Rahul Gandhi Grudgingly Accepts Surgical Strike

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

      Is it not ironical that Rahul Gandhi, who was asking for the proof for the surgical strike has appointed its architect Lt. Gen. D. S Hooda ( retd.), who was Northern Commander in 2016, as the head of the ‘task force on national security’ ?
This is the glaring example of the puerility of the Congress President. It also shows that he often shoots from the hip without knowing the consequences of his ill-considered statements. Now Lt. Gen Hooda can guide and give him sane advice on the matters related to the national security.
How deplorable it is that some politicians and journalists in India speak the language and logic of the spokespersons of the enemy country. Instead of showing rock like unity with the armed forces, they are asking certain petulant questions, which are enough to irritate anybody.
Now some bandicoots are levelling charges against Modi that when the nation was mourning the killings of CRPF Jawans, Prime Minister was shooting film in Corbett National Park. Can be there any more ludicrous allegation than this one? Even the diabolical Modi hater will laugh at this perverted allegation.
There is another journalist Vinod Dua, whose snobbery and ignorance compete with other, has said that the concerns of Modi government for the CRPF Jawans are empty because it does not accord them the status of Shaheed (martyr) after their death. This man wants to have the hierarchy even among the Jawans, who are killed in the line of their duties.
Is it not shameful?

Pulwama Tragedy: Does It Prick Your Conscience?

By: R. Veera Raghavan, Advocate, Chennai

Loving your motherland, you should be quite disturbed over the massacre witnessed at Pulwama three days ago – when a nineteen-year old Islamic terrorist triggered explosives and killed more than forty of India’s security forces moving on the Jammu-Srinagar national highway. You will have some troubling questions too.

A chief reason for India not decisively succeeding in the war on terror in Kashmir is this: much of the regional population, including local political leaders in the Valley, are more beholden to separatists and extremists than to India. When militants hold sway over there, and many local politicians too have open or concealed allegiance to them – out of choice and out of fear – people will also tend to trust militants as their true protectors and saviours more than a law-abiding Indian government.  So, militants appear even more powerful to all, and people growing up in Kashmir naturally look up to militants as heroes and saviours.  Pakistan too trains and aids those militants and has gained a soft corner among Muslims of Kashmir. This is well known.

We are repeatedly failing to win over much of the local population in the Kashmir Valley, alienate the terrorists and vanquish terrorism in the Valley. After all, as a huge nation India is capable of ushering in development in Jammu and Kashmir state, including the Kashmir Valley, on a larger scale and faster pace than what a decadent Pakistan or J&K’s selfish local politicians and chieftains could do. This should be obvious to everyone including the Kashmiris. Why is a great nation continuously faltering in Kashmir and suffering such a loss of honour and authority in a tiny part of its land, in the Kashmir Valley?

Assume for a moment that Kashmir, its people and its militancy stay, but that the geography of the rest of India is composed of the United States of America, with Americans living here and Trump ruling from Delhi. Do you think a Delhi-based American government will be failing for long to stamp out terrorism on its own territory, Kashmir Valley, and losing its soldiers like Indians who actually rule from Delhi? No is the answer you’ll get.

In the US, Americans take pride in being Americans, as simply belonging to that country. Their Christianity plays no part here. They feel proud as a nation which is affluent and dominating the world in many spheres.  They would feel ashamed to let any group of people in a miniscule part of their own territory hold the nation to ransom and kill or injure American troops for long. The whole of American people and Opposition politicians will also back their government in any stern action on terrorists to impose government’s authority on disturbed areas. India is not strong that way, and we have problems among people too.

In India, Hindus form 80% of the population.  Here, Hindus take pride being in the Hindu religion and revere the many temples, holy places, holy rivers and holy mountains that dot the Indian landscape. They derivatively love India which houses such venerable kshetras or localities. They look upon their land as a protective mother, and almost worship their land as Mother India or Bharat Mata. It is this sentiment of being Hindus that holds them together, and it is that way Indian Hindus love being Indians – not the way of Americans in the US.

Now, look at Muslims of India who form about 13% of the country’s population. They do not revere the land of India for the presence of any place they consider holy, and have no such religious or emotional attachment to the land of India. Their allegiance to their religion is a stand-alone, and it stops there. They don’t have much of relish being Indians for non-religious reasons, like Americans love being Americans. Not being idol worshippers, they don’t relish calling their country as Mother India and do not share any such sentiment with Hindus.  Still however, many of them would like to multiply and expand their presence in India and diminish the presence of Hindus, which is simply a desire to subjugate Hindus in the land of their origin.

