Who Killed Gauri Lankesh? A Few Facts to Remember

                    By Sudarsh V.
1. One P. Lankesh was her father. He was an actor who started a tabloid called Lankesh Patrike. Lankesh had 3 children- Gauri, Indrajit, Kavitha.
2. When Lankesh passed away, Gauri took over the tabloid. To this Indrajit objected, as he was listed as editor for legal purposes. So he charged Gauri with theft of Computer, Scanner and Printer of the tabloid and moving them out. Gauri charged Indrajit of pulling a gun on her and attempting to kill her.
Finally, after other family members intervened , a compromise was worked out. Lankesh Patrike went to Indrajit. Gauri started her own tabloid “Gauri Lankesh Patrike”.
3. There are nearly 5 dozen defamation suits in various courts filed by people of all political colours. Two suits filed by Prahlad Joshi and another BJP worker recently reached a conclusion under which she was jailed for 6 months each and a fine of Rs10000. She was on bail in this case. Other 58 cases are running.
4. Her tabloid has 50 staffers. It does not get advertisement revenue. It has a lakh of subscribers. How does she run this tabloid? By ferreting out information and making an offer not to publish! This was the point that came out in the two cases decided.
5. She ran a campaign against now notorius RaGa man D.K. Shivkumar.
She became close to Sidharamayya who used her to harness opponents within Congress.
6. She was a rationalist, a trait that came from her father. She used to openly criticise all swamis, muttadhipatis. Siddu is also known to dislike the religious dispensations.
7. She travelled frequently to have dialogues with Naxals in Chickmagalur, Coorg, Shimoga jungles. She wrote about them and their cause. It was only a matter of time that some naxals fell foul of her. She outed them and got them arrested. That is what Siddu said yesterday when he said she helped in getting their surrender. Naxals have no soft corner for traitors.
7. Police officers have been transferred by pliant home ministers at her instance.

Now, think of all these factors to guess who out of them all could have had a motive to kill her!

Addition by: Noted journo, Francois Gautier

(François Gautier is a French political writer & journalist, based in India, since 1971. He has served as the “South Asian” correspondent for the French-language newspaper Le Figaro.)

A 21 gun salute & a state funeral given to a Maoist radical & intellectual terrorist by a anti Hindu Congress Govt which is doing all in its power to encourage Abrahamic & leftist fascism in Karnataka!

After a trial running to almost 8 years, Gauri Lankesh could not produce a shred of evidence to prove her ‘news’ was authentic. It was ‘The neutral Court’ that found her guilty of willful defamation. She was given a suspended 6 month imprisonment & Rs. 10,000 fine with a provision to appeal to a higher Court!

Condolences on her death, but she was hard core anti India, anti army, anti Hindu & wiling to go to any immoral length to score a ideological point to support breaking India forces. She was given a “state funeral”!

Meanwhile no one sheds one tear for those lay people who lived and died for India. Simple souls who cared only and only for Bharat & its progress. Who merely wanted equal rights for Hindus!

Not even our journalists n own leaders tweet in their favour or even mention them!

Lt Col Niranjan Kumar was a native of Bangalore. He did not get a 21 gun salute by the state!

Even Maj Sandeep Unnikrishnan was from Bangalore. He did not get a 21 gun salute by the state!

  • I am more than shocked, left aghast at the tragic death of a journalist.

But I don’t think an Urban Naxal convicted by Court deserves a 21-gun salute meant for those who laid their lives for the country!*

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  2. Santanu Dey
    Sep 13, 2017 @ 00:03:26

    Before any election in a major non-BJP ruled state there would be some major controversy created to show the rightist party in bad color. Who knows this could be one such attempt by the ruling politicos in K’taka? Or there could be at least half a dozen other groups that could’ve been behind this ghastly murder. But these pseudo-sickulars of India will be ready with their own fingers pointed (without a shred of proof for their utterances) in no time. It is hightime that such fabricators must be legally punished with exemplary/prohibitive punishments at least once to put a stop to this dirty game.



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