Even on Commonsense, “Conversion” is Invalid

By: Shreepal Singh

Our common sense and a little awareness of science tell us:
1. This universe – full of amazing things like stars, planets, galaxies and what not – is working under rules. These rules are accurate,  precise and definable. Even a small failure or capricious laxity in the operation of these rules shall bring catastrophe in this whole universe. Nature is very benign – and kind – in its behaviour that it is not capricious. It is steadfast in its uniformity, rigidity and regularity. This universe is in existence in its present form only because Nature never fails in its uniformity, rigidity and regularity.
2. In this universe, nothing is created out of nothing; nothing is destroyed into nothing; and, whatever we see here in this universe is only a transformation of one thing into another – transformation of one state into another. Everything whatever we find today in this universe has always been here in some form. This universe is, in the language of ancient Hindu Dharma, Sanatan or ever present.
3. In this universe, life too is present. Life is not only beautiful thing but also an amazing phenomenon. We ourselves are the proof that there is life too in this universe. Simply because we – humans – are life, we know that this universe is governed by rules.
4. We can search for these rules, find them and utilize them to our advantage. This is the story of the development of science. One does not need to be told that science has discovered many rules regulating this universe and we utilize this knowledge in various kinds of technologies. Thanks to this knowledge of the governing rules of Nature and our utilization of them in technologies, we are a highly developed civilization today.
5. Since everything is governed by rules in this universe, THIS VERY RULE – the rule that everything is regulated by rules in this universe – is the SUPREME MASTER of everything. Even the life is not an exception to the domain of this Supreme Master.
6. As we can search for and find many rules regulating this universe, so we can search for and find this Rule of rules – the Supreme Master. It is as simple as that. It is so reasonable. It is so scientific.
7. We – humans – have found many rules governing this universe. We have found gravity that binds this cosmos together. Its discovery is credited to Isaac Newton (though contested by other rival claims). Gravity might have been discovered by Isaac Newton but it has no connection with a human being called Isaac Newton. Gravity is an independent rule – property of Nature – that could have been likewise discovered by any  other person, who equally cared to search for it. Gravity cannot be associated with – or monopolized by – Isaac Newton. Gravity is an example and this applies to all rules / laws of Nature discovered by humans.
8. No law of Nature discovered – and no technology invented to extract benefits from the operation of those laws – can ever be associated with any human being, though justifiably discoveries are credited to humans and inventors are granted patents for some period of time to repay them for their hard labours. Humans come to and go out of this world but the laws of Nature remain there forever to govern the universe.

  1. This position equally applies to the discovery by humans of the said RULE OF RULES – Supreme Master – and technology to know that Supreme Master. We consider this Supreme Master as the “Sole Depositor” of all the properties and qualities of this universe – whether they be known to us or not known.

  2. Discovery of Supreme Master – God – by Jesus Christ, cannot be associated with his name; even the claimed ‘discovery of Jesus Christ’ by Supreme Master cannot be associated with Jesus Christ. The existence of Supreme Master has nothing to do with Jesus Christ; Supreme Master was there before Jesus was born and remained after his death, unaffected by such birth and death. Had Jesus not been there, another person could have discovered – or ‘could have been discovered’ by – Supreme Master. The technology to know Supreme Master – viz. having faith in Jesus; Jesus having already paid for your sins etc. – cannot be patented by Jesus.

  3. Ditto applies to the founder of another religion seeking conversion, that is, Islam. Discovery of – and technology to know – Supreme  Master cannot be a privately owned patented property by a human being, be that Jesus or Mohammed.

  4. Converse to this ‘private patent’ approach of those religions whose existence primarily depends on “Conversion” of people from other faiths to their own, there is another – more reasonable – approach. This approach is adopted by Hinduism – Sanatan Dharma – together with its offshoots, viz. Biddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and many more like them. This approach is: Supreme Master is a reality open to know – experience – by any and all; there are many technologies invented by many humans to know and experience Supreme Master; all proper technologies are equally good, more or less efficacious; there is no need for conversion; Supreme Master is ONE and there are many ways to know and experience the same.

  5. The approach of the ‘conversion seeking religions’ to claim the monopoly of Supreme Master; exclusive right to know and experience Supreme Master by adopting their exclusive way; a patented regime to know and experience Supreme Master; and seeking conversion of others to their own fold towards that aim are the sure signs that this approach is wrong.

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