China – An Emerging Danger to World Peace

China has boarder disputes with almost all its neighbors. It has fought open wars and skirmishes with all these countries now and then. This Chinese aggressive tendency is visible since its birth as a communist state.

This country – and its founding father, Mao Tse Tung – in the initial years of its founding had a huff – an ideological world communist leadership huff – with Soviet Union – and its leader, Joseph Stalin; and, in subsequent years had the border skirmishes on territorial claims with that country in its Inner Mongolia area.

This betrayed its hidden nationalist ambitions of the world communist leadership aspiration. After its disastrous experiment with an Utopian Cultural Revolution, its pragmatic leader Diao xi Ping quickly realized that neither it can beat an economic system based on private initiative of its citizens nor can it progress economically fast enough, and therefore he put in place a new capitalist economic theory camouflaged as ‘Four Constructs’.

This course correction by China paved the way for its rise as a world power of some reckoning. The combination of the ‘capitalism of these Four Constructs’ and of the ‘dictatorial political system in the name of communism’ paid a rich dividend soon.

There was the nationalist zeal and ambition for gearing China towards a super power of the world and there was no possibility of any political opposition from within to the cost that its citizens were called upon to pay. A well-balanced dictatorial regime of ‘Princelings’ of the communist revolutionaries of the bye gone era is hurtling China onto the course that may engulf this Earth into a world war.

China has fought wars against, conducted armed skirmishes with and threatened many countries abutting its land borders or located in South China and East China Sea: Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia, India, Japan, Philippines, Brunei, and Korea.

This country has no respect for international law and the awards and judgments passed by international tribunals and courts. In the only international security forum – United Nations Organization’s Security Council – available to this world for settling international disputes, this country has come to wield a ‘Veto’ power. Like many other countries, it has atomic weapons and missiles to carry those weapons.

While armed with those advantages, this country has no limits to its hunger for more land and its nationalist ambition to become the world’s only super power.

In East China Sea, it has claims to a group of islands, known as the Senkaku islands in Japan and the Diaoyu islands in China, which claim is disputed by Japan. These islands have a total area of about 7 sq km and lie north-east of Taiwan, east of the Chinese mainland and south-west of Japan’s southern-most prefecture, Okinawa, and are controlled by Japan.

In South China Sea, it has claims to many islands there, which claims are disputed by Philippines, Brunei etc. It claims the international waters of South China Sea its own waters, with a sovereign claim. It takes the position that it has the sovereign right to safeguard this vast area of Sea by doing whatever it considers appropriate. It rejects the award passed against it by the international tribunal on its claims in this South China Sea.  Rejecting the world opinion and international judicial forum, China is aggressively and doggedly creating artificial island(s) in this Sea and fortifying it with military facilities.

In South China Sea, it is actively building artificial islands, turning them into military and logistical bases. China already has at least seven such bases, equipped with access channels, helipads, radar facilities, gun and missile emplacements, piers, military facilities and other objects of strategic importance.

So it is not India alone, with which China has border dispute and against which it shows aggressive behavior; it is almost all the countries bordering it that are facing its aggressive behavior.

Why does China have these territorial disputes with all its neighboring countries?

China has aspiration to become the only – supreme – world power and for that purpose it needs more land and more control of international waters. It needs to maximize the natural advantages of more land, military facilities in far flung areas, enhanced control of international maritime trade routes and better geopolitical logistics to fulfill its ambitions. At the core of this ambition there is a nationalist agenda.

But what is unjustified on the part of a country in entertaining its aspirations and ambitions of becoming a world leader? After all, almost every country of the world – with a sizable land and required resources – entertains such ambitions. Nobody would deny that the United States, Russia, Germany and even United Kingdom, India, and many more countries nurse such ambitions. So, why should China not keep such an ambitions in its heart?

In any community – local or global – the leadership of one is always desirable; this leadership shows the path to the rest of the community and makes life better for the entire community.

In our present world, we have United States, and many European countries allied to US, as an established world power, which also have such aspirations for the world leadership; Russia and some other Asian countries also are the established world powers, which entertain such ambitions and compete with the US block.

All these ambitious and competing countries have one thing in common to offer to the rest of the world community: The ideal of democracy. One may condemn this democracy as being the democracy of capitalists and rich people but still there is the freedom to think, to elect their government, to take private initiative to become rich and to speak their thoughts.

But what ideals does China have to offer to the world community that could justify its ambitions to become a world leader?

