Coal Block Auction: First Fruit of Transparency

First coal block in MP has been auctioned at Rs798 Crores to Reliance Group. Earlier it was allocated by UPA government for Rs. 50 Crores. Later on, on judicial intervention, this allocation was cancelled. The present government put a transparent mechanism in place to put the cancelled coal blocks on auction hammer.

As a result of this mechanism, the entire status of the ongoing coal auctions is beamed live on the website and on twitter feed.

It is estimated that these auctions will earn over a mind-boggling 15 lakh crores public revenue; yes, 15 lakh crores.

This estimated public earning is more than 10 times to the amount what the CAG had estimated in the Coalgate Scam!

And, this CAG estimation had at that time been scoffed at by a vociferous horde of Congress leaders like Kapil Sibal / P. Chidambaram etc.

Imagine the gigantic loss the UPA had caused to the public exchequer while lining their pockets & those of their crony-capitalist buddies. Some of them are today facing the heat of judicial proceedings and some more are likely to face in near future.

This is called taking the transparency in governance to the highest standards. Revolutionary  measure of conducting the online coal blocks auction shall be judged by the history as one of the greatest achievements of the Modi government.

But do you hear a word about this achievement from our electronic and print media? No, you don’t. Why? Sometime back somebody had used an unpalatable word ” presstitutes” for this type of Indian media. Was he then justified, is the question you have to answer.

Notably, the centre in this whole affair of coal-auctioning earns nothing from it, as all the revenues from these auctions accrue to the concerned states only.

This is true transparency and this is true federalism. We should be proud to witness this happening in India, live and open!


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Jun 01, 2016 @ 14:56:34

    This transparency in allocation of our natural resources alone is a trend-setting example of Modi Goverment’s real conribution to the financial future of 1.25 billion Indians, which was a farcical casualty at the hands of the earlier 10-year-long government at the Center. And the arguments aged politicians like Sibal, Chidambaram, et al had forwarded in an attempt to defend this nefarious act on the part of their government was really ludicrous (remember some of them ‘not a gram has been extracted from below the grounds and making jokes about the CAG’s estimated figure involving losses to national exchequer?). On this one count alone responsibe Indians must make it a point to shun these self-serving political hoodlums never to touch them even with a barge pole. Hope and pray Modi’s clarion call of ‘Congress-Mukt Bharat’ beomes a reality at the earliest, green shoots to that effect is already visible in various partss of the country



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