Sadly, from a very young age many Muslims get infused with a passion to consolidate among themselves and not bond with Hindus. Since it is difficult for anyone to pull away from one’s religious masters, especially among a preaching-oriented Islam, the mental divide between Hindus and Muslims of India is not easy to bridge. This phenomenon is most pronounced in Kashmir, where Muslims vastly outnumber Hindus and the urge to dominate Hindus and distance themselves from a Hindu India is proportionately intense.  Separatists, militants and terrorists among those Muslims appear as protectors of the common people and rule their minds. With all this, when India’s Constitution too supports a special status to Jammu and Kashmir and sanctions exclusive privileges to persons considered permanent residents in that state, the militants and separatists in the Valley feel more entrenched – because, for them, this legal provision automatically separates their state from the rest of India half-way. It is like thrusting an AK47 in the hands of someone who is just wielding a lathi. These combined realities in Kashmir stand in the background of the Pulwama tragedy.

Let the Indian government act against the plotters of the Pulwama carnage. It should know when and how. But Hindus across India have an important thing to do. They must bond among themselves in a deeper and more demonstrative way.  They must not remain disjointed or loosely-joined in their mutual relations. This is not to cause any harm to Muslims of India, but to signal to them that India is the land of origin for the Hindus and that the Hindu character of India cannot be weakened by anyone, but is to be respected by all others in India practising other religions.  This will announce that Hindus are a giant in India, though gentle, and that a giant is not to be teased and tossed. Nothing is a greater tragedy than a giant mentally cowering before a pigmy and not looking a giant. Nothing is a pleasanter sight than a giant treating a pigmy gently and honourably – not also letting the pigmy ride on the shoulders of the giant to look taller and stronger than the biggie. Hindus of India must come together and show such an image of a giant which they are.

Centuries back, when alien Muslims invaded India and killed and humiliated Hindus, the invaders held strong swords and had their way.  Now Muslims of India hold strong nerves and overawe Hindus in the same India. So there is a need for a robust psychological unity among Hindus themselves for a just equation to settle among all in Indian society. If that happens, wily politicians will realise that taking Hindus for granted and appeasing Muslims for narrow politicking will not be rewarding. We have already seen the benefits of Hindu unity in the protests against Tamil lyricist Vairamuthu who denigrated Goddess Andal, and in the recent Sabarimala solidarity movement in Kerala.

Indian Muslims, including their mullahs, should know that their ancestors were Hindus, and in any case Indian Muslims live in a Hindu majority nation. They cannot hope to live a better life elsewhere, even in a Muslim majority nation – least of all in Pakistan – and should be grateful for being in India.

Recognising the strength of the majority people of a nation where one lives as a minority group is no insult, and is the normal courtesy to be shown to the majority. Indian Hindus living in the US or Britain as a minority do it and are happy for it – enjoying no special privileges in those nations. Indian Hindus living in Saudi Arabia or Dubai have also no special privileges for them in those countries and they could be subject to some restrictions over there, and are still contended.

With a healthy and honourable outlook, Indian Muslims too can live with dignity in India without causing anxiety or suffocation to Hindus of India. This awareness among Indian Muslims will promote a true fellow-feeling among Hindus and Muslims who have to co-exist in this nation. So, in different ways Pulwama should prick the conscience of India’s Hindus and Muslims and prod them to introspect for their mutual good. But first, the giant should fully wake up, realise his strength and stature and reveal the same, so his gentleness is not abused. He has to help himself, and no government can do it for him. Will he? That’s the big question.

Copy right @ R. Veera Raghavan 2019

This article is thankfully borrowed from HERE

Deal rumour mongers with iron hand

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

For the last few days, some news channels and the so-called intellectuals have been spreading rumours that Kashmiris living in the other part of the country are being harassed by the locals. However, they have not given any names of such Kashmiris, who have been harassed. Thus it has become clear that rumour mongering has become their pastime. But these miscreants do not know how much damage they are doing to the country. There are some journalists who have amassed wealth during the previous regime by means of brokering and misuse of their media organisations. Now it is they who are out to malign the government with their self created fake news. It is highly gratifying that the CRPF, whose 40 Jawans have fallen in the terrorists attack at Pulwama, has very clearly sent a message across the country that no Kashmiris will be allowed to be harassed anywhere in the country.

