40 Lacs Illegal Foreigners in Assam – How Many in Whole of India?

By: Rajib Bhuyan

The Assam Accord was signed in the year 1985. Amongst the several provisions of this Accord, there was a clause “to detect and deport all illegal migrants”. For that it was paramount to prepare a correct and updated National Register of Citizens for Assam so that the names of all illegal migrants are struck off the list.

But sadly, like most other provisions of this Accord, this provision was consigned to cold storage. So much so that in 1992, the then Congress Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Hiteswar Saikia announced that there was not a single illegal migrant in Assam.

In the year 2006, a desperate group of patriotic Assamese decided to approach the Supreme Court of India seeking it’s intervention on the matter. The moving force behind this appeal to the highest Court of the land was an elderly couple of Assam: Mr Pradip Bhuyan and his wife, Mrs Banti Bhuyan.

Pradip Bhuyan himself drafted the first prayer before the Supreme Court bench. Advocates who read this draft termed it as masterly, epoch making. The old couple spent huge amounts of their personal savings in fighting the case and finally got the Supreme Court of India to direct the Central Govt of India and the State Govt of Assam to prepare the NRC, within a definite time frame.

Neither the UPA govt at the Centre nor the Congress led State Govt in Assam were ready to undertake this onerous task.

But this old couple along with the organisation called the Assam Public Works kept on relentlessly pursuing the matter. They had to run from pillar to post, making frequent trips to Delhi, wading through the huge mass of tangled bureaucracy in the Supreme Court, getting dates and attending hearings till finally in Dec, 2014, they got the Highest Court in the land to pass the necessary directions for updating the NRC in a time bound manner.

Yesterday’s publication of the final draft NRC is a tribute to this couple’s tremendous fight for justice for our people and our country.

The couple keeps an extremely low profile, shuns any form of media publicity, lead highly private lives. They stayed away from the TV channels yesterday and quietly went about their lives.

The people of Assam owe a huge debt of gratitude to them. India as a nation owes a huge debt of gratitude to them. Our warmest regards and best wishes to both of them and pray to the Lord Almighty for their continued good health and long years of blissful togetherness.

This is the position of Assam. What about many of such illegal foreigners living in other parts of India? Every country in the world has an inventory of its citizens and keeps a vigil that not a single person enters its territory without a proper permission (visa) and documentation. But India since its truncated birth in 1947 has been a welcome land for illegal entry by anyone who wished to come here, get a ration card, occupy land and overload its limited resources, in addition to defile its democratic institutions.

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