Devdutt patnaik’s nonsense – “Forest and Field” and Sanatan Dharma


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  1. suryasahasranaam
    Jan 24, 2017 @ 05:47:28

    This is in response to

    It seems DP is a crypto christian who has sold out the Dharmic values and tradition so that he can be called Wendy Doniger’s bosom pal aka Wendy’s child.

    This ingenious “scholar” is subverting Dharma by trying to look as if he stands for Dharmic values. Let me elaborate: The net import of this article is this: Dharma has got nothing to do with rules! With crafty words and re-contextualizing the stories of of our itihaas and padding it with Ved, city living, gopikas , matsya nyaya DP the weasel has changed the narrative and then say this:

    In the forest, everyone is driven by self-preservation. Only humans have
    the wherewithal to enable and empower others to survive, and thrive. To
    do so is dharma. It has nothing to do with rules or tradition.

    Nice try DP!

    I would urge the readers to read a chapter of “Order and Chaos” that appears in BEING DIFFERENT by Rajiv Malhotra. Any one with average intelligence can see that he has condensed the entire chapter into the article that we are discussing here.

    Now here lies the crux of the matter:

    a.) By copying the material he is now a “professional” plagiarizer.

    b.) By reducing and condensing the “Order and Chaos” chapter, he has deliberately mistranslated the intent of of the word Dharma. To explain this, I would urge the reader to consider this example: A hen lays an egg and then goes on to sit on it every day for 30 days thereby delivering a chicken. Let us assume that every day 10 calories of heat was transmitted to the egg by mother hen, thereby the net total would be 300 calories. If however one were to transmit 300 calories in one go, one gets a hard boiled egg rather than a chicken.

    DP, The WEASEL, is a hard boiled egg specialist and sadly the reason he thrives is because many Indians like to read only small articles; they are lazy and lack the intellectual rigour. The vacuum created thus is filled by DP and with a lable of “Hindu philosophy” he is busy pushing the West’s collective agenda of breaking Dharma and it’s time tested values. Dharma was and is decentralized and as opposed to the organised cartel of the West of which DP is a flag bearer.

    My request to the reader is that they look for alternate views and just not the one which gives them a sense of comfor; Comforting lies are …..well comforting lies as opposed to bitter truth that gives us the courage and endurance. So please read a different POV to see how DP is busy demolishing Dharma.

    Prabhat Gupta



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