In Dehradun when some Kashmiri students expressed their apprehension of being harassed after the killing of CRPF Jawans, the entire administration swung into action and has provided the cover of security to nearly 300 students. The local population has also emphatically said that there was nothing for them to fear. Ours is a tolerant society and people do not react unless they are provoked. If Pulwama like incidents had happened in other countries there would have been serious law and order problem. Therefore, our people must be congratulated for maintaining calm and peace. The anger in India is not against the Kashmiris but certainly against those terrorists and sympathizers of terrorists, who have made the Kashmir a hell and have thrown out Kashmiri Pandits at the instance of their godfathers sitting in Pakistan.

Indian culture has been a syncretic culture where even enemies are respected, although in the present circumstances it is considered no better than foolishness. Those who are sitting in India and extending support to Pakistan wittingly or unwittingly, crudely or discreetly must be exposed and dealt with iron hands because they are doing more damage to the country by spreading such rumours, demoralizing the Indian people and its troops by their abominable deeds.

There is a general feeling that before starting any retaliatory action against Pakistan it will be good if the country is sanitised and freed from internal enemies and snakes of the arms. These pseudo-intellectuals have no concern for the security forces of the country as they were found celebrating the killings of Army or CRPF Jawans, who invariably come from poor families and mostly from the villages. Sometimes ago when 76 CRPF Jawans were killed in the Naxalite prone Bastar of Chhattisgarh, these intellectuals were reported to have lauded their death by organising the party of liquor and chicken biryani. Therefore, the country wants these so-called intellectuals to be named, shamed and dealt with as stringently as possible.

Call the Bluff of Pakistan

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

The duplicity and the wickedness of Pakistan have been again exposed by the statement of its Prime Minister Imran Khan, wherein he has asked India to furnish pieces of evidence to prove its involvement in Pulwama terror attack where 40 CRPF Jawans got martyred. This has become a regular refrain of Pakistan to demand the proof of its involvement after every terror attack in India.

One may recall that after the 26/11 attack in Mumbai in 2008, Pakistan had said ad nauseam that it had nothing to do with the terror attack which had taken the lives of 166 innocents to avoid it culpability, even though a Pakistani Azmal Kasab was caught alive. Pakistan continued to deny its role in the terror attack even when the address of the house of Kasab was made known to the public by its own media. A television channel of Pakistan had even telecast the interview of Ajmal Kasab’s father, which was aired across the world.

Similarly, when Pathankot terror attack had happened, the Government of India even called the Pakistani Military Personnel to see it for themselves the involvement of the ISI but when they returned to their country, they denied any involvement of Pakistan in Pathankot terror attack, obviously under the pressure from the Army. So much so, the shameless Pakistani General Parvez Musharraf had said the Pakistani Army was not involved in the Kargil war. The height of shamelessness of the Pakistani Army can be known from the facts that it even refused to accept the body bags of its own soldiers and the Indian Army had to perform the last rites of their dead bodies. This time also the Casanova Prime Minister Imran Khan is asking for proofs.

One fails to understand what proof does he want? Immediately after the killing of the 40 Jawans, the terror organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad, which is nurtured in Pakistan, claimed the responsibility of the attack. The leaders of Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Toeba (LeT) are sitting pretty in Pakistan with its full support and security. Pakistan has now become an embarrassment for the whole world. Till now 57 countries have asked Pakistan to stop supporting the terrorists but it has refused to take any action against them. Hafiz Saeed and Azhar Masood are continuously funding, training and exporting terrorists to India with the connivance of Pak administration. Imran Khan is a puppet in the hands of the Pakistani Army.

As they say that ‘every country has the army but in Pakistan, the army has a country.’ This man Imran Khan does not have an iota of power, it is the army that calls the shots. It must also be mentioned here that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was founded by an ISI Chief, General Hameed Gul, of which this cricketer turned politician Imran Khan is now the leader.

Therefore, India must be prepared to take appropriate action against Pakistan to avenge the blood of its Jawans. And the first that can be done is to vivisect Pakistan, at least, by recognising the government-in-exile of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA).

