticized her for using the term “saffron bulls” and I told her not to denigrate that noble term which symbolizes sacrifice.  I referred to noble works of Swami Vivekananda.  From an unknown activist I had wordy dual who condemned Swami Vivekananda as Castetist and he said he too had done nothing for the Dalits.  I had to argue through the night.  I showed him how DMK has done only ethnic cleansing of the Brahmins and not improved the situation of the Dalits.  But he was not convinced.

3.  I had an opportunity to get a Dalit girl married in my own house  (to avoid a critical situation about 8 months back.)  I had priest in my house (a Catholic priest who was not happy about the turn of events  for my gesture broke their myth of Brahmin brutality against the Dalits). But openly he abused the Hindu gods and our faith.  (Whom are you going to see when you reach Heaven.  Your religion confuses you with so many Gods).

4.  I happened to wear the label Brahmin and though I achieved a great deal in college  there was always a step motherly treatment.  I was denied FIP.  (I had to pursue my Ph.D without any leave benefits. I had to exhaust all my personal leave.)

5.  I have received threat calls in college.  When I mentioned the term Taliban (an announcement in the The Hindu – about 25 years back)  I had an anonymous call threatening me.  (At that time the nuns had to awareness-  I am still waiting to talk to that nun – for recently 60 odd Christians were killed in Pakistan during Easter by Taliban).

6.  Conversion into Christianity is rampant, now it is the Pentecosts.  My own Prof. of Tamil has been hounding a Brahmin Prof (both retired) with constant e-mailing saying that she would not reach Heaven if does not become a Christian.

7.  I read the Scriptures daily. So they have branded that I am R.S.S.  and a Hindutva.  Only a Christian and a Muslim has the right in India to be religious.  If I defend Hinduism I have always been under attack.

I saved my maid a refugee from Sri Lanka from being converted. Her family went through horrible pressure from a local Christian group.

8.  I hear that they woo the people with newer and newer techniques.  Especially lower class in the villages.  Vegetables are given on Sundays.

I can go on.  I used to be so badly treated that in 2006 I had a psychological and neurological disorder.  I did not wish to continue there.  But when they sensed that my leaving the institution would lead to criticism (for I am a popular teacher a favourite among students) they begged me to come back.

I have medical  records and service records to prove that one whole year I was going through depression.  I could not go to any Human rights org.

The funniest thing is they would easily advice me to forgive.  The tactics is they would bring the Bible and say forgive.

I am an African-American and American studies scholar.  I know all about AF/Am litt.  Now there is a huge attempt to create a non-existent Dalit literature. The voice is Ms. Meena Kandasamy.  She has declared that she has embraced “Dalit” ism; I wonder what she means by it.  The African Americans have been pouring out their misery ever since they set foot on American soil in the 17th century.  I do not understand how on earth they can achieve a manufactured literature in a short period.  I read Kanch Illiya’s poem attacking the Brahmins. I feel a systematic, serious confrontation of all these charges with facts must be done soon enough. Almost all the U.G.C. sponsored conferences have been pro – Dalit and Brahmin bashing only I have been attending many.

If I need to elaborate on any of the experiences I am willing to. I tried introducing Yoga in the campus about five years back with the help of a Hindu called Yoga master Subramanian.

But last year “Mindful Meditation” was introduced by a Priest much to the disappointment of Christians themselves and they laughed at it calling Mindless meditation.  The first thing the students were asked to buy was a pillow.

Last year 2015 I was forced to organize a National Conference on Human Rights Issues in Literature and Sociology.   Please follow the activities of a person called Dr. Balakrishnan of Roots – a NGO – I am sure a Christian group is supporting him in his objectionable activities.

During the Key note address he attacked Hindu belief systems and mocked at the idea of going to temples.  As I am heading the Dept.  I could not openly accuse him.  But I boycotted the publication of papers.  He calls himself Academic Event  manager, conducts a lot of programmes for the youth.  He is a vocal Anti Brahmin advocate and so he along with five members including the so-called Brahmin principal called Dr. Murali were chucked out of the local college called The Madura College. One could verify info.

More specifically, he is part of the Brahmin versus Dalit Narrative — Breaking India force.

But Roots is doing academic programme focusing on Dalits and I am sure it a Breaking India racket. This org. is in Madurai.  It is a one man army with support from a Christian called Periera. (Not sure of the spelling.)  They have a press called Shanlax.  Almost all the papers are eulogizing the works by Bama a Dalit writer who is compared with African-American Writers.  I get angry by these comparative studies.  But I am always at a loss.

I have guided Ph. D scholars in this area and still have about 9 students.  I can never support the argument that Dalits suffered like the African-American slaves.  By the way I have been part of the U.S. State sponsored International Visitor’s Program.  Met writers like James Alan Mc Pherson.

