The Blood of Sikhs on the Hands of Congress !

By:  Wing Commander Sudarshan

It was in the early eighties, we started our flying training in Air Force Station Bidar in Karnataka.

The training was on Basic trainer aircraft called Hindustan Trainer-2 (HT-2). The Training schedule was tough both physically and mentally. There was fear of elimination at each stage of training. The first round of elimination takes place when the instructor feels that you can not go ‘SOLO’. Then that Cadet gets two more flights extension, may be with a different instructor. If there is improvement and if the Chief Flying Instructor feels confident of sending him ‘Solo’, he is sent on a solo flight or else he returns home. Then look out for new career options. After getting past the first hurdle there was a brief respite, but just for a short while. Subsequently every stage of training, be it, Aerobatic maneuvers Formation flights, Night Flying, Flying by Instruments and Navigation every stage there was fear of failure and imminent threat of returning home. After getting through all these phases successfully then comes the Mother of All Tests.. the Final Test (FT). It use to be a nerve wracking experience to watch your friends, not able to cope up with the rigours of training and go home. Some would just succumb to the shear stress and despair…and just quit. What worried us then was the ignominy of returning home and tell my near and dear ones that I couldn’t make it. To admit..that I failed is not easy.

In one of the pockets of my flying suit, I always use to carry a palm sized book titled “Powerful Speeches of Swami Vivekananda”.

Whenever the sense of insecurity use to creep in, I would just sit in a quiet corner, read a paragraph from the book, close my eyes and meditate for a while and overcome the fear of failure. It worked like a miracle. I sailed through the various stages of training and Lo and Behold… .I was going to fly with Chief Flying Instructor for my FT… the mother of all tests.

The day didn’t start well.. for, it was a sleep deprived, groggy morning I woke up to. It was still dark when I started cycling to the technical area. My flight was planned for an early morning Take off. The briefing board has to be prepared after obtaining information about weather, ATC information etc. I was not able to concentrate on anything. Kept touching the pocket in which palm sized Vivekananda’s book was kept. Praying all the time…give me courage, strength.. don’t let me fail.

Just then, saw from a distance CFI approaching for the briefing. He was a tall hefty sardar. A very affectionate figure, use to call every Cadet…myson…bacche…kaake.
He was coming with another tall and younger sardar. A very handsome and charming personality. What was unusual about him was the colour of his beard…he was almost blonde!

Wished both of them in attention…my voice was shaky and squeaky. I was trying my level best to appear confident but it was just not happening.

CFI put his hand on shoulder and said.
“Beta there is some error in your flying hours.. you have to do another thirty five minutes flight before your FT ….toh abhi, just do a short flight with Blondie….I mean with Flight Lieutenant Kahlon, whatever you want to do feel free, he will not interfere, so enjoy the flight and then I will fly with you, that will be your FT”

God was so kind to me and at once I was completely relaxed. Wow..I get to fly a sortie, out of syllabus!

Flt Lt Kahlon put an assuring hand on my shoulder and said… Let’s go.

A unique tradition of Air Force is to call each other by nicknames.. specially amongst the pilots. I was my fellow pilots, my friend saxena was…sexy always, even his wife called him like that! Gupta was always Goofy, Banerjee was a banjo, Chatterjee was a Chato, Sundaram was a Sandy…etc. So this tall, handsome, blonde sardar was called ‘Blondie’.

Another unique tradition of Air Force is
” Guru Shishya Parampara” amongst the pilots. During training the hard task master would get angry, abuse, even hit on your oxygen mask, shake you by the shoulders….but he is your mentor, guide, friend and philosopher for ever…rest of your life in Airforce and beyond.

As the sun rose on the Eastern horizon of Bidar.. we were airborne.

This was not an instructional flight. I started with a steep turn tightening the gut muscle and shouting that I shouldn’t blackout. Following it with a loop and a Barrel roll. No word, no criticism, no correction from behind and I got emboldened…it was pure peacock dance in the sky. After an exhaustive but not exhausting flight, we landed back just a minute after stipulated thirty five minutes.
I continued to stay in the cockpit while the instructor switch took place. My FT began and I passed.

