Law of Pendulum – Prediction of Our Future

By: Shreepal Singh

Part One: The Law

Pendulum is the movement from extreme to extreme: extreme to extreme in the reverse direction. The end of one extreme is the starting point of another extreme in the reverse direction. This is the law of pendulum.

The law of pendulum is the law of frequency; it is the law of oscillation; it is the law of rhythm. We can describe its working principles thus:

  1. It is a cycle. Cycle is made possible by the interaction between energy and time. The defining property of energy is movement; the defining property of time is direction.
  2. This cycle has a movement and an arrow of direction.

  3. This cycle consumes a certain amount of time and this time is relative to the kind or type of the subject matter of the cycle concerned.

  4. This cycle contains a definite amount of energy making the movement of cycle possible.

  5. In the work of completing one cycle of the pendulum, the potential energy is transformed into the kinetic energy, which appears to us as a movement.

  6. The available amount of energy being at work in a cycle is at the maximum at its starting point.

  7. The available amount of energy being at work in a cycle is at the minimum at its closing point.

  8. At the point of the reversal of its direction, the energy contained in a cycle is zero, when its total energy is at work to reverse the cycle’s direction.

  9. This reversal of direction is also done in cycles. Every entity in universe – including life – is only a cycle and, in this universe, there is layered hierarchy of infinite cycles.

  10. On completing the reversal of the direction of a cycle, its total energy is again available to work up the new cycle.

Part Two: Application (to Living World)

There seems to be no exception to this phenomenon. It is working everywhere. We commence a work and end up when tired, and after rest work again; we wake up, go to sleep, and wake up again. All living beings on Earth originate with their birth and die with their death; and then, their offspring commence a new cycle with their birth and end it with their death. All living beings rise and go to sleep; and again rise. They consume food – or get intake of energy – and finish it with excretion, and they exhaust after utilizing this energy; and again consume food. We feel hungry and get our fill to the brim – after which we cannot intake anymore; after utilizing our fill, we again feel hungry. We sleep to the full content of our heart – and after that we cannot sleep any longer; on waking, we work to our full capacity – and beyond that we cannot work; and again, we need to go to sleep. There is a pair of two opposite extremes: hate and love; happiness and pain; friendship and enmity; life and death; discontent and satisfaction. We find everywhere two opposite extremes and their repetition in cycles.

Part Three: Application (to Universe)

It is so in the outer space.  We know galaxies – with their stars and planets – are formed and end up in their death; and again are formed. It is so with the phenomena on earth, be it climate, life, humans or society.  Potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy; and again transformed into potential. Law of conservation of energy is nothing but a series of cycles of transformation of one kind of energy into another kind of energy; or the transformation of one kind of physical entity into another kind of physical entity; or the transformation of (the mass of) matter into energy and vice versa. You cannot “destroy” anything but can only transform it from one form to another; and the meaning of this statement is: This universe is filled with “Matter” – and it is equally correct to say that – This universe is filled with “Energy”. In the present universal time, this amount of “Matter” or “Energy” is constantly being transformed from one form to another in hierarchical cycles at infinite layers.

Part Four: Application (from ‘Our Past’ to ‘Our Present’)

We have records of our history and we can bank upon those facts to find out what had happened and, by applying this law of pendulum, to find out what is going to happen in future. Wow, what a convenient and useful tool!

We can look at the data of our past and use this tool to have a glimpse of what is going to happen to us in future.

We took long – very long – amount of time to send our message from one person to another person at distant place. Today we can send our messages almost instantly.

From that starting point – one end of the pendulum – we have reached today to the other extreme of the pendulum, the end point of one swing of this phenomenon.

We were very much limited in our capabilities when we had started our evolutionary journey from cave-dwelling. Today we know that our world and all things in this world are nothing but a particular arrangement of molecules; or still better atoms; or still better elementary sub-atomic particles; or still better a definite quanta of energy. We can fabricate things to our liking; still better our computer can fabricate them to our wish; or still better we can leave this job to be done for us to Artificial Intelligence. Here also – in respect of our capabilities – we have traveled from one end of the pendulum to the other end.

From this starting point – one end of the pendulum – we have reached today to the other extreme of the pendulum, the end point of one swing of this phenomenon.

In Stone Age humans used stone tools that needed human-hands to work them. Today we use robots, which work on their own without any need of human-hands.

From this starting point – one end of the pendulum – we have reached today to the other extreme of the pendulum, the end point of one swing of this phenomenon.

In Stone Age we humans were products of Nature – in biological sense and material conditions in which we then lived – and today we can fabricate ourselves biologically and can engineer material conditions around us artificially.

From this starting point – one end of the pendulum – we have reached today to the other extreme of the pendulum, the end point of one swing of this phenomenon.

In fact, this is the other extreme of the pendulum of human evolution; this is the end of one swing of the pendulum, say from the stage of our transition from animals to humans to the present stage where we are almost ready to move from humans to super-humans.

Let us get ready for the reverse swing – the starting point in the reverse direction – of this pendulum.

On the basis of this universal pendulum phenomenon, we can make prediction about the things to come in future. Let us make these predictions.

Part Five: Application (Predicting Our Future)

These predictions are made on the basis of certain assumptions, which may be found correct or incorrect on the facts they assume, and depending upon the correctness of those facts such predictions may be right or wrong. The first of these predictions, given herein below, is based on the facts that are already existing in our world today and this one – the first prediction – is certain in its likelihood. Predictions from number two to the last one, are made on certain assumptions. What are these assumptions? These assumptions are: 1) that there is TRUTH in what the spiritual wisdom proclaims; 2) that there are worlds in existence that are not material – like our own – but (are) subtle in their makeup, which are accessible only to individuals who are spiritually highly developed; and 3) that the capacity of one to have access to those worlds gives him or her unimaginable powers as narrated in spiritual wisdom. Thus these predictions are subject to the factual truth of these assumptions and indicate the things likely to happen. Here we go.

The First Prediction:

Notwithstanding the glitter and utility of having instant information of this world – and information of your choice – humans shall turn introvert, shunning the available facilities.

The Second Prediction:

Humans shall put their entire efforts to regain their personal – that is, psychological – equilibrium even at the cost of disordering their material – outside – world. In making this effort, all exclusive religions will wither away and an inclusive spirituality shall engulf humanity.

The Third Prediction:

This universal spirituality of humanity shall open the secret gates of mysticism; and coupled with the uncovering of these secret domains, unimaginable concomitant powers will be made available to more and more ordinary people, which will make our modern advanced scientific device look nothing more than mere toys.

The fourth Prediction:

On the strength of acquisition of these unimaginable powers founded on the discovery of hitherto secret laws of Nature, the channel of communication will be established with the aliens existing in our very midst.

The Fifth Prediction:

All this will debut a new age on earth – the age of the race of empowered and enlightened humans (humans or super-humans!). This swing of pendulum in the reverse direction will take our progeny to new heights of unthinkable capabilities.

These are the glimpses of future – things likely to happen – predicted by this law of pendulum.

(Note: This article was published on 13 June 2017 and updated on 25 September 2017)


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