Three Riddles for you to solve!

There was an article on this site on Major General G. D. Bakshi’s lecture at IIT Madras. This article can be seen HERE. To this article a searching comment was put by Stephanie Ellison – a regular follower of this site. In view of the emotions expressed in a few indicative words, it became necessary to reply to that comment. For wider dissemination of the thoughts, problems and possible solutions relating to the issues raised by Major General Bakshi, that comment and its reply are posted here as stand-alone article.

The comment by Stephanie Ellison reads thus:

Whoops, the cat is out of the bag about military modernization… This needs to be done as necessary ASAP. Thank you for the article, which sums up my suspicions about events of the last 70+ years. It’s too bad. I’m not Indian and young enough to join…

The reply to this comment is thus:

In reply to Stephen’s comment: There are three riddles for you to solve; all possible answers are given and you have to choose one – the correct one; to help you choose, clue to each riddle is given. Riddles No. 1 and 2 carry 2.5 marks each and Riddle No. 3 carries 5 marks. (It is also a riddle!)

Riddle No. 1: Which thought, when put in action, brings our world more close to the danger of annihilation by an atomic war? a) Nazis’ thought that the (alleged) Aryans have a right to subjugate and rule the world b) Communists’ thought that the (alleged) proletariat have a right to establish their world dictatorship c) Islamic thought (of a sect) that God has ordered its adherents to put everything, including their lives, at stake to bring entire world into its fold.  (Clue – The problem and solutions relate only to the present times).

Riddle No. 2:  If a nation is constantly harassed and again and again attacked by the most dangerous thought’s followers (depending upon your choice as to which one is most dangerous thought), what the victim nation should do? a) It should surrender to the aggressor b) It should defend itself and get ready for the next attack c) It should ensure that the attacker is never in a position to attack again. (Clue – Answer relates to Major General Bakshi’s lecture).

Riddle No. 3: (Depending upon your choice to riddles No. 1 and 2) When such a victim nation is dealing with its problem, what should be the reaction of rest of the world? a) Others should remain aloof and non-concerned till they too are attacked by the belligerent thought b) Others should help the victim and wait till their turn comes c) All should unite and find a permanent solution to the belligerent thought.


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  1. Stephanie Ellison
    Aug 15, 2016 @ 13:35:07

    Thank you. Indeed, I agree wholeheartedly that these are the answers we are looking for. Riddle 1 – the Nazi’s times have come to pass already, the Communists might still be a threat, but nothing compared to the Cold War era, but Muslims present a clear danger and threat to everyone, Christian, Jew, and ESPECIALLY Hindu.

    Riddle 2 – “A” means get ready to witness what the Native Americans did at the hands of Christian missionaries, some of my Cherokee ancestors being some of them – 85% of those in the western Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma state are Baptist, nearly the rest of them are some other denomination of Christianity, and just a handful who would know anything about the traditional knowledge system (and they will not share the entire details with us for it could be used against them). “B” means the attacks will never stop. “C” means problem solved. It also means you have to wipe them out. Plain and simple. War unfortunately is required, but that is the duty required of Arjuna on Kurukṣetra, because this is literally the battle between truth and untruth. I doubt that we have time to go through all 18 yogas at a leisure pace.

    Riddle 3 – “A” is how the world gets taken over. “B” is merely reacting to the situation without doing anything proactive about the situation. “C” is what is required. However, people are under the illusion that Islam is a religion of peace. There is no such thing. In fact, I would like to give you this:

    Islam is really a military-based pan-Arabic conquest political movement disguised as a religion, a cult even, and it must be handled as such. This is part of the Western Universalism that says that “all religions are the same.” Islam is NOT a religion of peace. EDUCATE yourselves!

    Please read:

    Understanding Muhammad

    Unmasking Muhammad

    Why I am Not a Muslim

    Malignant Self-Love Narcissism Revisited

    Debunking the Myth of Science in the Quran…/documents/science-in-the-quran-pdf

    Islam Undressed
    Appendixes A-C are located here for this book:

    Probing Islam…/Probing%20Islam.pdf

    “Understanding Muhammad,” Unmasking Muhammad,” “Why I am Not a Muslim” are books that focus mainly on the psychology and disabilities of Muhammad as a leader for a cult, and why this is a cult situation.

    “Malignant Self-Love Narcissism Revisited” goes deeper into the layman’s understanding of what narcissism is from the perspective of DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders version 5), and HINDUS, this book lists Donald Trump as one of these patients…

    The “Debunking…” book is self-explanatory.

    “Islam Undressed” doesn’t get into Muhammad like the first four books, but focuses mainly on external events like invasions, crimes, societal actions, jihad, AND the Quran, ahadith, and sirah references to back it up (however, the links embedded in the book appendixes A-C do not work, so you have to look for them in, which is EXTENSIVE.

    “Probing Islam” is basically a debate between Ali Sina and two Islamic scholars in Pakistan. Also, you are given an insight into an educated moderate Muslim’s views, which will show you how moderate Muslims regard jihad and how they think the non-Muslims should be treated. Please understand that the Islamic scholars could not address the author’s questions and in fact had the author’s web site blocked out in Pakistan and wouldn’t publish their letters on their web site.

    Other books to read, but I have not read yet, include:

    The Revived Caliphate
    Arabia and the Arabs
    What the Koran Really Says
    Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out…/0B3_F-NfiYRhCbzh4aG1oSm1QYms
    Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery…/islamic-jihad-legacy-of…

    Now, there is a series of “Black Flag” books as as listed below. It appears that these books are written by Muslims. It is important to read them to get a Muslims perspective on the conflicts and where they think they are going.

