Why India Needs Modi in 2019 Again!


By: Dr Ashok Anand, President – Yorks College, Birmingham, U.K

There had been, and there would be many great leaders in India. But in the current scenario, India needs Modi. Why?

Reasons are many and I list a few of them hereunder:

  1. He is not corrupt like almost all the politicians of all the political parties are/were. This fact can be established only by looking at the condition of his brothers and other family members, while seeing the fortunes other Indian politicians and their families have accumulated. For example, compare it with Vadra, Lalus, Akhilesh’s 22 family members, billionaire Dalit queen Mayawati and scores of others.
  2. He is bold enough to take even unpopular decisions for the sake of the future of this nation; yes, only time will tell whether his decisions were right or wrong.

  3. I live abroad and know what the reputation of India four years ago used to be. It was at the bottom. But today Modi’s PR has got some of our reputation back. We feel that clearly while living in international community.

  4. I don’t think any of his ministers have looted the country in the last almost four years, the way Congress had been doing it for 67 years. This itself is a ‘First Thing’ in  the history of ‘India-since-1947”. This single achievement of Modi is enough to make him entitled to be PM of India again in 2019.

  5. His strong image before China, Pakistan and other nations would certainly be getting India a better treatment at the international platform. This will benefit India on many national and international fronts.

  6. Ask the poor people of this country who have seen the banks first time in their life!  Today their accumulative savings have touched over Rupees 40,000 crores. This figure speaks for itself and how these people feel today.

  7. About 1500, 18th century laws have been removed from the statute books in India. These antiquated laws were being used selectively and in discriminate manner by the officialdom to harass the poor and illiterate people in India.

  8. Subsidies are reaching direct to the bank accounts of the poor while in Congress raj, all the money used to be pocketed by the middlemen – that is, by local netas and Panchayati heads.

  9. 30 million women are enjoying cooking gas and now not burning their own bones to cook for the family.

  10. Forget Demonetization and GST at the moment, next generation will understand what good Modi has done for India by his tough and unpopular decisions.

I can cite several such examples and small things which this government has done and is doing continuously. But keep in mind, seventy years of slush cannot be cleared in mere three years.

However, never forget, that this country, with a history of corruption, religious bigotry, enmity, greed, jealousy, intolerance and full of traitors, would not be easy to control even by a Dictator.

And finally, this is not the question whether BJP or Modi is doing good or bad, the million dollar question is, if Congress was tolerated for 6 decades, why not Modi for at least One?

I think if he wins 2019 elections, India – and you – would have many more plesant surprises in store to encounter.

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