Pulwama Terror Attack – “Internal” and Foreign Enemies: How to Destroy ?

By: Parmanand Pandey

The entire nation is seething with the rage over the dastardly killings of more than 40 CRPF Jawans in Pulwama near Sri Nagar. But the television debates on channels further aggravate the grief and tragedy, when we see that some of the participants hold brief even for enemies.

Although this country has been replete with treacherous fifth columnists from time immemorial that have stabbed in the backs of the patriotic forces, yet today we find was unthinkable in the olden days.

The intellectual dishonesty is at its peak. These people shamelessly justify their anti-national activities and provide grist to the terrorists. There is hardly any doubt that these homegrown terrorists get full support from outside.

It is an unconcealed fact that Pakistan is a rogue and bankrupt state. It has no money to spend on any developmental projects. Whatever money is received from the people that go to the Army and the people are condemned to live in abject poverty. Feudal lords, corrupt bureaucrats, terrorists and Army have the nexus, which wants to create somehow the disturbances in India.

What has happened at Pulwama is a reflection of the frustration of Pakistan.

Pakistan is already a divided country. North-West Frontier Province does not want to live even for a minute with the Punjabis, who actually rule the roost. Baluchistan, for all practical purposes, does not consider itself to be the part of Pakistan. Sindh has a very tenuous link with the rest of Pakistan.

Therefore, the Government of India will do well to extend all possible help to the people of these provinces, who are fighting for self-determination. Secondly, the water supply to Pakistan from rivers which originate and pass through India must be stopped. It will not only wither away the crops of Pakistan but also deprive it with fresh drinking water. India must hit hard, where it hurts more to Pakistan.

Some intellectual harlots in India say that Pakistan cannot be compared with other Muslim countries because it is a nuclear state. They insist on having dialogue but with whom, they do not tell – with Hafiz Saeed or Masood Azahar? Such persons are not only timid and cowards but they are more dangerous than the identified enemies. These internal enemies must be smoked out because it is they who have been providing the base and logistic support to external enemies.

In this hour of grief and anger, the words of Prime Minister Narendra Mondi, that the martyrdom of our Jawans will not go in vain and the Indian Army has been given full freedom to deal with the terrorists and their masters, are quite reassuring.

However, one must also accept the undeniable reality that there has been the monumental failure of intelligence because it could not have been done in one day. It must have taken weeks and months to indoctrinate and train the suicide bomber and collect more than 250 kilograms of RDX used for the purpose. So, why the intelligence could not smell the rat? Secondly. why a huge contingent of nearly 2500 Jawans was not airlifted to the place of their postings instead they were being taken in unarmoured buses to almost 300 kilometres away from Jammu through the terrorist-prone area? The country needs satisfactory answers to these questions

An IAS Officer Opens his Heart – 2019 Elections

Friends and countrymen!

As an IAS officer I have always kept myself equidistant from all political parties. My allegiance was ONLY to the Constitution of India and my conscience. In the course of my career I have seen several political parties and their leaders. In my allotted state Bihar I have seen Karpoori Thakur, Jagganath Mishra, Chandrashekhar Singh, Bindeshwari Dubey, Bhagwat Jha Azad, Sachidanand Singh, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar as Chief Ministers. At the centre I had Kalpnath Rai, N K P Salve, Venugopala Chari, Y K Alagh, Arun Shourie, P Chidambaram and Sharad Pawar as my Ministers. Apart from this, I had to face ministers like Pranab Mukherjee, Jaswant Singh, Arun Jaitley as well. Of course, I do not expect anyone of them to remember me. I also saw from close quarters Devi Gawda, R K Gujral, Narasimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister. I retired as Agriculture Secretary in May 2012.

The above would indicate that, statistically speaking, I have a reasonable sample size to draw conclusions.

I have been keenly observing the functioning of the present Prime Minister since he came to power. In fact, after I retired as Member, Central Administrative Tribunal I had this desire to meet him because I saw a heavy nationalistic fervour in the man, of the kind shown by great leaders such as Subhash Chandra Bose, Tilak, Patel, which I had not seen in anyone so far.

I asked PMO for an appointment after I retired from CAT in May, 2017. I got an appointment once I clarified that I am not trying to meet him to seek a post-retirement job. I met him on the appointed date and time on 22nd July 2017.

