Dok La Solved! Get Ready to Chinese Offensive!

Dok La site is silent. Indian and Chinese troops were face to face within 150 meters in an aggressive stand-off between them. And, now both sides have withdrawn their soldiers back within their interior terrotaries. And, India is in celiberating mood.

Beware India! Most probably an aggression is coming your way. It is a fact embedded in this withdrawl that China has been halted by India in its “Road building project” and it means this stumbling block has adversely affected the Chinese intended trajectory, which is against the character of this pseudo-communist state. It is a test between “complacency” and “caution” for India. Why do we say so? Here are the reasons:

  1. India must remember that China has a long-term goal of transforming itself into an uncontested sole power in Asia to pave its way to the end destination of being the world’s super power;

  2. All its strategies are made to serve this goal. To forget this basic principle of China would be the greatest mistake of India.

  3. It can not forgo its long terms or short term objectives. It can only change its strategy in pursuits of these objectives. Therefore, beware of the comming assault. The only question is: When and how? What are the ways historically adopted by China in assaulting an enemy?

  4. China launches an offensive when you least expect it. It is the strategy, which China has perfected since its rise as a communist state. Surprise always has an advantage – sometimes the decisive advantage – in military affairs. The foundation of this tactic is deceit. A simple methodology is adopted: They will talk to you; invite you to talk; make some hopefully seeming compromising gestures; relying on them – hope of peace – you are in their trap. It is a calculated move to make you lull. It is the first lesson India must learn. Dok La seems to have achieved this Chinese objective – to make the enemy India lull.

  5. If they seem to be compromising in talks, be alert to the coming offensive. And, in Dok La China seems to be compromising. It is better to err on the correct side. Prepare yourself and be ready. If you are not visibly prepared and taken in for their sweet talks, you are gone in their trap. Therefore, to meet this strategy of China and to frustrate their calculated outcome of this strategy, India would do well to be ready – fully ready with its entire arsenal – to launch a counter offensive in accordance with its own planned strategy.

  6. China is expert in launching a quick offensive – and after winning a stunning but short victory in this offensive – and suddenly and promptly declaring cease-fire, end of hostilities, truce, peace and, singing the virtues of peace, leaving the disputed issue as it is and offering to resolve this issue by negotiations and talks. It is a tested strategy. The advantages of this strategy are: you demoralize the enemy; you make your enemy to mentally prepare to accede to some of your (China’s) demands; to enhance your military stature among the possible next victims and make them psychologically ready to give you (China) concessions, albeit unwillingly; it is not for nothing that Philippines – even after winning a legal case against China in an international judicial forum – is ready to forgo its legal victory and willing to negotiate with China.

  7. Do not allow China to cut short a possible long war; take the war inside the territory of the enemy; Chinese soldiers are nowhere in bravery of the Indian soldiers; they cannot withstand the Indians for long. In today’s capitalist China, there is no indoctrinated zeal left in the army and they are a mere professional army, like that of any other country. India is not for war; it has never been for war; but if the war is imposed, India should not – and will not – slick to answer the threat. Therefore, never allow China to reap this calculated advantage of this strategy of hit, win and go home; there must be imposed a heavy tax on such strategies.

  8. The ‘Absolute’ truth of military science today is: It is not the soldiers who fight; it is the technology that fights and soldiers merely make this possible for the technology to let do its work. What is to be done and when, is all decided by the technological capabilities. Therefore, while there is peace, India would do well to put all its technological capabilities and advantages in place to meet the emerging possibility of war with China. The lesson to be learnt is: Err on the correct side. After all, there is no harm in getting fully ready, except that it would cost some extra money.

  9. India should take full advantage of its imagery satellites to locate the enemy’s potential targets of military importance and deploy its arsenal aiming at them in advance to work when the need arises.

  10. India also needs to change its policy towards China on a long term basis. India should devise an original plan centered on Tibet and have a dedicated team comprising topographical and military experts to study the feasibility of cutting Tibet from the rest of China and holding this mountain land militarily as an independent country, like Bhutan. Commensurate with its needs, India should search for and source the needed military hardware. This strategy should be the strategic pivotal point in dealing with China.

  11. Dok La seems to have been resolved. So, let India advocate peace; hope for peace but be ready for an eventual aggression!


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  1. suryasahasranaam
    Aug 29, 2017 @ 13:12:43

    The writer has hit the nail on it’s head. Fortunately the present Army Chief General Rawat saheb understand this. The Army will remain sharp and looking at the over all calculus and it’s imperatives China will be very careful of it’s world image. It is already battling a cold war with the US and other small players.

    It will be seen as a low level cheat and a 2 bit hustler by smaller players in the regions (US, India and Japan already know this) for deceptively declaring the sudden shock and awe.

    One also needs to be reminded that it is no longer a womanising Nehru’s era who fell for the age old Chinese trickery of Bhai – Bhai nonsense but Modi who is in no mood for this nonsense to be prolonged and could up the ante.

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    • IPC
      Aug 29, 2017 @ 19:11:06

      It is hoped that India has learnt the lesson from history and is READY to meet the eventual challenge from the deceit-master-China.



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