‘Economics as we know it’ is going to change forever!

By: Shreepal Singh

Whatever political economy you are concerned with, the central point to be resolved is: how do you compel people to engage them in productive work. To make people to work is to force them to spend energy, which under the biological law nobody wants to do. Life is energy and life wants to conserve it. Making people to work is dictatorship im essence. If in a political economy the authority takes the responsibility upon itself to compel people to work, it is dictatorship. You may call it fascism, Communism or any other brand of dictatorship. If this responsibility is delegated to those who have vested interest in making people work – like taking out their personal pound of flesh in this process of taking work – it is a society of one dominant class over another. You may call it democracy, feudalism or any other brand of dictatorship. It is the stark reality of economics and nobody can help it. However, this problem of economics has been changed into another peculiar problem by the invention and introduction of robots in economy: as there is no need for humans to work, there is no need of compelling people to work.


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  1. Swapankumar Mazumder
    Apr 17, 2017 @ 02:35:06

    It is a very very incorrect statement saying “COMMUNISM OR ANY BRAND OF DICTATORSHIP”..becaise and even this communism .any reputed educational universities of the world those who are in conformity with its expert committee of such university is concerned with the required appropriate syllabus of the post graduate standard for selection of MARXISM/COMMUNISM is concerned for selection of the details of eagletarinism/communism/marxism which is why such MARXISM etc., is a relevant for study adoption in the social life.



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