Wake Up Bharat! Before it is Too Late!!

By: Francois Gautier  (addition by Shreepal Singh)

The strategy of forces opposing Modi’s efforts to make India a nation to reckon with is becoming more and more sharp and focussed with each passing day.

They know that they don’t have an alternative face but they are smartly playing on their strengths and using the Achilles heel of a party in power.

They know that just by numbers a single opposition party can never ever beat Modi-led BJP, so their best bet is to demoralize fence-sitting Hindus by bombarding them with negative news 24/7 and that’s when the voter percentage goes down. If they can manage to get enough Hindus to not vote, they can reduce BJP to a point where they cannot form government

All the deep assets of the ecosystem are coming out now.

Entire force of mass communication – media, sleeper and social media cells – is being activated to promote short-term pains of mega steps like demonetization & GST.

Every Abrahamic riot and crime is being completely hidden while any incident in BJP states is being highlighted.

The entire focus is to put this rising India under Modi on a backfoot and force this India to do nothing but to constantly defend.

The root cause of the problem is that the general Hindu populace just don’t get the idea that this is not merely about “development”. It is about “cultural survival along with economic development”.

It would have been perfectly fine if we had a pro India opposition with a different approach to things. Then we could have a legitimate debate on which approach is better for Bharath.

However the opposition is rabidly anti India and anti Hindu. They are not merely anti BJP.

If they win you can forget not only any itsy bitsy “developmegnt” but you can wave good-bye to the “idea of India and Indic faiths”.

But unfortunately while most of the Indic faith people just don’t sense this mortal danger to their very existence, Abrahamics sense it very well. Abrahamics are extremely clear-headed and know their objective of conversion, expansion & domination very well.

They will never ever vote BJP regardless of development. They will only vote for the party that permits their agenda to flourish.

It all depends on how Modi-Shah are able to consolidate mass Hjndu votes to replace the fence sitters Hindus that are being lost to neutrality induced by fake and negative news.

So far Modi-Shah have done a good job. They have tapped into segments unheard of before and completely changed the game in many state elections to make vote bank politics irrelevant.

Hope they do it in 2019 too!!

The kind of mega changes and fundamental DNA shifts that Modi-Shah are aiming for is colossal and is a 15-20 year job.

Upper class anglicized corporate type Hindus are unable to fathom how you need to build a foundation to convert India into a developed country.

For a regular observer india cannot visibly become a Switzerland or USA in 5 years. Create an US or Switzerland without slave labor or money from colonial markets is a mammoth task that takes a certain collective mentality & decades of focus.

But upper class Hindus will keep repeating that ground reality is not changing – which is a myopic view of things.

Do you Hindus really think that your abjectly poor sub Saharan nation will look and behave like Singapore in 3 years? Thank your gods if it looks like Singapore in 30 years let alone 3.

It’s best to not bank on the fickle upper class Hindu votes as they neither have numbers nor understanding of the situation nor suffer the miseries of regular Indians on a daily basis. They live sheltered cut off lives and expect the world to change and Rome to be built in one day.

It’s going to be an uphill battle which was looking pretty easy till few months ago. How Modi-Shah play this civilizational game of chess remains to be seen.

Addition by: Shreepal Singh

Ordinary Indians are unable to grasp the issue before India today. And such people are in large number. They are the fence-sitters and can easily be persuaded to join this side or that side of the fence – this side for Modi or that side against Modi. The future of rising India will depend on their decision to join this side or that side.

The biggest problem facing the new rising India is that here in this country the ruling dispensation – BJP – is a “closed-door organization”, which is not able to tap into the vast amount of human resource that otherwise is available for this new India’s rising effort. This country is replete to the brim with an untapped brilliant Indic faiths’ force, which force can not only bring such fence-sitters to this side of the fence to commit them to the national cause in hand today but can also consolidate the otherwise divided force of the Indic faiths. But the ruling dispensation is mired in rigid party confines in the name of “party discipline and party interest”. But the reality is that this dispensation is filled with a good number of position seekers, with people on the look-out of greener pasture and opportunists, who leave no space for the fresh blood in this organization.

It is an Indian reality that a large number of Hindus and people of other Indic faiths have no interest in politics but many of them have the quality of their personal character and ability to influence the society around them. They are not eager to join politics but they can be pursuaded to join politics and turned into as asset. And, it is also an Indian reality that there are a good number of those who are eager to join politics but with a suspect motive. They search for and get a place that fits their motive.

In the Modi-Shah duo, Modi is highly preoccupied with urgent national calls and Shah is doing his best to manage the party affairs. He is crafting the required political alignments and re-alignment of ‘already established political forces’ to make it possible for BJP – and that means Modi – to serve the national cause. But it is not enough in the fast changing political environment in India.

The question is: How many surveys have been carried out by BJP in every university, college, factory, institution, city, village, among farmers, workers, doctors, traders, teachers, students …. etc. to find out the available best human resource and to pursuade them – rather beg them – to come and give a helping hand in the urgent task of emerging danger and of averting this danger? It should be the work of top most urgency for BJP, Shah and Hindus.

Hindus are not alive to the fact that in Modi they have got a rare and lucky moment of their history in their struggle for survival as Hindus, which, if missed, they may never ever get again in the demographically fast-changing India under the concerted moves of Abrahmic faiths.

To all those who are aware of the Indian history – recent or not so recent – it must be clear that with the time ticking away, Bharat is bit by bit chipping away …..

The people of Bharat can not stop the ticking away of the time but they can certainly stop this chipping away, provided they wake up and wake up before it is too late!

Addition by: As received:

Wondering how a …. person like Rahul Gandhi was invited to speak at Berkley?

Was it the US Government? NO.

Was it the state of California? NO.

Was it the University of Berkely? NO.

Then who invited Rahul, who had been 9derogatory to the Prime Minister of the country and the country there?

  1. Sam Pitrodia was the official host for Rahul’s recent trip to the US.
    Who is Sam Pitroda? He is an entrepreneur, policymaker and a former advisor to Rajiv Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh. Sam runs and funds many NGOs in India.
  2. Such talks and invitations are tools to spread Anti-India and Anti-Hindu sentiments and are funded by the same organisation which funds NGOs and charity organizations in India.

  3. Many of these NGOs are for converting Hindus and are opposing Hinduism. It may be recalled that the Modi Govt has closed down funding of thousands of such anti-national NGOs in India.

  4. These are the same organisations which host anti-Hindu folks like Barkha Dutt, John Dayal, etc in US.

  5. Their mission is to promote the leftist ideology. These are the same people who protested against PM Modi’s visit to US.

  6. Showcasing intolerance in India, violence in India, Hindu terror, Poverty, Caste-based violence are the agenda of such speakers to collect funds.

  7. The modus operandi: Invite these Anti-India elements to speak in foreign countries, get them to portray a dismal view of India, collect money for party funding and NGO funding.

  8. Congress think-tank like Sam Pitrodia knows Rahul Gandhi has lost all chances to emerge as a leader in India. The mission now is to pro.p him up and get foreign backing. Arvind Kejriwal’s political rise also came from foreign funding.

Bharat, wake up before its too late!

The anti-Hindu venom is spread with vigour. These overseas Organizations are rich, powerful and have a very strong hold on Indian politics through mercenaries. Hindus need to wake up to this reality that is devastating them. It is the time now that they wake up from their indifference !!


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  1. Santanu Dey
    Sep 19, 2017 @ 23:42:26

    The task at hand for Modi and Amit Shah is a very tough one but not impossible to achieve. Hope poorer section of India will see the reality better than the richer class because that is the only way to success for a powerful India which also is a good news for the World at large.



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