In an area called Vel Murugan Nagar there is a priest called Dudley Thangiah, who is well-known for conversion.  Now it is all a stealthy deal.  He does not rechristen them.  These believers have Hindu names but attend church.  What he does is one influential member in the family is converted and the rest are swept in.
I see a New Prayer Tower in Nehru Nagar, an adjacent colony.  Madurai is full of prayer houses not formal churches where Dalit conversions are rampant.
The caste politics is another reason for conversion.

My Nadar friend tells me her entire family is broken to pieces because of conversion.  They are owners of Flour mill called Mayil Brand.  Excepting the eldest son’s family all are converted.  Conversion and breaking of Hindu families in Virudhunagar has been going on for 3 to 4 decades now.

Kanyakumari Thirunelvelli are all Christian belts.   Now Madurai is infested with Evangelical movements.
There is British priest working near Nagamalai Pudhukptai doing conversion.  Pentecosts openly declare that they can make a living doing Evangelical work.  Money is pumped in from the West for sure.

There are open attacks on Ramayan in colleges like Lady Doak where priests come and give lectures on these Scriptures mocking them.

There is Church called First Assemble of God and there is more recent one on Vaigai river bed near Fatima college (Dindigul Road),  an org. from Ceylon doing a lot of Conversions.

In Dhargas there is an open order that none should stop with a single child. Must have 5 or 4 children. That one channel is enough to Break India.

All their programs are attacking Modi.  Similarly The Hindu is another Anti Hindu paper which exaggerates anything against the Minorities and no violence against Majority community ever gets reported.

Section 4:

Brahmins are the worst sufferers during the last 1000 years. It was well understood by Muslim invader, Portuguese and British that the easy way to eliminate Hinduism is to eliminate Brahmins. They went after Brahmins and destroyed temples and killed them unprovoked.

In Tamil Nadu , Ethnic- clensing of Brahmins during last 40 years is much bigger then K.Ps. Read what happened in Goa here:
Section 5:
By: Capt. Ajit Vadakayil



In 1498 Vasco Da Gama landed up at a beautiful beach ( Kappad ) in my hometown Calicut.

He was actually lost on the east coast of Africa at Malindi—and was piloted across the Arabian sea by the Calicut king Zamorin’s deep sea pilot Ibn Aziz.

A small stone monument here , commemorated the historic landing.

Vasco Da Gama tried to impress the King of Calicut with glass beads , scarlet hoods and coral.

On his second voyage in 1502 Vasco Da Gama came with 25 ships , thousands of soldiers and large canons. Enroute to Calicut they caught a pilgrim ship on passage to Mecca and burnt all 700 including women and children alive. He pounded Calicut city with his long range guns. When a messenger was sent by the king, Vasco Da Gama cut off his lips , and ears– stitched the ears of a dog in place and sent him back.

King Zamorin was wary of the Portugese and soon they shifted base to Cochin and then to Goa.
Portugese admiral Alfonso De Albuquerque was driven away by the Muslim ruler of Bijapur and Goa Yusuf Adil Shah.  However after 3 months he again re-attacked with a larger force,  with help from a local Hindu Chieftain Thimayya.

On 25th Nov 1510—he captured Goa .  Yusuf was dead and his son Ismail was still an infant.

On May 6th 1542, St Francis Xavier of the Jesuit order of Ignatius Loyola , at the young age of 36,  landed at Goa, after a 13 month ardous voyage round the Cape of Good Hope–

under orders of King of Portugal Joao III.

As soon as Xavier landed at Goa he wrote to his king “ Whoever has seen Goa need not see Lisbon “—and he goes into great lengths to describe the architectural splendor ( Ottoman style ).

Pretty soon, he found out the hard way– that the local Indians are NOT east to convert from Hinduism to Christianity. He started by ordering the temples to be demolished. But then people had idols in their houses.

Hinduism was deeprooted.  The vedic Indian civilisation flourished on the banks of river Saraswati from 9000 BC to 4000 BC. When the river Saraswati dried up in 4000 BC , the people had migrated to the Zuari.

In 1545 Francis Xavier, frustrated — wrote to Rome ( this letter is preserved ) and to the King —

QUOTE “ The Hindus are an unholy race. They are liars and cheats to the very backbone. Their idols are black—as black as black can be— ugly and horrible to look at , smeared with oil and smell in a evil manner. “–UNQUOTE

He then formally ordered the Portugese Inquisition fo Goa , which ran from 1516 to 1812. The rest of Europe had terminated the Inquisition in 1774. It stopped in 1812 due to British intervention.

More than 20000 people were brought under trial by this Inquisition.

The Portugese first started off with high ranking Saraswat Brahmin Hindus who held the land and riches. Who ever was caught in a palanquin had to undergo the brutal inquisition.

