Miseries inflicted on human-sea: by Religious-bigots and Imperialist-greed!

Year: 1947. Place: called India. Personae Dramatics: Humans similar in all respects, having common roots and common aspirations. Event: Partition of India. Result: Untold Human Miseries. Cause: The British imperialists who allowed people to indulge in religious bigotry and kill each other so that they may take advantage of the resulting enmity between people and people after they depart from India; and the political greed of Nehru and Jinnah who were consumed by their desire to rule their respective fiefdom. Only they know the pains of this man-made tragedy who – whether Hindus, Sikhs or Muslim – have participated in this event and lost their loved-ones and everything else! O, Indians and Pakistanis, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, watch this video, weep on your folly and learn to live like loving brothers!


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