Capitalists – and their capitalist democracy – have their ideals to offer to the world community that justify their nursing the world leadership ambitions. Even communists – though condemned by capitalists – have their ideals to offer to the world community that may justify their world leadership ambitions.

But where does China stand in this row of competing ideals? Nowhere! China is not a communist country because it allows its citizens to take private initiative and earn profits (that is, becoming capitalists); it is not a democratic – or capitalist democratic – country because it does not allow its people to elect their government. China is neither here nor there.

China is a dictatorship of a clique – the clique of sons and grandsons of the long gone bye Chinese communist revolutionaries. They rule ruthlessly and violate human rights of their countrymen with impunity. This clique of ruthless rulers is nationalist to the core of their heart and has nothing to offer to the world community except international conflicts and wars.

This country – till it is what it is – has no moral justification to nurse its nationalist ambitions for world hegemony in the estimation of the world community. This country is a new Avatar of the Third Reich (Drittes Reich) of Adolph Hitler.

India had border scuffle with China a few days back in the tri-junction of India’s Sikkim and Bhutan’s Dok La area. China has been trying to alter the boundaries between Bhutan / Sikkim and China by constructing a road without any permission of Bhutan. Bhutan had communicated through diplomatic channel its objection and protest to China against Chinese undertaking of this construction. There is an agreement between Bhutan and China that neither country shall do anything to unsettle the situation in this “disputed” area. But China, throwing this agreement to the wind, proceeded to construct a road, which could be used by its military. Bhutan has special relations and treaty with India for coming to the aid for protecting its borders.

Indian army has stopped the road construction, first by soft hands in protest. It is the Indian way not to first start the war from its side. Indian people and their armed forces are fully competent to protect the borders of their country and the borders of their friend, the Kingdom of Bhutan.

China has resorted to blatant lies by alleging that Indian soldiers had gone to their side of the borders. This blatant lie has been exposed like a day light by the Bhutan’s written protest through its diplomatic channel in Delhi before this incident of scuffle.  Chinese have been resorting to lies, deceit and immoral behavior in creating “border disputes” where none existed and to threats to all their neighbors, including India.

China obliquely hinted to 1962 war with India by saying that India should learn from history. India has replied that India of 2017 is not India of 1962, and India refrained from mentioning the 1967 skirmishes with China where they were made to taste around 400 causalities of their soldiers as against 80 on the India side. The world community has been made aware of the Chinese unjustified aggressive posture in this incident.

In fact, this time it is not India but China that should learn from history.  There are a few points to ponder over by Indians in dealing with China:

  1. We stand firmly with our government. Our country and our government are fully competent to deal with the Chinese threat.
  2. India should not and will not budge an inch under this Chinese pressure tactics. It is a well-known military tactics of probing the enemy. The aim of Chinese is to pressure India to a) Return back to Non-Alignment national policy; b) Not to interfere in the Chinese controlling the South China Sea; c) Not to align with United States by participating with it and Japan to secure the international waters of South / East China Sea against belligerent activities by China against the International Law; d) Not to object the Chinese violation of the Indian territory in Pak Occupied Kashmir in its CPEC project. To make China see an outcome of this pressure tactics against its calculations, India will do well by ensuring: a) India must actively participate and take responsibilities in crafting a new and secure international order; b) India must take the side of the established International Law and make aware the world community of the dangers to the world peace and security on violating this Law by any country; c) India must make friends and earn their trust on reciprocal basis for a just cause; d) China must be told by India – now with more vigor – that if it cares for its (unduly claimed) territorial integrity in Taiwan and Tibet it must equally care for others interests, like Indian territory in POK, and must desist in its CPEC project details.
  3. China under the so-called communist rule – which is nothing but a nationalist dictatorship, just like Germany under Hitler – is a serious threat to the world peace in general and to all its neighbors in particular. It needs to be fixed – as early as possible – by the world community. The world community needs a long term strategy to avert this emerging danger to the world peace and order.
  4. The only solution to this emerging problem is to bring all its suffering neighbors on a single platform for a coordinated action, when the need arises (perhaps nothing less than helping Chinese people to regain their freedom). Chinese people are themselves suffering under a ruthless dictatorship and need help. Let all concerned actively work on this solution.
  5. India should not – and will not – budge an inch. But India should not start the war but if they escalate, hit them hard – hard enough – remember B….
  6. Cooperate with US and Japan for security; bring on board Vietnam and Mongolia.
  7. Even if there is no war between India and China, China is going to see a war against it in South China Sea issue sooner or later; so, wait … wait … and don’t budge an inch.

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