Few years later, to be precise, on 03 November 1984… I having crossed all the hurdles of Air Force training, now the staff pilot of a Prestigious Unit in Central Air Command, got a message from Flt Lt Kahlon ( Blondie) that..can he take a lift in my Aeroplane flying from Delhi to Chandigarh.

“Come on sir. anything for you” I said .. I owe you a lot for that surprise flight which I feel, saved life… now it is my turn to reciprocate you.

Mrs Indira Gandhi was assassinated just Four days ago by her own Security guards. Whole country was in turmoil. Entire Armed Forces we’re activated. Sad… the gloomy environment was unbearable.

Even in that sad state of affairs, I was excited. Excited because I was about to meet a person who had etched a long lasting impression on my mind in that thirty five minutes flight…I had never seen him earlier or later. I am going to see him now.

But he didn’t come, my wait could not be prolonged, I was duty bound. We took off . Took off without him.

When we returned to Delhi the next day, we were told an Airforce officer was burnt alive in the vicinity of Palam airport … only next day to our shocked souls, we realised that it was Blondie Kahlon .. The entire Air Force mourned the death of an Airforce Pilot.
The Congress goons had no mercy for a Soldier.

Why did you… Rajiv Gandhi in whichever hell you now reside and your bloody goons … kill my GURU?

Voice of Sanity in Pakistan: Pervez Hoodbhoy


Indian Organizors in Beijing Philosophy Meet: Why No Translation of Hindi?

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By: Dr. Koenraad Elst, Orientalist
Greetings from the World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing, a huge event of eight full days with 40+ parallel sessions, where I am participant 7058.
I borrowed and saved up to get here, and I treasure every minute of it. But that is not why I am writing these lines.
Presently I am listening with a half ear to a lecture by some fellow of the Bharatiya Akhil Darshan Parishad, the All-India Philosophy Council, all in Hindi.
Though this conference has state-of-the-art facilities of simultaneous translation, Hindi is not provided for, just as the UN doesn’t recognize Hindi, second language of the world before the official languages Spanish, English, Arabic, Russian and French. Nor have the organizers of the Indian sessions negotiated with the main organizers to arrange translation for Hindi into English and Chinese.
The Chinese people present are proverbially polite and let it all happen, but by now they all have either left or are engrossed in their cell-phones.
Though I myself can more or less follow, I find this whole performance positively boorish. It is very impolite to the Chinese hosts and to the many Latin-American, Japanese etc. guests.
This is a session by and for Hindus and could just as well have been held in Delhi.. Here you get a unique opportunity to let India shine, with a sympathizingly disposed international audience, and you are throwing it away. Or rather, you are throwing it in your hosts’ faces.
I perfectly understand that the Hindi layer in these English-trained scholars is struggling under the surface to assert itself, and comes out whenever it can, including at inappropriate occasions. I have seen it in Delhi, where the “victims” are usually Western conference-goers (like the many Western scholars expert in Sanskrit but ignorant of Hindi), and given the animus against the British colonizers and American “Breaking India” forces in some circles, I somewhat understand.
But there again, it’s just bad publicity, as if you already had too much of good publicity and can afford it.
Now, someone is busy justifying the use of Hindi in Hindi (rashtrabhasha and all that), saying stuff that every single Indian in the audience has heard a hundred times before, and that is lost on the (by now just two) Chinese now remaining in the hall. Then announcing the next speaker, who is again taking the floor in Hindi.
If you want to talk Hindi, excellent. The way to make it possible, is to legaly upgrade the status of Hindi. Unlike the other vernaculars, it happens to have the Constitutional status of national language, only the implementation of this article, provided for 1965, was blocked by the Nehruvian elite. It takes no constitutional amendment to implement it.
Has your BJP government in the past 4 year done this, or anything in this direction? Once this was a party wedded to the cause of Hindi, led by Raghu Vira, author of the authoritative dictionary of Shuddh Hindi. Has the foreign minister done anything at all to upgrade the status of Hindi in the UN (where the late lamented AB Vajpayee gave a Hindi speech 40 years ago as a curiosum calculated to increase his popularity in India, but did nothing real for Hindi), or in private platforms such as this philiosophy organization?
And this brings us back to the by now old saw that this government totally refuses to perform on the cultural front.
In matters with religious consequences, they hide behind the sensibilities of the minorities, even in matters that have nothing to do with the minorities. Well, this is a different matter, and here too it is a proven disappointment. In other respects than language too, this is a missed chance for Hinduism and India.
Thus, a session on Deendayal Upadhyay’s Integral Humanism, featuring Ram Madhav (with whom I had a friendly but intentionally superficial talk), consisted mostly of hagiographies, not of creative actualizations of his fifty-year old thoughts, nor of ‘critical’ (even if positive) assessments.
But the really repulsive part was a lecture mostly just expanding on Deendayal’s digressions on the dichotomy between India and the West (also somewhat present in Vivekananda and Gandhi), with the West being materialist, dualist and everything bad, and India the reverse.
Sorry, but this is plainly silly. Samkhya is a dualist philosophy, but the Indian one, etc. For a clear example known to all of you: the Portuguese came for “pepper and souls”, gainfully acquiring and selling back home Indian spices, and on the other hand conferring upon you benighted heathens the precious gift of Salvation.
Yes, they were barbaric, but to their own mind, they were also generous, saving you from eternal hellfire and gifting to you eternal heaven, a gift infinitely greater than any earthly riches they may have taken from you. Now, whatever the truth of their belief, it was ‘not materialistic’.
The dichotomy East/West is just silly. The Chinese participants, though having their own accounts to settle with the West, looked predictably bored. As they did with the (for me also predictable) bouts of Hindu self-praise.
Is there no one in India who prepares these occasions for heightening your stature in the world?
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By: Come Carpentier

