Imran Khan, a Don Juan, Will Dance to the Tune of Rogue Pakistani Army

Parmanand Pandey, Secretary General: IPC

     Mr Imran Khan, a Don Juan, is now set to become the new Prime Minister of Pakistan as his Pakistan Tahrik-e- Insaf (PTI) has emerged the largest party in the National Assembly. He is famous in the entire cricketing world, particularly in Pakistan, India and England. His image of a philanthropist and a corruption-free politician has also helped his Party to win the largest number of seats. However, what has helped him most in coming to power is Pakistani Army. The Army will now rule with a remote control having a civilian face as the Prime Minister, who is more a Casanova than a politician. He will be nothing more than the puppet of the Pakistani Army.

       He made his foray into politics some two decades ago and now he has achieved his ambition to head a state which is a known rouge state all over the world. What has disappointed most the people all over the world was his address to the nation the day it became clear that he was sure to become the Prime Minister. His address to the nation made it crystal clear he would be a handmaiden Prime Minister of the all-powerful army of Pakistan, which is known for its phenomenal notoriety for providing safe haven to terrorists in Pakistan.

    The debonair politician has not spoken a word against the terrorists like Hafiz Saeed or even against the fugitive and a bully like Parvez Musharraf, who still continues to enjoy the support of the Army. As everybody in India knows that it was the late General Zia-ul-Haque and Parvez Musharraf, who throttled the democracy. In fact, democracy has never been able to take roots in Pakistan right from its inception. There is no doubt that Nawaz Sharif was a corrupt Prime Minister but so have been all politicians and other establishments of Pakistan without exception. Almost all Army Officers of any significance in Pakistan live like feudal Lords because they have amassed the enormous amount of wealth through corrupt means. A novice like Mr Imran Khan is, therefore, the most suitable and pliant person for the Army to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

     With the amount of popularity that he enjoys in India, it was expected that this man would work for the normalisation of relations between India and Pakistan, but his speech dashed all hopes as it was so disappointing that nothing can be hoped from him. Now it is clear that he will play and dance only to the tune of the Army. In his speech, he spoke like a parrot on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir as was dictated by the Army. He has not spoken a word against the Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations which export terror to other countries, particularly to India. Obviously, because these terror outfits are nurtured by the vagrant and in-disciplined Army. It is hoped that he will avoid adopting the misadventures of the Army, which resulted in the vivisection of Pakistan in 1971 and crushing defeat during the Kargil war.

    However, it will be too much to expect anything innovative from this womaniser Prime Minister. It is an open secret that the Pakistani Army rigged the elections in favour of Imran Khan. His address on television was shocking as he relegated India to the last step of the ladder of his priorities. Even Afghanistan and Iran were kept above India. China was eulogized by him as his Army masters wanted him to do.

    Sometimes it is seen that even newcomers in the power politics do wonderful works but that is when they have an independent mind. Here, in this case, Imran Khan’s mind has already been toxified against India by the corrupt Army.

    Let us see what is in store for Pakistan under his premiership. As they say that ‘coming events cast their shadows before’, therefore, we in India cannot expect much from Imran Khan. India will have to be vigilant as the notorious may again create mischiefs behind the veneer of this seducer of women, Imran Khan.

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