History of Racism and Attrocities: Teach Unbiased History!

By: Rajiv Malhotra

There was an interview with an American school teacher of History and World Religions. It starts by discussing the recent controversy over White Supremacy in USA, and then applies similar arguments to discuss other similar instances in history that are not being adequately covered. Watch HERE

The main points discussed are:

  1. Liberals in USA support removal of monuments honoring white supremacists. I agree with this. But I wish to take the conversation deeper and probe why many other similar situations do not get the same level of interest. Are there contradictions and double standards?
  2. The history of atrocities against Native Americans is full of horrific deeds that led to their genocide/holocaust. But this is not discussed to the same extent. Especially the role of the Church in legitimizing the atrocities does not get much spotlight. Why?
  3. The Portuguese Church Inquisition in Goa is one of the very few Church atrocities for which the Vatican has not apologized. Nor is this topic discussed by our supposedly liberal media. American textbooks’ treatment of India focus on “Hindu human rights” issues, but not this. Why?
  4. The Islamic invaders of India from early times to the Mughals do not get exposed for their atrocities. Why should the towns, boulevards, major monuments in their honor not be the subject of similar debates? The liberal scholars/media block such debates and attacks those who dare to raise such issues. Why?

Are liberal/leftists being hypocrites when they protect Islamic conquerors for horrible deeds, and whitewash Christian expansionism, while claiming to fight against White Supremacists?

How should we teach the history of such past empires of persecution? Both discussants offer many ideas in this informative and thought-provoking episode.


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