He rose from his seat to welcome me and shook both my hands, the Indian way. He spent about 15-20 minutes with me, with me doing most of the talking. He listened to me very very attentively and asked relevant and pointed questions. When I left, he again got up and shook both hands. All along he was extremely courteous and polite. I had not got such dignified treatment earlier. I never felt that here was the Prime Minister of India talking to an ordinary citizen!

Well friends, I have seen it all in my long career. This man is sui generis. He is here to give India its pride of place in the world. His first and last priority is the nation. Look at how his close family members still live. Look at how hardworking he is. Look at the bold, long pending, decisions he has taken – against corrupt tycoons, GST, bankruptcy law, swacch bharat campaign, the ayushman scheme, farmers insurance scheme, DBT, crores of houses for the poor, rural electrification, roads to each nook and corner of the country, the drubbing to belligerent Pakistan, taming the aggressive dragon, infrastructure galore, strengthening our defence, high image of India in the world.

The list is unending.

Let me also share another thing. Corrupt ministers and bureaucrats are scared to ask for bribes now. You can trust me on that.

You may be wondering why I chose to write this. The reason is simple. Elections are near. From my experience I can assure you that this is the last chance for India to reach hieghts of development and power. Don’t squander it. You will leave a much much better India for your children and grandchildren.

I have seen all parties. They are more or less the same. BJP also has its share of corrupt, unprincipled and self serving leaders. In fact, I hear rumours that many stalwarts in BJP want him out. Friends, trust me, this PM is different. He is not the ‘neta’ we have seen till now. We should not let him go. It is not relevant which party he belongs to. In fact, if a PM could be directly voted to power, it would have been better. But in our democracy a political party is a must.
So we have to vote him through a party.

I hope you will heed to my appeal. I assure you, you will be proud one day.
Jai Hind!


Too Much ! Now It Has Become Rafale Gandhi !!

By: R. Veera Raghavan

Take this quiz. Who has pronounced ‘Rafale’, the name of the French fighter jet, more than all others? (A) The jet’s designers; (B) The CEO of the manufacturer, Dassault Aviation; (C) Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi. Yes, C is the right answer.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been talking non-stop about Rafale, maligning prime minister Narendra Modi – even after the supreme court had absolved the prime minister in a public interest litigation over Rafale in mid-December 2018.  If you like to honour the Congress leader for his dogged onslaught, call him Rafale Gandhi.

Rahul has been insanely silly and malicious against Narendra Modi for ordering French-made Rafale fighter jets for Indian Air Force, more for a connected issue. He charged that Modi was instrumental in Dassault choosing Anil Ambani-led Reliance Defence over the government-owned Hindustan Aeronautics, with the makers of Rafale poised to invest, as he alleged, Rs.30,000 crores in a Dassault tie-up with Reliance Defence for subcontract manufacturing of Rafale components in India.

Four days ago, Rahul Gandhi shot what he imagined was a Brahmastra in his tirade against Modi.  He took off from a recent story in The Hindu – which was itself unconvincing, and gave no basis to Rahul’s claims – and crudely declared at a press meet that Modi “stole” Rs.30,000 crores from India’s defence forces and gave it to industrialist Anil Ambani.

Rahul spoke this, quoted in The Hindu of 9th Feb 2019: “I want to speak to every member of the armed force of this nation … Here, it is absolutely clear that the Prime Minister has stolen ₹30,000 crore of your money, bypassed a process, and given it to his friend Mr Anil Ambani. Please take a look at this … friends in the Air Force, Generals, pilots … it is written clearly here that the Prime Minister is a thief. He has stolen ₹30,000 crore from you”

Everyone knows what stealing is. Put simply, stealing is taking away a thing from somebody dishonestly without his consent. Now, what is the stealing Rahul is talking about?  First, what is this money of Rs.30,000 crores and whose money is it that anyone could steal? This is the money of Dassault Aviation, and three other collaborating foreign companies involved in building Rafael jets for India, with all their weaponry. Why is it their money?

