Fighting Western Hinduphobia

By: Koenraad Elst

Rajiv Malhotra is the belated Hindu answer to decades of the systematic blackening of Hinduism in academe and the media. This is to be distinguished from the negative attitude to Hinduism among ignorant Westerners settling for the “caste, cows and curry” stereotype, and from the anti-Hindu bias among secularists in India. Against the latter phenomenon, Hindu polemicists have long been up in arms, eventhough they have also been put at a disadvantage by the monopoly of their enemies in the opinion-making sphere. But for challenging the American India-watching establishment, a combination of skills was necessary which Malhotra has only gradually developed and which few others can equal.


In the present book, Academic Hinduphobia (Voice of India, Delhi 2016, 426 pp.), he documents some of his past battles against Hinduphobia  in academe, i.e. the ideological enmity against Hinduism. We leave undecided for now whether that anti-Hindu attitude stems from fear towards an intrinsically better competitor (as many Hindus flatter themselves to think), from contempt for the substandard performance of those Hindus they have met in polemical forums, or from hatred against phenomena in their own past which they now think to recognize in Hinduism (“racism = untouchability”, “feudal inborn inequality = caste”).


In this war, American academe is linked with foreign policy interests and the Christian missionary apparatus, and they reinforce one another. Hindus have a formidable enemy in front of them, more wily and resourceful than they have ever experienced before. That is why a new knowledge of the specific laws of this particular battlefield is called for.

(Borrowed with permission from HERE)

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  1. Santanu Dey
    Aug 14, 2016 @ 05:31:11

    West has just taken advantage of the docile/quiet attitude of Hindus as a whole because they feel secure about no violent protest against their dirty propaganda. They don’t dare try this against the other History-Centric faith that directly challenges their faith as the only true faith because they know that the other side wouldn’t take it lying low. That’s why Gandhi-ism that proposes offering the other cheek does not work in most situations in the practical world – others mostly get encouraged to make fun of and take advantage of this attitude. And once you have behaved in such manner over a duration a point will surely come when flood water would start flowing above your nostrils but by then it gets too tough to do anything to negate it, if not near-impossible to wriggle out of it. That is what RM is finding in the form of the the tooth-and-nail opposition he is facing in the religious boxing ring of the West.



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