Takingover Countries: the Soft Way

“Calling Worship an ‘Unlawful Assembly’, in India’s UP police arrest Christians” (a Christian Newspaper). This is how the Christian Missionaries are lying about India & specifically Hindus & creating hatred in the West for our country.

This is a known tactic that has been in practice since years and is popularly referred to as ‘Atrocity Literature’. It serves three purposes:

1) Make Christians in the West believe that Christians are being persecuted & urging them to be steadfast in their beliefs. This is being done to arrest the decline in the churchgoers as most of Europe & now America is turning Atheist.

2) Inspire people to become ‘footsoldiers’ to go to these places & help in their campaign of proselytisation of the non-christian population to make up for their losses in the West. This act is referred to as ‘Soul Harvesting’ by them.

3) The most important use which is to get money into their coffers which is then used to entice the poor & hungry to convert in exchange for food & clothes.

Why is this being done? Simple.

This is how religion is used as a political tool to effect a ‘soft takeover’ of a country by the act of replacing their beliefs, culture & allegiance to a foreign one. So now you have a population who actually listens to a religious head from a foreign country which has been a military strategy for centuries now, as history gives evidence to it.

It has got nothing to do with religion proper because here religion is just a tool for military propaganda & a means to conquera country. And hence the term ‘soft take-over’!


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