They were NOT allowed to wear the Shendi ( hair tuft ), have a Tulsi plant in front of their house, wear the sacred thread , have an idol in their homes , wear sandals , read the Vedas etc.

This drove all of them away from Goa, leaving the land behind.  Some of them unwillingly converted into Christianity.

It was NOT religious hatred alone, the main reason was to steal as many ancient Sanskrit and Malayalam Vedic texts on Science, Medicine and Mathematics. It is from Xavier that Europe came to know about medicinal leech vaccination ( among other things ) , and later Freemason Edward Jenner made a name for himself. The ancient Maharishis from Kerala, like Imhotep,  has been vaccinating the Pharaohs of Egypt, 6500 years before Edward Jenner.

The masses were converted into Christianity, saddled with Portuguese surnames , given menial jobs, made to eat Beef and Pork and drink cheap Feni ( a local brew made of Cashew and Coconut ). This easy inebriated life destroyed their mindset and till today no Catholic Goan boy has passed the IIT entrance exam. ( ala the Red Indians of North America and the Aborigines of Australia )

The Portugese viceroy Constantine De Braganza had ensconced himself in the Sultan’s palace. He was unceremoniously told to buzz off from there and 200 prison cells were built—ordered by the Pope.

The Taj Hotel at Fort Aguada was also used as a torture cell.

On Jan 31 st 1620, the Portugese government ordered that NO Hindu marriages can be performed in Goa. They went one step ahead in 1625—and ordered that NO Hindu infidel can be employed in Goa.

The Portuguese Inquisition Laws filled 230 pages and the Inquisition was to be held behind closed doors. Fr. Diago de Boarda and his advisor Vicar General, Miguel Vaz had made a gruesome 41 point plan for torturing Hindus.

Under this plan Viceroy António de Noronha issued in 1566, an order applicable to the entire area under Portuguese rule. I hereby order that in any area owned by my master, the king, nobody should construct a Hindu temple and such temples already constructed should not be repaired without my permission. If this order is transgressed, such temples shall be, destroyed and the goods in them shall be used to meet expenses of holy deeds, as punishment of such transgression.

In 1567, the campaign of destroying temples in Bardez met with success. At the end of it more than 300 Hindu temples were destroyed. Enacting laws, prohibition was laid from 4 December 1567 on rituals of Hindu marriages, sacred thread wearing and cremation.

All the persons above 15 years of age were compelled to listen to Christian preaching, failing which they were punished. In 1583 all Hindu temples at Assolna and Cuncolim were destroyed through army action.

Converted Hindus , who were detected to secretly  hold their old religion in esteem were burnt at the  stake or brutally tortured.

Brutal methods used were – To tear off the tongues–  To blind the victim with sharp sticks or red-hot iron spikes– The pulling of the flesh with pliers– The skinning of the accused alive– Quartering (in which the victims intestines would be pulled from the body) and impaling, in which a stake would be hammered through the victim’s body avoiding the vital organs, resulting in a slow death that could last for hours or days.

A sharp iron fork was used to mangle breasts. Red hot pincers were used to tear off flesh. Red hot irons were inserted up vaginas and rectums. A device named the turcas was used to tear out fingernails. After the nails were ripped out needles were shoved in. Boots called bootikens were used to lacerate flesh and crush bone.

Thumbscrews were used to crush the fingers and toes. Acid was poured on victims and hands were immersed into pots of boiling oil and water. Eyes were gouged out by irons. Alcohol was poured on the head of the poor victim and set alight. Water was poured down the victims throat with a knotted cloth. The cloth was then jerked out tearing up the victims bowels.

There was no limit to the types and cruelty of the tortures. The inquisition meant anything was allowed. The inquisitors were sadistic and mentally disturbed. An “Inquisition” was supposed to be a legal inquiry by the church.

After the poor victims confessed to things they never did more torture was to follow. On the way to the stake or gallows victims were flogged, burned, branded and had their hands and tongues hacked off.

Fillippo Sassetti , an Italian merchant from Florence,  has chronicled everything. He was the first European to learn Sanskrit. His views were NOT the jaundiced views of a white man. Between 1578 and 1588 he had sent a huge number of letters to the grand ducal court in Florence –all about the Portugese inquisition and the Indian view point.

“The fathers of the Church forbade the Hindus under terrible penalties the use of their own sacred books, and prevented them from all exercise of their religion. They destroyed their temples, and so harassed and interfered with the people that they abandoned the city in large numbers, refusing to remain any longer in a place where they had no liberty, and were liable to imprisonment, torture and death if they worshipped after their own fashion the gods of their fathers.” wrote Filippo Sassetti.( below )

A French traveller by the name of Dr.Charles Delone had got himself imprisoned in the Sultan’s palace (1674-77) and saw things for himself . His observations are in his book published in 1687 and is named “L’inquisition de Goa”.  Charles Delone was an eye witness to the atrocities, cruelty and reign of terror unleashed by priests. He published a book in 1687 describing the lot of helpless victims. While he was in jail, he had heard the cries of tortured people beaten with instruments having sharp teeth.

