Damn with Aadhar Card & my Country ! I am a Fool & Love my Privacy !!

Recently there was a conversation among Indian Aadhar Card,  US Apple mobile phone & Korean-cum-Chinese Samsung mobile phone. It was somehow intercepted by someone when they were exchanging their very sensitive and intimate information about their customers’ right of privacy. Here is the transcript of the intercepted talk:

Aadhar Card – I have Biometric information of people who possess me.

Apple – I too have the same.

Samsung – I too have. So what’s new?

Aadhar Card – But why do people criticise me? I only take it once from the people.

Apple – I take finger print and eye scan daily and people love giving it and pay Rs 50,000+ to buy me.

Aadhar Card – OMG Why ? But they say someone can steal these biometric details from me. Don’t they say to you ?

Apple – Uff, I actually save every information on the IPhone backup Server. But they love me because I am costly. Indians love costly death.

Aadhar Card – They say I am not secured, despite of the fact that I am encrypted.

Apple – Look, do you remember when FBI took data from us ? It’s not about encryption. I gave all data to the US Intelligence.

Samsung – I too 😂😂😂 My brothers like Vivo, Xiomi do the same and the Chinese take it.

Aadhar Card – But why only I am cursed?

Apple and Samsung – (unitedly) It is because you are Indian and possessed by Indian people who need excuses to abuse their own Indian Government. You become that Excuse. We are brands! People give Rs 40K- 50 K and give all details like Location, GPS, Contacts, Biometric data … every damn thing and love posting on Facebook – Hey, That’s my New IPhone, That’s my new Samsung!! Got it.

Aadhar Card – OMG … Should I curse my people … their ignorance … their foolishness … their obsession with privacy, which is no longer available in this age of information technology !!!

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