Let the Progressive World Grow out of Cultural Marxism!

By: Shreepal Singh

Philosophic constructs of Marxism are wrong but its conclusions are right. Open up to reason and science and give moral legitimacy to these conclusions.

Philosophic constructs of Marxism are the defining workings of Nature in terms of dialectics of Matter.

Science is an ever-growing endeavour of humans and it is concluding more and more with each passing day that the working of Nature is not so simple that it can be explained either by dialectics or matter or their interaction. Dialectics is too crude in its mechanics and matter is too gross in its essense in these days of reigning scientific concepts of ‘relativity’ and ‘probabity’ in their onward journey to the end destination of a ‘Unified Fundamental Force’!

However the conclusions of Marxism are that the reason and science are pivotal to human progress; that ever changing is the law of human society; and that the material interests of collective humanity are superior to the interests of private individuals.

These conclusions are the essence of cultural Marxism, with which our so-called progressive world is so much infatuated today.

There is a long-tailed army of these so-called progressive intellectuals in our world (Naom Chomsky et al), including its fair share in India (Guhas, Kotharis kind of people).

Cultural Marxism is not political Marxism; it is a fluid formation out of the political Marxism. The political Marxism is long dead but the cultural Marxism is still kicking.

Let the progressive world grow out of the cultural Marxism and open itself up to the reason and the science to discover a better moral legitimacy to these conclusions; put them on a firmer foundation; and put them with the greater vigor and more vehemence.

In this work of growing up further, there are two stars shining at the two extremes in the matter of explaining the working of Nature – Albert Einstein and Sri Aurobindo – which the humanity would find handy in their march ahead.

One – Albert Einstein – commences the human quest with reason and touches the extremity of this reason and the other one – Sri Aurobindo – commences this quest with reason and crosses the extremity of reason.

One – Albert Einstein – peeps into the secrets of inter-relation of known dimensions of Nature and the other one – Sri Aurobindo – peeps into the secrets of the known and unknown dimensions of Nature.

One – Albert Einstein – unlocks the hitherto hidden secret of Nature and invents technology founded on this uncovered secret to tame Nature to the benefit of human beings and the other one – Sri Aurobindo – unlocks the hitherto hidden design of Nature and invent technology founded on this unlocked secret to design human beings in accord with Nature’s intent.

Let the progressive humanity grow beyond cultural Marxism.


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Sep 10, 2017 @ 21:21:42

    The Ramchadra Guhas of India would reluctantly accept Albert Einstein as some kind of an answer but they will be baring their fangs wide open the moment an Indian-sounding name like Rishi Aurobindo is pronounced by anyone. But something tells me that the days of such hypocrites are numbered.



    • IPC
      Sep 11, 2017 @ 09:26:35

      The days of the Ramchandra Guhas and their tribe are “philiosophically” already over but they – as an echo of that once powerful but now dead idelogy – still have a large following. It is so – particularly in India – because this large following of people are still uneducated and ignorant: ignorant of what Albert Einstein and Sri Aurobindo said (one, the relativity of Space and Time; and another, evolution of Psychic Being from Life to Life) and ignorant of what Marx said (defining Nature in a simpleton way of Dialectics and its propounded rules). Those who have read and understood what Einstein and Sri Aurobindo have said, can not be fascinated by Dialectics of Marx. This world wide change of mental attitude can only be brought about by time, that is, education with time.



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