Can India Change? Will India Change? Can I Change? Will I Change? A question to every Indian

By: Shreepal Singh

Can India change? Can I change? Will India change? Will I change? This is the question that needs to be asked of every Indian – every Indian who loves India. Today Indians – of all colors who lost power, who are losing power, who lost illegitimate wealth and who are losing illegitimate wealth – seem to have become wiser and asking all sorts of questions directed at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But before their questions, this question has priority: Can I change? Will I change?

Any way, before we proceed further and reproduce a write-up of Francois Gautier, first have a look at what Modi has to say on ‘Can India change? Will India change?

By: Francois Gautier

It is one thing to scream ‘New India, New India’ on social media but another thing to take personal responsibility to make it happen. Will any normal Indian origin small business owner or white-collar worker outside India in any developed country try and escape taxes, flout traffic rules, pay 50% of home down payment in black money cash, scam the system in every possible way etc and curse government if asked to follow legit rules?

Then why are they fine doing it in India?

And if they are fine with all these scammy ethics in India then any talk big non-sense about being anti-corruption and wanting to be so-called super power and all that jazz is total BS.

It’s quite obvious – Modi is basically trying to make citizens behave like any developed country government does.

And if you are not fine with it then India deserves to have Congress and be the complete shit hole and utterly third world dumpster that it has always been in last 300 years.

It is clear Modi is not going to change his governance ethics for petty power or votes – he is above all that and in a totally different plane of thinking – it’s totally up to Indians to take short-term pain for long-term gain or just keep voting good old Congress and remain the third class poverty ridden junkbox that it has always been since centuries now.

We know this was harsh but truth is always harsh – deal with it.

(And now something about GST)

Modi is not decreasing Petrol prices and says govt needs the taxes to build infrastructure.

Exports are falling. No new investments in industries. Jobs are not growing.


Modi has stopped free flow of illegal funds into India. He has stopped free bank loans and giving free assets to crony capitalists. He is compelling corporates who got cheap loans in UPA regime to sell their coffers to repay loans.

That never happened before.

They can’t get black illegal money stacked in Tax havens through shell Companies or Hawala and route it into stock market.

Now you need to get honest money to fund your business and then pay taxes and do legitimate business. Cash business is difficult even for a small shop keeper.

Everyone is paying taxes and showing his income.

Indian economy always dependent on black money is finding it difficult to adopt to Honesty. Hence less growth.

But we need this pain. We need to undergo this surgery to become a real Golden economy.

I appreciate Modi more than ever before for taking a right path; for not taking a populist shortcut for winning elections.

He has taken on small traders – his core vote bank – by implementing GST.

No Govt anywhere in the world which implemented GST has come back to power as it pains people in the short-term.

Imagine a small Hotel or a shop owner who never paid Tax or filed IT return or opened a current account. They did all their business in cash.

Now they have to do all this after GST. So it pains them.

But this is the right path for long term development.

Hence it will be a record if Modi can come back to power after doing GST.

But we always say – We need to end corruption

But how much are we willing to sacrifice for it ?

The industry I work in is very much affected by Modi policy. But I am willing to bear this pain for India.

Are you willing to do it ?

Or you feel let us go back to those corrupt old days and vote Pappu Party back to power.

And just keep talking about India’s great future only on social media. It won’t work.


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