‘Saffron Terror’ in Samjhauta Express: Smoke Out and Punish the Liers!

By: Commander V. K. Jaitly

If it is true … if it is true … what should be the punishment to the mastermind, the executors of this plot and the political figures who lied and dubbed this plot as the work of ‘Saffron Terror’, is the serious issue before this country.

If it is true … if it is true … The investigation of this whole episode must reach to its logical conclusion. The big political figures who lied under a conspiracy to defame the majority community of this country and to protect the real perperators should be smoked out of their cosy holes and punished under the law of the land.

There was a bomb blast on the train called Samjhauta Express perperated by some terrorists and the then UPA government at the centre on carrying out the investigation declared that the responsible culprits were Hindu Extremists. The eposode was nick named as ‘Saffron Terror’ by leading feagures of the UPA govenment.

Several arrests were made and the alleged culprits were sent to jail, where they spent decades of years of their life. And, now after so many years, a known Muslim terrorist named Nagori has revealed under his narco test that the reality was something else. First watch these videos of Nagori where he is revealing the truth under the narco test:

This is the father of all the scams. This can’t be equated with the scams done by Congress in the 70 years of its governance. The name of the scam is “Saffron terrorism”.

This tape, now obtained by the Times Now, has been in existence for the last nine years and had been suppressed from the courts and public by the UPA government for all these years just to shield the Pakistani culprits who carried out this blast on the one hand and on the other to falsely implicate innocent Indian citizens for flaunting that in fact it were the Hindu Terrorists who carried out this blast. Indeed an excellent device to nullify the public impression of the ‘Muslim Terrorism’ by simply transposing against them an equally dreaded outfit of the `Hindu Terrorism’! Why was it done? Who did it? What should be the punishment to those who did it? These questions stare India.

A government takes pledge to safeguard each and every citizen but what did the then Congress government do to the Indians?

The Congress government released the real culprits of the Samjhauta blast who were from Pakistan and linked our own Indian citizens in it. The terrorists, who killed several people and maimed dozens, were freed by the Congress government. This proves beyond doubt that Congress government, while ruling the country, had been spreading terrorism in India with the help of Pakistan.

Who will give back Sadhvi Pragya and Col. Purohit the years spent in jail?

The narco-analysis tapes exposed by “Times Now” nailed the Congress. The entire conspiracy to tag Hindus as terrorists was exposed.

Even in Malegaon blast, as time passes, it is getting clear that Sadhvi was falsely fixed by the then Congress government. An innocent woman, Sadhvi was dragged out and put into jail for 9 years and was tortured like a barbarian by the Congress government. The torture was so brutal that she wasn’t even able to stand up on her legs.

Few saw a sister in terrorist Ishrat Jahan but a Hindu girl was considered as a terrorist.

Colonel Shrikant Purohit, a staunch patriot was arrested and jailed for several years, just to protect the Pakistani Jihadi terrorists. Indians consider Army as god but how would the Army fraternity feel when their own comrade was tagged as a terrorist?

How would the Col Purohit’s wife have felt when she moved out of the house? Will a wife tolerate her ignonimy when others call her husband a terrorist?

Will Congress give back Sadhvi and Purohit the lost years? How would have their family members felt when all the media reported that they were terrorists?

The real culprit is Indian National Congress and the first punishment should be: Election Commission should ban the Congress Party forever. Then come the leaders of this Congress who conspired to defame the majority community of India.

For mere vote bank politics, the Congress coined the new term “Saffron Terrorism”, which put the entire Hindu community to shame.

Crores of Hindus who lived in India, contributed towards this great nation in every field and finally Congress (with Italian roots) called them terrorists. The only punishment that is permissible for this heinous crime is the Election Commission should ban the Congress party forever from participating in any elections in India.

It is a case where even Supreme Court should take suo motu action against the Congress leaders who are responsible for this communal scam.

The main culprits of this crime include Sonia Gandhi, “youth icon” Rahul Gandhi, P Chidambaram, Digvijay Singh and Sushil Kumar Shinde and they deserve the highest punishment for this crime. But will the legal system of India act against them, is the question. The judicial authorities of this country need to take action on their own against such anti-national politicians.

Congress being the ruling party of India at the top level has violated the constitution by knowingly protecting the guilty – Pakistanis and Indians both – and punishing the innocent citizens.

Sonia Gandhi being a woman has totally disrespected a woman. Didn’t Sonia feel that even Sadhvi is a woman like Priyanka Gandhi? Now that the truth of the matter has come out from none other than the actual participant in this crime – that is, Nagori -, which show that Sadhvi was innocent and falsely implicated for political reasons, will the responsible leaders of Congress be ready to serve in jail for 9 years, like Sadhvi?

Sonia, along with her kids, frequently visits Italy when she misses her mother. But Sadhvi had to beg permission to visit her ailing mother. All thanks to this Congress.

“I am a Sanyasi. I give discourses on Ramayana and Mahabharata. They told me they wanted to burn copies of the holy texts. They made me hear an obscene CD.” These were the words of Sadhvi. Shall India not feel aghast at the deeds that this Congress did? Shall Indians not shiever in pain and anger at the deeds what this Congress did to them?

Sadhvi had been suffering from serious health problems including a heart attack, a partial paralysis and a stage 3 Breast Cancer in the jail. Even with her worsening health, she hasn’t backed off from her initial stand that she is innocent. Even though the Congress tortured her so brutally, she denied accepting the blame of “Hindu terrorism”. If Sadhvi and colonel Purohit had accepted that they are behind the blasts, then the entire Hindu community would have been called a terrorists, as was mischieveously planned by Congress.

What punishment should be given to Digvijay for harassing a woman, is the question to be decided by Indians.

“Mumbai ATS tortured me, wanted me to name top RSS leaders in terror case. For 24 days I survived on water. I was beaten brutally throughout my custody. I was beaten so much that my hands and fingers regularly developed swelling. Spotting swelling in my hands and fingers, the ATS men put them in warm water and asked me to keep on pressing paper to reduce the swelling”, Sadhvi said. She also said that Digvijay Singh was behind this. Now what punishment should be given to this Digvijay Singh for harassing an innocent woman?

The revelations coming out of the mouth of Nagori must be further pursued by the investigators and the starting point of this ‘framing and defaming’ conspiracy must be pinpointed. A score of white-clothed sinister individuals, who are hiding in their cosy holes of reputation, should be smoked out of their holes. They should be smoked out and handcuffed, and produced before the courts of law. They should be produced before the court of law to reap the fruits of what they had sowed when they were ruling India – when they were ruling India because Indian people had reposed trust in them, and which trust they had breached by commiting this henious crime against the Indian nation.


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Jul 29, 2017 @ 20:39:11

    Words fail to describe the aversion any conscientious Indian would feel vis-a-vis these Congress goons who ruled India from 2004 to 2014 (a total of 10 years) and took the country back by nothing less than 100 years. It is ambitious thinking that our legal process would do anything to avenge the crime committed by these goons against Mother India but there definitely is something called nature’s revenge and that these goons cannot escape. Sometimes how I wish we too had the barbarous practice of stoning such heinous criminals against humanity to their end, but we are civilized and can’t tread that path.



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