Dr.Claudius Buchanan’s  (above )  a Scotsman of the Church of England , witnessed some gruesome burning scenes in Great Hall of Goan Inquisition in 1608,  and wrote about the Portuguese Inquisition in 1812. 

Voltaire wrote on the Portuguese Inquisition in Goa— Quote ” Goa est malheureusement célèbre par son inquisition , également contraire à l’humanité et au commerce. Les moines portugais firent accroire que le peuple adorait le diable , et ce sont eux qui l’ont servi. (Goa is sadly famous for its inquisition, equally contrary to humanity and commerce. The Portuguese monks made us believe that the people worshiped the devil, and it is they who have served him.)”.

Historian Alfredo de Mello described the Portuguese in Goa : Quote—“ nefarious, fiendish, lustful, corrupt religious orders which pounced on Goa for the purpose of destroying paganism (ie Hinduism) and introducing the true religion of Christ”  Unquote.

In 2007, the Portuguese Government initiated a project to make available online by 2010 a significant part of the archives of the Portuguese Inquisition currently deposited in the Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo, the Portuguese National Archives

Traditional musical instruments were banned and only western music was allowed— a tradition seen even today. A Goan Christian marriage MUST have a live band playing pop music .

Now let me get back to our honouable saint Francis Xavier.

All over the world churches and schools are named after him . This temple destroyer was canonized by the Vatican in 1622. ( but when the Taliban shot off the Bamiyan Buddha,  they found it necessary to cry foul )

On 11th Dec 1553 , Xavier’s dead body was shipped from China to Goa.

The Pope’s  propaganda has caught on that viewing his dead embalmed body can bring miraculous good fortune and can heal you of all your ailments. Why not? He has converted more people to Christianity than any of Jesus’s disciples.

The “Vatican Poster boy’s”  embalmed body lies in Goa and is exposed to the public every 10 years—the last was in Dec 2002.  Two million of the faithful has descended on Goa for a month.

The Vatican has been ignoring demands from the descendants of a Buddhist monk for a DNA test –who claim that the body is of  a Sri Lankan monk .  The body was switched after the arrogant Captain of  the Portugese ship threw it overboard. The monk had died due to consumption of a rare herb. The preserved body of the monk was snatched by Portugese soldiers , dressed up in catholic priest garb and brought to Goa. There is a witness to this– Francis Xavier’s own converted servant he took from my hometown Calicut, by the name of Christopher.

Xavier was a tall white man– the body is of a small dark man . The bullshit given is that his body was put in lime , in China– so the great appearance change. DNA test never lies!!

And lime does NOT convert white skin to a uniform brown texture!!!

In Hindu and Buddhist traditions , all are cremated.  Only liberated saints are buried in salt and lime.

When India became independent in 1947, Goa remained under Portuguese control. The Indian government of Nehru insisted that Goa, along with a few other minor Portuguese holdings, be turned over to India. Portugal, however, refused. France, which also had small enclaves in India ( Pondicherry ), gave them up. On December 16, 1961, Indian troops crossed the border into Goa. Code named ” Operation Vijay ‘, the move involved sustained land, sea, and air strikes for more than 36 hours; it resulted in the unconditional surrender of Portuguese forces on 19 December.

A United Nations resolution condemning the invasion was proposed by the United States and the United Kingdom in the United Nations Security Council, but it was vetoed by the USSR.

Despite this Portugal tried sending their Navy ( with blessings of USA and UK ) —and President Nasser of Egypt promptly shut the Suez Canal.

Indians have still NOT forgotten such favours.

Even today the mother language of Konkani binds all the people of Goa.

How many of you know that Roman Italian Inquisition started only in 1545, with the Indians in Goa, when Francis Xavier impressed on Pope Paul III, the urgent need to punish the filthy pestilent Indians, worshiping evil back stones and following false doctrines . The same Inquisition blinded Galileo in 1633.. All under investigation had to wear a huge red X symbol on their dress .

It was Pope Paul III who restarted slavery in Rome , by repealing a timeless law that slaves could claim their freedom at the Emperor’s statue at Capitol hill . After this all Muslims, man and woman , became slaves, automatically. This sick man made his grandsons cardinals even before the age of 14.

Below is Francis Xavier, heeding the voice of GOD, to punish all the non-believers.

Grace and peace!!