The dichotomy between spiritual India and materialistic Europe can indeed be made to an extent provided it is explained through between the literal historicity of Christianity which relies on a specific unprovable and supernatural but unquestionable event: the incarnation of God in the flesh once only as a child in Palestine at a given date. On that basis the Christian faith is claimed to have the exclusive power to save the souls of those who believe in every aspect of the story and relinquish their earlier religions to worship solely Jesus-Christ as God the Son and his virgin mother.

On the other hand the Hindu-Buddhist-Jain-Sikh traditions emphasize the intemporal, eternal (sanathana) and universal experience of the Divine in the Self and its adoration in many forms (istadevatas). That is indeed a spiritual vision as opposed to the very material, documentary-based and juridical interpretation of the Immaculate Conception, Incarnation, Mission, Death and Resurrection of the one (Judaic) God made flesh.
Obviously there are personalised forms of the Divine in the Indian tradition (Sri Rama, Sri Krsna etc…) but there are many paramparas, darsanas and sampradayas and the mahavakyas (Om Tat Sat, Aham Brahmasmi et al.) are fundamental, not the historical and legendary accounts of Avataras in the past.
Yet such an explanation must be given. Saying merely that Indians are spiritualists who are not interested in money, wellbeing or wordlly pleasures unlike greedy westerners is obviously inviting discredit and even in theory it is reducing Hinduism to Advaite Vedanta.
The ability to use one’s language abroad reflects the power of one’s country. Even though China is not an English speaking country it is able to send its message abroad far and wide because of its might. India is not yet in that league and since it is regarded as English-speaking few abroad take the trouble to learn Hindi or provide facilities for its translation.

Man-made calamity in Kerala – ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’.

By: Shreepal Singh

Nature has created man and man has not created Nature. But man is arrogant. And, ignorant too. He would not admit Nature is alive – it retaliate to its man-handling and abuse, just like living beings do.

