Wow! Huge Amount of Properties of P. Chidambaram and Family!!

P. Chidambaram and his family owns the huge amount of properties and wealth. A list of these properties has come in the public domain now.

P. Chidambaram is the most prominent leader of Congress party – Indian National Congress and Karthi Chidambaram is his son.  He has been a minister, including the finance minister, in the Congress government for a very long time.

The question arises: How did he come to purchase all these properties, in India and in foreign countries? The violation of Indian law in purchasing these properties, comes only second. He did not declare, as an M. P. or Minister is legally bound to declare, all these properties and certainly there is violation of law on his part.

But the real issue is: How did he purchase so huge an amount of properties? It is a serious matter. It may even impinge on the national security of India.

Here is the list of all these properties:

● There are 12 houses in Chennai, 40 malls, 16 cinema theaters, 3 offices.

● 300 acres of land in Tamil Nadu.

● 500 Vasan Eye Hospitals across the country.

● 2000 ambulances in Rajasthan.

● 88 acres in the UK.

● 3 vineyards + horses in Africa.

● 3 resorts in Sri Lanka The famous tourist attraction in Sri Lanka.

● Karthi Chidambaram’s company has acquired most of the shares of ‘Lanka Bardson Residences’.

● Assets in Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand.

● Tennis Academy with 11 tennis courts in 4 acres in Barcelona (Spain).

● Similarly, Karthi Chidambaram’s Singaporean franchise has been involved with a Philippines-based company. Also bought a team that participates in the International Premier Tennis League.

● In Dubai and France, the lucrative investments of several lakh crore rupees

He has invested money in a total of 14 million rupees in London, Dubai, South Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, British Virgin Island, France, USA, Switzerland, Greece and Spain.

All of these investments took place after 2006, held in Aircel-Maxis.

In 2011, a million pound worth property in the UK … Karthi Chidambaram’s Singaporean company has been acquired.

Similarly, the head of the Tush is headed by ‘Desert Tunes Limited’, ‘Fale Dubai FX. LLCs’ companies.

Karthi Chidambaram’s investment in Singapore company. Karthi Chidambaram’s Singaporean company is in partnership with another real estate company.

Investing in the company in Malaysia.

Buying 16 lands in Thailand.

The enforcement department has come to know from the sources: Karthi Chidambaram’s ‘Advantage Structural Consulting’ – The money transaction of Aircel-Maxis has been revealed.

P. Chidambaram served as Union Minister Between 2006 and 2014 – during the period Karthi Chidambaram has acquired assets abroad.

Perhaps he seems to believe that if he wears white Dhoti and cotton shirt – a traditional attire of noble and great people – and looks as humble as Kamraj – a revered and great political leader in the past hailing from the State of P. Chidambaram – he can fool Indian people! There he is wrong. Truth cannot be hidden forever and one has to pay for one’s crime – sooner or later!

All the details of these properties have  also been published here:

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