 (This piece of conversion history of Goa was first posted Here)
Section 6:
Choose between “One God for all universe” and “My religion, my God, my prophet”
By: Maria Wirth

In many parts of Europe, religion has become an important topic only in the last few decades. In the 1970s, religion or rather Christianity, which used to mean religion then, seemed obsolete. It was considered something for children and old people. Ever since Christians got the freedom to leave the Church not so long ago (in the 19th century in northern Germany), many did so. And after cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin came back from space and declared that he had not come across God, the Church lost out further.

Just an example: when I was a child in the 1950s, in our small town mass was held every day at 6.30 a.m., at 7 a.m. and 3 times a week at 8 a.m. Since long now, there is no daily mass. Only the three services at 8 a.m. have survived. When I was a child, three hours of fasting were mandatory before taking Holy Communion. Now it has been scaled down to half an hour. Earlier, missing Sunday mass was a grave sin that would be punished with hell fire. Now one can attend it on Saturday instead of Sunday.

Religion seemed on its way out, yet suddenly it is back and very prominent in the public discourse. The main reason is the increasing visibility of Islam in Europe. When the first Turks came to Germany as “guest workers“, it was considered great that our boringly uniform society turned “multicultural”, with more interesting looking people on the streets. Meanwhile this enthusiasm has dimmed considerably. Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that the multicultural experiment has completely failed. (It is all the more intriguing why one year later, in autumn 2015, she literally invited refugees  into Germany.)

It is for the first time, after Christianity had crushed the pagan faith in Europe, that the locals are confronted in their midst with a substantial population of followers of a different religion, which, as aggressively as Christianity, proclaims that it alone is the true religion, and whoever does not join it, is damned to hell forever. Moreover, many of those followers seem to take their religion really seriously.

This jolted Germans who did not identify foremost with being Christian anymore.Yet apparently, now they feel the need to counter Islam with Christianity. Angela Merkel exhorted Germans to go back to Christian values. In 2011, she invited the Pope to address the Parliament. While strolling through Munich city on a Sunday morning last winter, I saw many, including, fashionable youngsters, streaming into a big old church. Later I came to know that the priest of this church was very popular.Yet even in the small town where my mother lives, I saw many young parents take their kids to church for the children’s service. It would have been an unusual sight in the 1970s, when those same parents would have opted for a picnic instead.

What draws people to religion? What is it good for?

The most important point is in all likelihood an intuition in human beings that there is a higher, unfathomable power that is the cause for this vast universe and is also the cause for our own existence. Further, there is an intuition that this power somehow knows us and even guides us in life by this small voice of our conscience. There is an inner communion possible, be it through prayer or a feeling of awe.

This intuition makes sense. It is natural and does not require the label of “religion” and for many thousands of years it never had this label. The logical consequence of this intuition was to search for that power in oneself and outside. It prompted people to become mystic sand scientists who pondered on what is true. We know that this went on for ages in the Indian subcontinent as many invaluable ancient texts are preserved.

However, in the last 2000 years of the long human history, this intuition that there is a higher power was exploited to promote ideologies that claim supremacy and strive for world dominion. An elaborate story was invented about this higher power. It was called “God, the Father”, and it was claimed he had one son and had sent this son down to earth, etc.To make matters worse, it was declared that this story is the only truth, and everyone has to believe it. As soon as Christianity became state religion of the Roman Empire, its followers rolled over mystically inclined locals and forced their belief on the people of vast areas in Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

A few hundred years later, another story was woven around this higher power. It was claimed that this power has spoken again through a prophet, and this was for the very last time that it has made its Will known. No more direct message from the highest power in future. Unfortunately, here too, this story was declared as the only truth and everyone has to believe in it.

It did not take long and the followers of those two different stories were at each other’s throat with each one claiming that the highest power wants everyone to believe their story and not that of their rival. Obviously, the highest power was misused as a front for gaining world dominion.The second story got in many areas soon the upper hand “with fire and sword”, as we can unfortunately vividly imagine. And of course, it did not bypass the wealthiest land on earth at that time – India.

Both these stories were called “religions”. In fact, Christianity and Islam are the main religions that come immediately to one’s mind when one hears “religion”. Hinduism is often not even mentioned when religions are listed, and this should be taken as a compliment.

In the Indian tradition, the intuition that there is a higher power was not exploited to enforce belief in one story as the absolute truth and to rule the world. Here, not one story, but innumerable stories developed. These stories exist peacefully side by side. Devotees of Ram, Krishna, Shiva, Ganapathi, Devi, etc., are reminded that they must never be narrow-minded as Ram himself worshipped Shiva, etc.

In India the natural, mystical path was pursued. The Rishis pondered deeply and came up with profound insights. They defined absolute truth as That which is always – in past, present, future, and which shines out of itself. Is there anything that fits this definition, as the whole universe obviously does not qualify as being absolutely true? Yes, there is, the Rishis declare: Pure, thought-free consciousness is absolutely true. But to really know this as true, everyone needs to find out in himself.

