All are Equal or the Real World is Heirchical!

By: Come Carpentier (enlarged by Shreepal Singh)

We are living in an age where the credo is: All are equal; all have equal rights; equality is the most valuable human right; the discrimination between person and person is the most cruel way of life in a society; putting different people in different classes is the worst kind of human right abuse; allowing some people as a separate class from other people in a society is an affront to human conscience etc.

There is a long list of abuses and bad mouthing inflicted on many societies that not only allow but encourage distinctions on certain considerations between different classes of people and socially attach legitimacy and glory to one of the two thus divided classes of people.

Indian society is one of them that bears the most harsh condemnation by the advocates who sing the virtue of ‘equality’ of all people. The bashing point for Indian society is its ‘caste’ discrimination system, which initially in prehistorical times was founded on the personal acquisition of certain spiritual qualifications and which later on degenerated into ‘caste’ by one’s birth (which never was so intended).

Let us see the real world situations where we all live and judge for ourselves the merit of the ‘sacrosanct equality’ so vehemently advocated.

The principle of any educational or family system has to be hierarchical.

Parents have authority over their children.

They are not equal people living under the same roof, at least as long as the children have not reached adulthood.

Likewise pupils have to be under the authority of their teachers. Otherwise there can be no proper teaching.

In military, soldiers have to be subservient to the orders of their commanders.

People of a country have to be subject to their (elected) their country’s head.

In a corporation, the lower rung of employees have to be subservient to the direction or orders of the directors of that corporation.

In religions, the adherents have to be subservient to the teachings or directions of the founders of those religions. For example, Christians have to follow what Christ had bid them to do. Ditto for Buddhists, Mohammedans, Hindus etc.

Imitators in the form of (applied) technology, have to follow the insight and discoveries made by the original path-breaking scientists.

In Yogic disciple for spiritual attainment, the disciples have to seek guidance from their Guru and obey his spiritual instructions.

The list is endless. It is the real world, notwithstanding the unfounded clamour of the advocates of ‘equality of all’.

The anarchical revolution of (19)68 was intended to subvert these hierarchies and created a bereft, chaotic and agnostic mindset.


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