‘Make in India’ is ‘India on the Move’

‘Make in India’ is ‘India on the Move’
By: Shreepal Singh
‘Make in India’ will be a game changer for the 21st century world. The reason is very simple: Human resource, if unleashed to play its potential role, can make miracle happen. India has a vast amount of highly skilled and talented human resource and if it is deployed on the frontiers of modern science and technology, this one factor alone will change India forever, and would impact our world and its equilibrium.If India is made capable to play this role on the scientific front on the strength of its human resource, it would impact the world on other counts also. India is the only country in the world that has an ancient culture – way of life and thinking – still  alive and kicking in this 21st century. India as a science and technology leader would naturally impact the world on cultural front also.

Let us have a look at India: what it was and what it would be on the strength of ‘Make in India’.

Since her independence in 1947 until now, India has been very low in internationally acknowledged development standards, dubbed as a third-world country. Countries of the so-called first-world have been far ahead of us and we have not been able to keep pace even with many Asian countries (like China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc.). Though we have no sympathy with sentiments of jingoistic nationalism, we would like to stress that India needs to develop; and develop fast. It is necessary for India to so develop because in today’s integrated world the super-powers are capable of, and are busy, knitting the unfolding world-order in such a fashion so as to secure their economic and security interests.

While these international powers are fabricating the world of their liking to serve their economic and security interests, our country is forced by the unfortunate existing circumstances to fit into their ready-made world. In these constrained conditions, safeguarding the independence of our constitutional institutions from foreign covert and overt pressure should become our national priority. In the face of these existential challenges, all other concerns become only secondary in importance.

A forceful move in international affairs is needed to cobble the world in a strategic order from an Indian angle. To secure these existential interests, as a sovereign nation, India can no longer afford to remain sluggish in developing its economy, scientific, security and educational infrastructures. The leadership of India is required to take drastic steps to change India’s old habits of sluggish way of thinking and working in all the three organs of governance, viz., Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. By securing these interests, India would also be taking care of her concerns of preserving purity of her democratic, cultural and social institutions.

India needs to play a significant balancing role in the global community. To be able to do so, India not only needs to develop fast to catch-up with the developed world, it also needs to rise as a significant global power with a vision of universal humanism. In this direction, the adoption of the International Day of Yoga by United Nations is great achievement of India.

UN has recognized in its resolution that towards securing the goal of global health, through best practices aimed at building better individual lifestyles devoid of excesses of all kinds, yoga provides a holistic approach to health and well-being. But it is only partial recognition by UN. Yoga does not provide merely a holistic approach to health and well-being; it is something more.

Yoga is the holistic discipline of human-life, which brings to the fore in their lives a sense of compassion, self-giving, love, peace, and, above all, a sublime purpose of life. All life is yoga. This yogic vision is so comprehensive in its sweep that it is not limited to humans alone. It includes all forms of life and necessitates compassion to them all. As it is said, all evolving life is Nature’s unconscious yoga. Without ascribing to ourselves any nationalistic-ego on this issue, we may say that being the teacher of yoga, now it is India’s moral obligation to bring its full spectrum before the world community.

One may ask in the first place: why does India need to strengthen itself as one of the significant global players? And why, at all, does India need a universal humanist vision and a leader like Modi who seems determined to put it before the world community? India needs to strengthen itself as a nation for the collective welfare of the world community; it does not need this strengthening to dominate the world. Neither a hostile intention towards any section of humanity is in consonance with a universal humanistic vision nor is it possible to practice such hostility in a globally integrated world armed with mass-destructive technology.

A universally acceptable humane world-vision is necessary because India, having 1.5 billion people, needs in her own interest peace and stability in the world. India in its own interest needs to contribute to the global efforts towards building a better world for all where security, peace and stability are guaranteed; sustainable economic development regime and employment are ensured; and individuals’ well-being and their cultures are safeguarded. If honest efforts are not made by the responsible world powers towards this end, our world would soon turn into a place plagued by unemployment and discontent; de-humanization and crime; shattered peace and indignity.

We cannot be unmindful to the fact that our world is armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction. The follies of our selfish path littered with over-exploitation of Nature, national-rivalries and arrogance may result in a war fought with these weapons. The only check, the only brake, to this human insanity, if at all, is the human wisdom that is borne out of a realization of the dangers involved in following this path; and the human wisdom of adopting an approach that is humane in mutual dealings; scientific in reason; universal in application; and spiritual in content. India has a long history of people like Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Gandhi etc. who gave to this world a wisdom, when it was in need.

Today also India (if she strengthens herself) can contribute to the welfare of humanity. Emergence of a powerful India with a sublime vision of wisdom and compassion for all will be welcomed by all and is indeed the need of the hour. Judging by his conduct in public dealings, his utterances indicating inclusivity of all in this national endeavor, his putting of high national targets before the country showing such wisdom, the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be the only person in India capable to take on this onerous task.



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