Neither Christianity nor Islam has a solid philosophical basis. They consider as absolutely true what simply cannot be absolutely true: a story about the Highest does not qualify as That which always is, as it depends on thoughts. Further, the claim that the Highest, by whatever name it is called, is a separate entity apart from creation is scientifically not tenable.

Only the Hindu tradition is solidly grounded and does not have to fear scientific discoveries. In fact, it is supported by and can lead to further scientific discoveries, as western scientists found out and took advantage of, for example in nuclear physics.

Not surprisingly, those religions, which don’t have a solid philosophical basis, rely on force and on catching young, impressionable minds. They expanded their reach by violence and kept their flock in check by brainwashing children and by threatening the adults with severe punishment if they dared to disagree with the story/ dogma that had to be accepted blindly as truth.

Ever since Christianity lost its power to enforce blasphemy laws and punish heretics, it lost followers. Nobody knows how many Muslims would leave Islam, if heretics were not punished and there were no blasphemy laws in place.

In contrast, the Hindu tradition has no blasphemy laws and does not need any. Its philosophical basis is solid. Even in the face of danger to one’s life under Muslim rule and of being exposed to ridicule under British rule, most Hindus held on to their tradition.

However in independent India, an insidious teaching that “all religions are the same and deserve respect” did a lot of harm and enticed many to convert for some benefits. “Respecting other religions” was said to be in tune with Hindu values, not realizing that it meant respecting those whose explicit goal is to wipe out Hindus.

Clearly, something is wrong with religions that need to threaten their followers with grave consequences, whether in this life or in the afterlife, if they dare to question the story they have been told to believe as the only truth. Further something is clearly wrong with the claim that the Highest is partial towards one group and will be exceedingly cruel to all others in his creation – letting them burn in hellfire for ever and ever.

Some Christians realized this and also dared to say it. Voltaire suffered in prison for his outspokenness. One of his comments is still highly relevant. He said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

Mark Twain also called the bluff of the organized, dogmatic religion. He said, “Religion was born, when the first conman met the first fool.”

However, dogmatic religions are still going strong. Too few people question. Too few dare to look closely. Too few object to the outrageous claims that are made. Is it not outrageous to claim that Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, will burn in hell if they don’t convert? If a cricketer is not allowed to say this on the field, why are preachers allowed to spread this “absurdity” all over? Does it not encourage those who believe it to commit atrocities?

Those who had the good fortune to grow up in the Indian traditions, which allow freedom of thought and a genuine enquiry into truth, need to be alert and guard this freedom. If this freedom is lost, humanity will be truly miserable.

Sadly, it is lost already in many places on this earth. Saddest of all, it is lost in what is today Pakistan and where thousands of years ago human civilization had reached great heights.

(This article was originally posted here).

Modern Kurukshetra War of India

By: Jagdish Chandra Pant

The fact that India was under dire subjection for about a 1000 years, has had a traumatic effect on the psyche of every Indian, maiming and deforming their personalities in many diverse ways.

The freedom movement which picked up momentum after 1857, had at the most a few lakhs of people who were actively engaged in both, the war of 1857 as well as in the subsequent long drawn out social reform-cum-political freedom movement which culminated in the political independence for the country on 15th August,1947. The rest of the population were mere witnesses to the freedom movement, though they were elated and definitely influenced in various subtle ways.

For the first few decades after independence, the flush of the freedom movement did shine Indians and made them walk with their heads high.

But with the government of the day in India, not being conscious of nor doing anything to rectify the damage to the psyche of the people due to the prolonged subjection of a 1000 years, the old scars soon began to resurface. They swamped the masses again with a variety of pre-independence social abuses and degeneration.

Today, consciously or sub-consciously, overcoming those scars of subjection on their respective psyche, individually and collectively, really constitutes the Mahabharata war for every individual Indian as well as the whole of the Indian society.

Some are consciously fighting this war and trying to overcome the scars of subjection, while others may even still be flowing along with the tide, suffering the consequences of that prolonged historical subjection.

The unique thing about this ‘Mahabharata’, as I understand, is that it is both internal to every Indian as well as at the same time, external, ie, societal affecting the whole of the society, both within and outside the country.

Rajiv Malhotra estimates that the percentage of Hindus who are playing some kind of active role in this ‘Kurukshetra’ of today’s ‘Mahabharata’ war and engaged in, may be about 5%, whom he has grouped them in five categories:

(i) those colluding with the ‘outsider’ perspective in the Western Academy, which has seized ‘adhikar’, ie, authority over Indic studies ;

(ii) those constituting his home team to engage in the battle to regain control over our rightful ‘adhikar’, from this ‘outsider’ perspective;

(iii) those pursuing their own battles with the opposition in some other form in some other context, but are aligned with his broad objectives;

(iv) those who are confused are a hindrance to the work of the group ii  above constituting his home team;

(v) those who are his general supporters in different ways.