Just watch these videos of flood fury in Kerala, India. Kerala is a part of this planet Earth.

What happens to Kerala, shall happen to you – wherever you may be living on Earth. It shall surely happen, if not in the Kerala-way in some another way – not less dangerous.

Why did it happen to people – innocent people – living in Kerala? Why will it happen to you, to us, to all of us?

Because we have invited this; we are inviting it on us.

We are arrogant and ignorant, and we would not admit it. But it is true.

A chain reaction! What we do, comes back to us. As we sow, so shall we reap.

Just look at the dam: it was flooded in with waters more than it could hold and its all gates or shutters had to be opened to release water to lower its pressure; but it proved no solution to the problem of relentless torrential rains.

We 》 Our unlimited demands 》 Assault on Nature 》 Equilibrium of Nature is disturbed 》 Climate change accelerates 》 Floods, draughts, Protective Ozone layer deplition, more Carbon in atmosphere, rising temperature on Earth, fighting for depleting resources, struggle against each other for survival   ….. too many after-effects to count 》 Deaths of life and mayhem on Earth

Watch these videos. And, after watching them – if possible for you – minimize your needs and demands. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Karunanidhi Encouraged Fissiparious Tendencies in Tamilnadu !

Parmanand Pandey, Secretary General: IPC

It is often said that ‘don’t speak against any dead person’. But can this logic be applied to demons like Ravan, Kans, Duryodhan or monsters like Hitler, Mussolini, Changez Khan, Mahmud of Ghazni or Mao Dezong?

If there is a saying, “Speak no ill of the dead” then there is another saying of the equal strength, “Truth must be told”. Speaking truth is an onerous duty and it must be discharged, howsoever unpalatable it might be.

M. Karunanidhi, a doyen of Tamil politics for more than 60 long years, passed away the day before yesterday at the old age of 94. He was like a comet on the political firmament of Tamil Nadu politics for more than 60 years. He had committed certain egregious and Himalayan blunders that the posterity will never forgive him. He was the person who drove a wide wedge between the North and the South, which will take many more years to bridge.

The first and foremost disservice of Karunanidhi for the country was to create hysteria against Hindi among Tamilians. It is because of him that Tamil Nadu people could not assimilate themselves with the rest of the country for a long period of time. His hostility towards Hindi was in the extreme. In fact, he thrived on the anti-Hindi politics and created so much bitterness for a language like Hindi that was accepted with open arms by Tamilians. Even Raja ji (C Rajagopalachari), who was in the forefront of popularising Hindi in south India was capitulated by persons like Karunanidhi to become indifferent towards Hindi. It was he and his Guru Annadurai, who propounded the theory of ‘Dravid’ and ‘Aryans’ which is totally fake, unrealistic and highly superficial.

It is difficult to understand his hatred for Upper caste Hindus except for the vote bank politics that he pursued. He was born in the community of Nadaswaram (percussionists), who get their livelihood because they beat drums outside the temples. Although, he claimed to be an Atheist, yet he was highly superstitious and used to wear a yellow shawl ( angavastram) throughout his life to ward off evil forces. His way of mocking, chiding and ridiculing particularly the Brahmins was in extremely bad taste. When there was the case being heard in the Supreme Court on Ram Setu, he shot from his hip by asking a preposterous question like from which engineering college Lord Ram had got His degree which qualified Him to become an engineer to make a Setu? But Karunanidhi did not have the courage to utter even a word against any other religion which is enough to make him a suspect of rationalism. Hindus were like a punching bag for him.

Karunanidhi had hardly any respect for his political adversaries and he always spoke most uncharitably against Indira Gandhi or J. Jayalalitha. Shankaracharya was falsely implicated and arrested by J. Jayalalitha in a case of murder only because of the one-upmanship of M. Karunanidhi, who had threatened that if the Pontiff was not arrested he would launch a statewide agitation against the Brahmin Chief Minister. As a result of it, Shankaracharya was arrested but was honourably exonerated.