    Black Flags From the East

    Black Flags From Syria

    Black Flags from Arabia

    Black Flags from Persia

    Black Flags from Rome

    Black Flags from Palestine

    When reading the Black Flag books, please keep in the mind the absence of discussion of social mores as discussed in the books of the first 6 books listed, and notice how normal it seems to not address the issues addressed in the previously-mentioned books.

    Black Flags From the East discusses what has happened in recent history from the 1980s, who the major players are (key leaders and organizations), the breadth of world-wide organizations serving as sleeper cells and active units around the world, where it thinks Muslim conquest of the world is going, and it shows in a map that the Muslim population of over 50% is more than the size of the Americas combined. Also, it shows how Al-Qa’idah formed from a few Arab-Afghans into a global insurgency who aims to establish a Global Islamic Caliphate by the year 2020. Supposedly, we have a foothold situation in Dearborn, Michigan; Sweeney, Texas, and possibly 20 other locations around the country.

    Black Flags from Syria focuses mainly on Syria with additional information from movements, battles, consolidations related to Syria, though outside of the country. Guerrilla warfare is briefly discussed, especially in countries like Iraq, where there are a lot more cities and battles can be drawn out into street-by-street fighting. A brief background is given on the war in Iraq (2003-2011) and the lessons the Muslims supposedly learned from it, giving way to the focus of this book, Syria. It covers the rise of ISIS, and Al Qa’idah’s 7 step Strategy for a Global Caliphate by 2020. Some of these steps have already taken place. Are you ready for this in a few short years? More detail is given for how step seven is likely to happen, which is the global war between Muslims and Christians (and anyone else who fights against Muslims). It briefly touches on Israel as its enemy and its defeat with a very large army. Further discussion on ancillary ideas and tactics is discussed, especially what goes on inside Al Qa’idah. Ultimately, the book makes it clear that the only way to stop this is to have full-scale war or nuclear war, the latter being most cost- and time-efficient (put bluntly, the number of people in the Middle East sympathetic to the Muslim Caliphate cause is larger that the largest 3 or 4 armies put together, and by the time it’s over, every single person on Earth will know at least 2-5 people dead from this full-scale conventional war). If you recall from the first 5 books listed above, there is normally no mental return for Muslims upon conversion. The damage is done, and most likely, it cannot be reversed.

    Black Flags from Arabia gives a brief history of the modern conflict in Arabia, explains how the conflicts in countries neighboring Arabia will lead to the fall of the “tyrant rulers” in the entire Muslim world, and how this will give rise to the Global Khilafah (Caliphate) which begins from Makkah, Arabia. It starts with the beginning of Al Qa’idah in Saudi Arabia in 1979. It reveals how Saudi Arabia’s relationship has changed with the Middle East as a result of American presence there. It touches on 9/11, the Iraq war of 2003, prison breakouts by militants in countries like Iraq, and it give more information about the Islamic state. There is also a section that gives you an idea of a personal history of one of these soldiers who went to fight in Aleppo, Syria. It also show the intended range of conquest in the next several years, all the way from the Philippines to Rome, Italy. You get an inside view of a militant’s view of things taken in an online interview.

    Black Flags from Persia shifts the focus to present-day Iran, and other areas. It in particular gives an idea of what they intend to accomplish by 2020, the defeat and return of Saudi Arabia to pre-American relations status with the rest of the Middle East, the conquest of Rome, and Muslims infiltrating Europe to prepare it for the invasion from the east. A bonus is an interview of a Muslim wife and her experience in the Islamic State in table format. In the beginning, they “talk” about pre-Islamic Persia, as though it was irreligious, women sleeping around with multiple men (hey, wait a minute! What about Muslim men’s present-day practice of having four wives??), etc. You would need to read the book, Arabia and the Arabs to get a fuller picture of pre-Islamic Arabia. It also touches on the continuing conflict between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims, and this is where you see again that this book series is in favor of Sunnis, not Shi’as.

    Black Flags from Rome moves the focus to Europe, discussing the history of jihad in Europe and the coming insurgency there. It gives a good picture of what has happened for generations of Muslims in Europe concisely. It brings the attention to the view that Europe is returning to the Dark Ages (due to the financial recession), armed gangs forming into militias for racist politicians, and a Caliphate growing across the Mediterranean sea in Africa. The question it attempts to address is, “How does this mix of chaos lead to the conquest of Rome?” It is very clear what they say they are going to do in regards to how they are going to invade Europe. One extreme danger it points out is white/European Muslim converts, which would be impossible to identify and catch before action is taken, which is why it is crucial that this pan-Arabic ideology is wiped out. Here, you really begin to see the pro-Muslim bias in regards to why economic conditions are the way they are and how Muslims view themselves in comparison to non-Muslims.

    Black Flags from Palestine finally shifts the focus to Israel and Palestine, giving a historical account of Israel from the author’s perspective, goals of Israel and more recent history of the 20th century, and supposedly an inside view of what it’s like to live in Israel and the government defense structure, before covering Palestine and some information about it. It goes on to cover the “Islamic State Project” centered on dealing with Israel and Palestine. The book appears to end the entire series of Black Flags with the “End of Time Battles.”

    These Black Flags books are based on knowledge as is perceived by Muslims, so you have to take some things with a grain of salt, like Muhammad was revealed in the Syria book to have discussed future technology like cars, and future predictions of Islamic events to come to pass as “prophesied.” You can sense cultish thinking that seem out of line with reality, such as Israel being superior financially and militarily to the US, that they can defeat superior armies like the US and Russia. Another aspect is lying to conceal plans that have not be revealed thus, and may in fact not be true. Europe, nonetheless, must be ready for anything.

    All of these books explain why the liberal, left perspective about giving Islam respect as a religion of peace is incorrect and will get all of us killed or enslaved.

    Furthermore, there are additional books to read at – please read every single one of these books, especially “Ayodhya and After: Issues Before Hindu Society.”



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