In other words, he has delineated these forces into those that are of assistance to his work and those that are a hindrance.

I would presume that while groups (i), (ii), (iv) (v), which perhaps constitute the 5% of Hindus that he estimates as engaging in one way or other in this ‘Kurukshetra’ of his choosing, are all operating within and outside India, while the remaining 95% of Indians constitute the field of group (iii), which itself comprises of those who are mainly active within India, with a lesser role outside India.

Rajiv Malhotra has named Swami Ramdev, Sri Subramanyam Swami, Ms Madu Kishwar, the Akhadas organizing the Kumbh Mela once in three years in one of the four established locations, ie, Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik as his allies in the ongoing Mahabharata war.

His allies also comprise of mathas like RK Mission, Chinmay Mission, the Kanchi Shankaracharya, Sri Sri Ravishanker’s Art of Living, late Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s Arsh Gurukul, Ma Amritanandamayi, Sanskrit Bharati and a few more who are doing valuable service in this cause.

Then there are umpteen number of Babas narrating Rama Katha, Bhagwata Katha, Go-Katha, Shiv Katha etc which are heard raptly by devout practicing Hindus all over India.

However, none of these devout Hindus have an inkling of the devious machinations and teachings of the Western Indologists, who while outwardly talking sweetly about the greatness of Indian culture, silently brainwash our Sanskrit scholars when they go abroad for their further studies, who come back and teach those false ideas about our Sanskriti to our own Sanskrit scholars in India.

Undoing of this damage would expectedly be the result of RM’s herculean efforts in the long run.

Educating the practicing Hindu masses about the work of Western Indologists would be a herculean task. It may even not be necessary if we convey to them the genuine aspects of Sanatan Dharma, the importance of learning Sanskrit, reciting it, studying the shastras in original Sanskrit, performing yagnas and other ‘karma kandas’, performing fine arts, music dances, Sanskrit theatre etc. It would be really be of great importance.

RM’s work of the last twenty five odd years has helped in educating our people about what is going on in the Western Academy. The awareness generated by his books so far as well as the traction they have drawn so far, would generate further momentum in favour of his work in the ‘Kurukshetra’ of his choosing.

Let us see for ourselves what each one of us can do within our resources to further contribute to this cause of revival of our Sanskriti.

Coal Block Auction: First Fruit of Transparency

First coal block in MP has been auctioned at Rs798 Crores to Reliance Group. Earlier it was allocated by UPA government for Rs. 50 Crores. Later on, on judicial intervention, this allocation was cancelled. The present government put a transparent mechanism in place to put the cancelled coal blocks on auction hammer.

As a result of this mechanism, the entire status of the ongoing coal auctions is beamed live on the website and on twitter feed.

It is estimated that these auctions will earn over a mind-boggling 15 lakh crores public revenue; yes, 15 lakh crores.

This estimated public earning is more than 10 times to the amount what the CAG had estimated in the Coalgate Scam!

And, this CAG estimation had at that time been scoffed at by a vociferous horde of Congress leaders like Kapil Sibal / P. Chidambaram etc.

Imagine the gigantic loss the UPA had caused to the public exchequer while lining their pockets & those of their crony-capitalist buddies. Some of them are today facing the heat of judicial proceedings and some more are likely to face in near future.

This is called taking the transparency in governance to the highest standards. Revolutionary  measure of conducting the online coal blocks auction shall be judged by the history as one of the greatest achievements of the Modi government.

But do you hear a word about this achievement from our electronic and print media? No, you don’t. Why? Sometime back somebody had used an unpalatable word ” presstitutes” for this type of Indian media. Was he then justified, is the question you have to answer.

Notably, the centre in this whole affair of coal-auctioning earns nothing from it, as all the revenues from these auctions accrue to the concerned states only.

This is true transparency and this is true federalism. We should be proud to witness this happening in India, live and open!

How “India” won over “South Asia” in California’s textbooks? Lessons

By: Madhu Grandhi

I was one of the participants in support of having India re-instated in California School Textbooks.  This is how the proceedings went before the Commission. The Commission had jotted down the contested edits and went through them one by one painstakingly as to what the wording should be.

It was a real pleasure to see government in action and taking the topic seriously.  They chose, through prior discussion among themselves, to use Uberoi Foundation edits because they were succinct, addressed the issue point by point in a clear format, gave specifics as to why the edits should be there.  It was all about easy to understand and formatting. One should note that all commission members are not experts on this subject, so presentation in a form they can understand became very important; for example, they got confused with Jathi and Verna in one of the submissions and they did not have time to go in depth nor were they interested in it.

