Yoga’s global standards and some concerns

By: Name withheld

  • VYASA is working with AYUSH in developing global standards for yoga teacher certifications.
  • India will be the central authority for all guidelines & protocols.
  • VYASA U already has accredited programs from diploma to doctorate levels.
  • India already has “Indian Yoga Association” for certifying. US based Yoga Alliance is on board to streamline & standardize education, evaluation & certification so that the certificates are valid globally.
  • Many hospitals in India have already signed up to have yoga therapy programs.
  • HRD is going to start yoga programs in a few universities.
  • Bring Swami Vivekananda’s vision of “making yoga part of education system” into reality.

Some concerns:


  • VYASA & AYUSH work sounds good, although it is very late. They are now up against a totally western capitalist healthcare industry. Possibly the largest contributor to US GDP.
  • WHO: This is only about Yoga as therapy – forget about all esoteric claims. Thankfully this means India can still retain control over the esoteric. But unfortunately, the things we hear from some of the gurus do not offer much comfort or confidence in this regard.
  • Though panchakOsha theory may be part of the education, we don’t expect West to go beyond annamaya & manOnmaya layers. prAnamaya will be associated with the breath, not pancha prAna. That will be pseudo-science.
  • There are thousands of *Asana* teachers running their yoga business in US & elsewhere who cannot afford to associate with unverifiable unscientific claims or with problematic religious cultural identities. Scholars are working to cater to this demographic by claiming asana practices existed in all cultures or it all originated in Europe.
  • Western involvement will be just about the immediate need of the massively unaffordable, unsustainable, broken health care industry. That is, subsidized wellness programs for the ageing, obese, sick & zonked out masses.
  • Pharma industry will also be interested in making drugs to mimic the effects of yoga therapy on body & brain, so that patients don’t have to twist themselves into pretzels.



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