Karunanidhi had been a hypocrite throughout his life. He had the weakness for women and had children from at least his three wives. His aversion for Brahmins did not prevent him from bringing a bride for his family from the famous clan of Brahmins, who are the owners of the Hindu newspaper.

He was responsible for the deterioration of the relationship between India and Sri Lanka. He left no stone unturned in whipping up the feeling of Tamil Eelam among Srilankan Tamils compelling the late Rajiv Gandhi to send the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to Northern Sri Lanka for establishing peace in Jaffna and Batticaloa. These areas were burning because of the ethnic Tamil agitation. Hundreds of Jawans and officers of Indian Army were killed for nothing unwept, unsung. Despite the best intentions of winning the hearts of Tamil people, the poor Rajiv Gandhi remained a sore in their eyes and ultimately the good-hearted (Rajiv Gandhi) was killed by Tamil terrorists.

It was Karunanidhi who started the many obnoxious schemes of doling out gifts in cash and kind to people for their votes. He was also responsible for opening up the substandard engineering, medical and law colleges where one could get a degree of his/her choice on payment of hefty capitation fees. However, credit goes to his craftiness that despite being a parochial leader he had his presence felt at the national level. It is an open secret that he and his family was sunk deep into corruption from top to toe yet he is being paid tributes in a manner as he was a great visionary.

How pathetic is the condition of the media in our country which is awash only with Karunanidhi since yesterday? Four brave soldiers of the Indian Army, including a Major, were killed in Kashmir while defending the motherland but the news of their supreme sacrifices has been consigned to corners in both print and electronic media. It is beyond anybody’s comprehension why the newspapers and electronic channels of northern India have gone berserk over Karunanidhi, where his following was almost next to nil? How sensitive is our media to the brave martyrs for the country is not far to seek? After all, Karunanidhi was in the moribund state for more than two years.

40 Lacs Illegal Foreigners in Assam – How Many in Whole of India?

By: Rajib Bhuyan

The Assam Accord was signed in the year 1985. Amongst the several provisions of this Accord, there was a clause “to detect and deport all illegal migrants”. For that it was paramount to prepare a correct and updated National Register of Citizens for Assam so that the names of all illegal migrants are struck off the list.

But sadly, like most other provisions of this Accord, this provision was consigned to cold storage. So much so that in 1992, the then Congress Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Hiteswar Saikia announced that there was not a single illegal migrant in Assam.

In the year 2006, a desperate group of patriotic Assamese decided to approach the Supreme Court of India seeking it’s intervention on the matter. The moving force behind this appeal to the highest Court of the land was an elderly couple of Assam: Mr Pradip Bhuyan and his wife, Mrs Banti Bhuyan.

Pradip Bhuyan himself drafted the first prayer before the Supreme Court bench. Advocates who read this draft termed it as masterly, epoch making. The old couple spent huge amounts of their personal savings in fighting the case and finally got the Supreme Court of India to direct the Central Govt of India and the State Govt of Assam to prepare the NRC, within a definite time frame.

Neither the UPA govt at the Centre nor the Congress led State Govt in Assam were ready to undertake this onerous task.

But this old couple along with the organisation called the Assam Public Works kept on relentlessly pursuing the matter. They had to run from pillar to post, making frequent trips to Delhi, wading through the huge mass of tangled bureaucracy in the Supreme Court, getting dates and attending hearings till finally in Dec, 2014, they got the Highest Court in the land to pass the necessary directions for updating the NRC in a time bound manner.

Yesterday’s publication of the final draft NRC is a tribute to this couple’s tremendous fight for justice for our people and our country.

The couple keeps an extremely low profile, shuns any form of media publicity, lead highly private lives. They stayed away from the TV channels yesterday and quietly went about their lives.

