Modern Kurukshetra War of India

By: Jagdish Chandra Pant

The fact that India was under dire subjection for about a 1000 years, has had a traumatic effect on the psyche of every Indian, maiming and deforming their personalities in many diverse ways.

The freedom movement which picked up momentum after 1857, had at the most a few lakhs of people who were actively engaged in both, the war of 1857 as well as in the subsequent long drawn out social reform-cum-political freedom movement which culminated in the political independence for the country on 15th August,1947. The rest of the population were mere witnesses to the freedom movement, though they were elated and definitely influenced in various subtle ways.

For the first few decades after independence, the flush of the freedom movement did shine Indians and made them walk with their heads high.

But with the government of the day in India, not being conscious of nor doing anything to rectify the damage to the psyche of the people due to the prolonged subjection of a 1000 years, the old scars soon began to resurface. They swamped the masses again with a variety of pre-independence social abuses and degeneration.

Today, consciously or sub-consciously, overcoming those scars of subjection on their respective psyche, individually and collectively, really constitutes the Mahabharata war for every individual Indian as well as the whole of the Indian society.

Some are consciously fighting this war and trying to overcome the scars of subjection, while others may even still be flowing along with the tide, suffering the consequences of that prolonged historical subjection.

The unique thing about this ‘Mahabharata’, as I understand, is that it is both internal to every Indian as well as at the same time, external, ie, societal affecting the whole of the society, both within and outside the country.

Rajiv Malhotra estimates that the percentage of Hindus who are playing some kind of active role in this ‘Kurukshetra’ of today’s ‘Mahabharata’ war and engaged in, may be about 5%, whom he has grouped them in five categories:

(i) those colluding with the ‘outsider’ perspective in the Western Academy, which has seized ‘adhikar’, ie, authority over Indic studies ;

(ii) those constituting his home team to engage in the battle to regain control over our rightful ‘adhikar’, from this ‘outsider’ perspective;

(iii) those pursuing their own battles with the opposition in some other form in some other context, but are aligned with his broad objectives;

(iv) those who are confused are a hindrance to the work of the group ii  above constituting his home team;

(v) those who are his general supporters in different ways.

In other words, he has delineated these forces into those that are of assistance to his work and those that are a hindrance.

I would presume that while groups (i), (ii), (iv) (v), which perhaps constitute the 5% of Hindus that he estimates as engaging in one way or other in this ‘Kurukshetra’ of his choosing, are all operating within and outside India, while the remaining 95% of Indians constitute the field of group (iii), which itself comprises of those who are mainly active within India, with a lesser role outside India.

Rajiv Malhotra has named Swami Ramdev, Sri Subramanyam Swami, Ms Madu Kishwar, the Akhadas organizing the Kumbh Mela once in three years in one of the four established locations, ie, Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik as his allies in the ongoing Mahabharata war.

His allies also comprise of mathas like RK Mission, Chinmay Mission, the Kanchi Shankaracharya, Sri Sri Ravishanker’s Art of Living, late Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s Arsh Gurukul, Ma Amritanandamayi, Sanskrit Bharati and a few more who are doing valuable service in this cause.

Then there are umpteen number of Babas narrating Rama Katha, Bhagwata Katha, Go-Katha, Shiv Katha etc which are heard raptly by devout practicing Hindus all over India.

However, none of these devout Hindus have an inkling of the devious machinations and teachings of the Western Indologists, who while outwardly talking sweetly about the greatness of Indian culture, silently brainwash our Sanskrit scholars when they go abroad for their further studies, who come back and teach those false ideas about our Sanskriti to our own Sanskrit scholars in India.

Undoing of this damage would expectedly be the result of RM’s herculean efforts in the long run.

Educating the practicing Hindu masses about the work of Western Indologists would be a herculean task. It may even not be necessary if we convey to them the genuine aspects of Sanatan Dharma, the importance of learning Sanskrit, reciting it, studying the shastras in original Sanskrit, performing yagnas and other ‘karma kandas’, performing fine arts, music dances, Sanskrit theatre etc. It would be really be of great importance.

RM’s work of the last twenty five odd years has helped in educating our people about what is going on in the Western Academy. The awareness generated by his books so far as well as the traction they have drawn so far, would generate further momentum in favour of his work in the ‘Kurukshetra’ of his choosing.

Let us see for ourselves what each one of us can do within our resources to further contribute to this cause of revival of our Sanskriti.


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Jun 01, 2016 @ 15:31:24

    Most of what has been stated above is true and utterly necessary to rebuild Indian society that has undergone a basic structural alteration thanks to 1000 years of foreign rules often associated with extreme cruelty and 55 out of 70 years of rule by a peculiar gene of indigenous Indians that go by the name of sickularists – the latter being more harmful than the former because an alien ruler is naturally expected to be inimical to native inhabitants of the land. But a bunch of indigenous rulers who look like the natives, talk the language of the natives, and is generally expected to be sympathetic to the cause of the natives – when they give an impression of working for the benefit of the people but in reality, for some weird reason, work directly against their interest – now that is the most dangerous scenario. And India has been perhaps the only recipient of this unearthly phenomenon for a long time, which has broken our backbone and it will take a long time to undo this damage. Sometimes I find a note of frustration from this friend-of-India group as they seem to be somewhat disappointed with the role of the current government in mitigating the above phenomena on a priority basis. For them my only note of caution is that please don’t expect your own government to klll the hen that lays the golden eggs in displaying too much of a hurry because the enemy is just a bit down for the time being but by no stretch of imagination out. There is extreme need for caution before every step is taken because one false step may take this cultural revolution back by 50 years or even longer. Because if the ‘sickularists’ come back to power, this time they will be ten times more ruthless to ensure there is not another Modi for at least 50 years or more.



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