They moved some decisions to scholars opinions (who were not present).  Their objective was not  to get students or teachers bad material and cause confusion in class rooms.

Other submission from SSRFG?, or “Scholars for People”, though they said they read it, were not picked up for discussion infront of public, because it was repetitive and not as clear as Uberoi Foundation work.

LESSON 1:  Have to have Committee members and their credentials in mind when submitting, per committee they were not impressed with some submissions, they said they liked Uberoi format very much.They made the edits in front for public, the public conference room and annex were full, and so they accommodate the overflow in the large foyer with a Telecast at a very short notice, kudos to them.  So all could see/hear the edits the commission has chosen, rejected or reworded.  Then they let public speak, there were 200+ registrations, they said each one would get exactly 1 minute, no applause or booing.  They called on 10 speakers at time to line up.  The initial speakers were mostly from SAFG, since they had come early, organized with their own badges and prepared.  Each one went on how they have been treated by Hindus, what Modi was doing to other religions in India, blah, blah, blah.  It was absolutely nothing relevant with the text book statements, except for very few.  You could taste the hate and Dalits talking about how they are subjugated even today.  They were demeaning themselves without making a point as to what the commission was supposed to do.  They damaged their cause very badly.

LESSON 2: Organize your speakers and give each of them a topic so it will be like storytelling, since it is just 1 min per speakers, if we bunch up say 5 speakers and give them a thread.  Then it will be a like 5 minutes to get a point across and will be effective rather than each one rambling. One teenage girl talked about PM Modi killing her uncle in Gujarat and she is very distraught (she was very emotional too when speaking), so she wants to erase India from text books … Wow, what logic is it and what is the relevance to 6th grade text book? After about 50+ speakers, India supporters started to trickle in, very passionate talk but no substance except for few, there were lot of kids from 6th grade to college they were pleading that they needed identity with their religion and their parents or grandparents country and also portrayed it in a better light so they will not be bullied.  I could understand the children perspective.

LESSON 3:  When discussing history, it’s not your beliefs or passions, its facts to be presented properly.  Preferably with reason and both sides as to why it happened, times and conditions at that period.  Saying Dalits were not victimized and same kind of slavery happened else ware does not erase the fact.  How it came about and got abused and the current efforts to uplift is what need to be put in text books. The commission after hearing about 100+ people really got bored as there was repetition and no substantiation or confrontation to the edits they made prior to public speaking.  They did not want to listen to the rest of the people in the interest of time, since it was already 3.30 P.M.  Something happened and they said they will listen to the rest of them, 150 more.

LESSON 4: When public is given just a minute to present, we don’t need to have 100+ speak in favor or against, my proposal would be sequence 10 or 15 people and build a strong argument in a sequential fashion and then show the rest 100 people as show of hands.  The commission will appreciate and we get our point across.

LESSION 5: We need to see why the people at SAFG are so angry at India and try to make amends else it may grow like a weed and may not be a good for India.  The professors and scholars who purportedly supported SAFG should be exposed of their true intensions.  The edits from SAFG are ridiculous and blatantly biased.  My statement to commission was simple, will they rename the “East India Company”, that British established in 1600 as “East South Asia Company”, to be consistent? Since according to SAFG there was no India prior to 1947.

I think we need to understand what is going on with SAFG and its supporters.

Yugantar: Any Clue?

By: Shreepal Singh

In reply to a letter on the concept of Yugantar, it is what I wrote:

A few thoughts on the concept of Yugantar:

  1. Yuga. Passing from one Yuga to another one. This transition CAN only be from the one Yuga in which we are living to the NEXT one that is to follow. It cannot be towards the one that we have already lived. March always has to be towards FUTURE.
  2. What is Yuga? What is age (English translation)? We are living in an age. What are the salient features of our age? Do we know them? Can we identify them? This has to be answered.
  3. It is not humanly possible to tell what will be the next – future – Yuga. There are only two sources that can tell the future- science (in the way it tells, say, when a train will reach from Delhi to Calcutta etc.) and Yogis (in the way, say, what event will happen tomorrow etc.)
  4. We use science every day like we calculate when Curiosity will land on Mars. But its scope is limited; it is not always certain; universe is too vast and complex for it to collect data of every eventuality to calculate the future-product; science is still infant to know the mysteries of Nature, etc.
  5. Yogis powers are not believed by everybody, though everybody can verify such power but people don’t care to verify.
  6. I for one believe in Yogis power to tell the future.
  7. Almost all Yogis have hinted at future. But prominent among them are Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo.
  8. What Sri Aurobindo says about Yugantar? Let us read him and become aware of this Yugantar. And work to help fulfill it at the earliest.

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