The people of Assam owe a huge debt of gratitude to them. India as a nation owes a huge debt of gratitude to them. Our warmest regards and best wishes to both of them and pray to the Lord Almighty for their continued good health and long years of blissful togetherness.

This is the position of Assam. What about many of such illegal foreigners living in other parts of India? Every country in the world has an inventory of its citizens and keeps a vigil that not a single person enters its territory without a proper permission (visa) and documentation. But India since its truncated birth in 1947 has been a welcome land for illegal entry by anyone who wished to come here, get a ration card, occupy land and overload its limited resources, in addition to defile its democratic institutions.

Duplicity of Celebrity Journalists

Parmanand Pandey, Secretary General: IPC

 Some journalists telephoned me yesterday to know my reaction about the easing out of some media persons from the ABP News. I told them that the natural reaction of any pro-people organisation or its office- bearers will be to condemn the decision of the management. Therefore, my reaction as a former newsman and at present the Secretary-General of the Indian  Peoples Congress will be obvious to denounce the action of the management. More so, when I have myself been victimised from a newspaper because of my trade union activities.
Although these persons do not have even the remote connection with any trade union activity, they have been careerists to the core and never have had any concern or sympathy for the struggling media employees. A few years ago some people requested me to extend legal help to one Srivastava, who was unceremoniously thrown out of the NDTV (again not for raising any demand for the cause of the employees). One of my friends got me contacted on his mobile phone but he politely refused to take any help because as a journalist he did not want to be drawn into any legal battle with the management. Thereafter, one Mr Malviya, who was working for any TV channel met the same fate. Some well-wishers of Mr Malviya asked him to file a case against his termination. He told them that he was not at all interested in going to the court because that would spoil his chances of getting employment and that is true also to a great extent.
My personal experience is that these career-oriented so-called good journalists do not have even an ounce of courage to speak against the owners of media houses. They refuse to join unions because of the fear of being thrown out of the employment. However, till they are in employment they will vociferously cry for the freedom of the speech and expression, but they keep their mouth sealed when it comes to fighting for the rights of the journalists. In fact, they shamelessly work against the employees to be in the good books of their management. I have found most of them cowards to the core, sycophants and self-centric.
Some years ago, a function was organised by the ETV and the Bhadas4Media, a portal for media persons in the Deputy Speaker Hall of New Delhi, where I was also invited as one of the speakers along with many journalists including Punya Prasoon Bajpai, who is now removed from the ABP and Rahul Dev. An IPS officer of Uttar Pradesh Amitabh Thakur was also one of the speakers and if I remember it well he exhorted the journalists to be fearless. Thereafter, I was asked to speak, and I said that the courage was the rare commodity. Most of the journalists would pose to be courageous till their management wanted them to be so. I told them that when we were staging the demonstration for the Majithia Wage Boards across the road outside Shram Shakti Bhawan, there were only two or three journalists in the demonstration and the crowd consisted of mainly non-journalists.
When the Majithia Wage Board report was submitted to the government, most of the journalists holding high positions in the channels and newspapers ignored it for fear of their management. All our requests for publication or broadcast of the news item fell on deaf ears of the so-called bold journalists. The Majithia Wage Board case was heard for many years in the Supreme Court of India but except Mr Venkateshan of ‘The Hindu’ nobody showed even an iota of courage to report the proceedings of the court. Even the judgement of the Supreme Court was not reported in the channels or newspapers. This is the sad state of affairs of the mentality of journalists. Twopenny editors have been found to be hollow and the worst flatterers. There is hardly any connection between their words and deeds.
Thousands of employees, journalists and non-journalists included, have been victimised in the media houses like those of the Hindustan Times, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, Rajasthan Patrika and the NDTV but no support has come for them from the familiar-faced journalists. When somebody requests them to extend their support in fighting for their cause they just run away. Therefore, those who are shedding tears for anchors removed from the ABP must also encourage them to work for the larger interests of journalists instead of becoming the hangers-on of the politicians of one hue or the other or the proprietors of the media houses.

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