How Indian economy is going to change forever!

By: Shreepal Singh

A new economic revolution is underway in India. Demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes implemented in India by the Modi Government is the first step in the long series of acts that are in the queue waiting their turn. Millions of ordinary people in this country should be happy; those who love India should be happy; for those who wish India should rise as a world economic power, these steps – including demonetization of 500 and 1000 currency notes – should be a matter of rejoice.

These steps would change India forever for the better; it is a big work. But it is the most dangerous work for those who have dared to make India a great power in the world. What is this danger? Where this danger would come from?

Wise but wicked persons are not fools. They know everything what is in store for them in coming days and they would not sit idle. They would try to do whatever they can do to avert this danger to them by these new economic steps. Who are these persons?

The new economic measures are going to have three consequences. These can be classed into three: First: Big political powers, who have been waiting for their turn to come to power once again, but would be decimated now in their chance forever by the these new measures; Second: Big-Capital houses, who have amassed unaccountable wealth and have been using unfairly this wealth to stop other persons struggling to compete with them, but (who) would now be deprived of their unfair advantage by the new measures; Third: Ordinary millions of people who are going to benefit by these new measures in the long run, but who are now encountering temporary problems and inconvenience by these measures and may feel agitated.

Beware Indians of the two classes – the First and the Second – and their machinations; they would not leave any chance to egg on the ordinary millions – the Third class – to rise in opposition to these beneficial measures.

Let us educate ourselves. These revolutionary measures are the result of original research and study by the talented team lead by one Shri Anil Bokil.  See this video to understand what he says and where India would be heading to:


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Nov 15, 2016 @ 15:37:02

    A problem well explained is half-solved – this was a wise-man’s saying in good old days. The above discourse is a fool-proof example of the famous saying. The success of a discourse lies in its simplicity of explanation and to what extent it is making its impression on a layman and from that point of view the above material is a sensational one, the way our day-to-day issues have been used as examples to bring home the subject matter with everyone nodding his/her head in unison in the video, maybe without their realizing it, shows the success of the discourse. Only point that needs mention is that some of it is a bit too drastic – very forthright no doubt but impossible to implement all at a time. Like for example the upper limit of just Rs. 50/= as the highest denomination of Indian currency, which is very desirable (if not 50 at the most 100/=) but not practicable. After all what is possible in UK may not be applicable in toto in India because of the sheer size of the population or the total volume of the cash economy. Many innocent citizens would be carrying the high-denomination currency with themselves, which would have to be replaced at the earliest and with 50 or 100 as the maximum denomination it would be a Herculean task if not impossible to replace them in a systematic manner . Maybe some day, India may also be having a highest denomination currency note of Rs. 100/= but for that to be a reality the same Friend/philosopher/guide PM must be holding the chair for a minimum of 15 years and if that happens, India will replace China as the second most power house in the World.



    • Authors of posts
      Nov 15, 2016 @ 20:11:01

      What you said is absolutely correct – some measures suggested are too drastic. However, when some new steps or measures are experimented, here and there mistakes being committed are natural. India will learn to correct them midway.



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