Yugantar: Any Clue?

By: Shreepal Singh

In reply to a letter on the concept of Yugantar, it is what I wrote:

A few thoughts on the concept of Yugantar:

  1. Yuga. Passing from one Yuga to another one. This transition CAN only be from the one Yuga in which we are living to the NEXT one that is to follow. It cannot be towards the one that we have already lived. March always has to be towards FUTURE.
  2. What is Yuga? What is age (English translation)? We are living in an age. What are the salient features of our age? Do we know them? Can we identify them? This has to be answered.
  3. It is not humanly possible to tell what will be the next – future – Yuga. There are only two sources that can tell the future- science (in the way it tells, say, when a train will reach from Delhi to Calcutta etc.) and Yogis (in the way, say, what event will happen tomorrow etc.)
  4. We use science every day like we calculate when Curiosity will land on Mars. But its scope is limited; it is not always certain; universe is too vast and complex for it to collect data of every eventuality to calculate the future-product; science is still infant to know the mysteries of Nature, etc.
  5. Yogis powers are not believed by everybody, though everybody can verify such power but people don’t care to verify.
  6. I for one believe in Yogis power to tell the future.
  7. Almost all Yogis have hinted at future. But prominent among them are Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo.
  8. What Sri Aurobindo says about Yugantar? Let us read him and become aware of this Yugantar. And work to help fulfill it at the earliest.

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  1. लीना मेहेंदळे
    May 19, 2016 @ 10:54:11

    you may see my article “Yugantar : At crossroads of Time and Society” at



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