As part of India’s Rafale deal these four foreign companies – majorly Dassault – will have to invest in many joint ventures they will form with some Indian firms they choose, such ventures to be established for the making of defence equipment in India.  In this process, the four foreign companies including Dassault will totally invest about Rs.30,000 crores in their Indian joint venture firms, make technology transfers to those firms and help the recipient firms manufacture some parts for Rafale jets. Reliance Defence, led by industrialist Anil Ambani, has been chosen by Dassault as one such Indian joint venture partner among thirty others so far firmed up, while many others are yet to engage with Dassault likewise. So, this Rs.30,000 crores is the money of Dassault and three other collaborating foreign companies – though they earn it from India on Rafale, while India benefits in acquiring fighter jets and associated technology transfers – that gets invested in a joint venture with Anil Ambani-led Reliance Defence and with several other entities too.  Mind you, this is not the money which the Indian government is investing.

Come back to Rahul’s childish cry. He said money of India’s armed forces was stolen. He said the prime minister himself did the stealing. He said that, after stealing, the prime minister had given it to Anil Ambani – all of Rs.30,000 crores. And Rahul calls the attention of India’s armed forces – the military, the navy and the air force – and tells the men in uniform directly, “The prime minister has stolen your money.”

You don’t have to be a super thinker to conclude that in Dassault partnering with Reliance Defence there is no stealing of any money, by anyone, from anyone. For the money that Dassault invests in a joint venture set up in India, Dassault will expect good returns through the quality of the components turned out by the Indian joint venture. For like reasons, the Indian partner in the joint venture too would want the new production facility to perform well. India’s Defence Ministry acquiring Rafale jets will also look for quality components from the Indian joint venture firm. All the three have a key stake in, and will look for legitimate benefits from the success of the joint venture. Pure malice alone can see any stealing here – that too by the prime minister, that too from our armed forces.

Have you seen even a local corporator losing all shame, stooping so low, going so cheap and speaking so false – all in public, before mikes and cameras?  Rahul Gandhi alone can do it, because he alone lacks all the shame and all the sense humanly capable to descend to that level. He has a reason too, which is the dangerous part of his prank.

What was Rahul hoping for when he spoke through the media “to every member of the armed force of this nation”? Want to believe that he just wished to quietly canvas for their votes in the Lok Sabha elections three months away by telling them, “Here is a prime minister who stole your money of Rs.30,000 crores, but if I am sworn in as the next prime minister, I won’t steal your funds.  So, vote for the Congress”? Anyone would be a dud if he fails to see that Rahul’s message carried an instigation of India’s armed forces to be up against an elected government by stoking anger amidst our men in uniform as if their moneys were deliberately looted by the prime minister himself and handed over to an industrialist.  If the instigation has not clicked, it is proof that that our forces are loyal to the nation and are also not fooled by an obviously funny false story Rahul dished out.

Rahul Gandhi should better understand that in Pakistan, a political leader may befriend the army against national interests or remain the army’s subservient good boy and aspire to be installed as prime minister, but India is different. Even then no Indian leader should drag our armed forces into the rough and tumble of political fights or play a dirty trick on a rival politician – that too a serving prime minister – by pitting him against the nation’s armed forces. It is stupid and dangerous, and could backfire too on the shooter anytime later.

The Congress party knows that earlier, on the 14th December 2018, the supreme court had dismissed four petitions which, arraigning Narendra Modi also, sought a court-monitored probe into India’s Rafale deal. The court held that no proof was shown that due procedures were not followed or that anything was wrong in Dassault choosing their Indian joint venture partner.  Yet Rahul publicly addressed the armed forces on issues rejected by the supreme court.  Because his immaturity is so vast and his desperation against Modi is so deep. And he still wants to be prime minister.

Yes, Rahul spoke to the armed forces on Rafale after he watched the battle in the supreme court getting lost. But many will not remember that earlier too he lost an attempted game of instigation, playing an identical shot on an identical ball. Then also, Rahul alleged that Rs.30,000 crores was stolen and given to Anil Ambani, but he alleged that the money was stolen from a different person, viz., the government-owned Hidustan Aeronautics. Proof comes from a report of 26th September 2018 released by ndtv.com which quoted Rahul Gandhi saying this on Twitter:  “Rs 30,000 crore stolen from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and given to a man with no SKILLS in making aircraft. Meanwhile, millions of SKILLED youngsters face the highest unemployment rate in twenty years.”  Feeling sad? Or laughing out loud? Either way, you can’t stop worrying on Rahul Gandhi.

Copy Right: R. Veera Raghavan 2019

Borrowed with thanks from HERE.

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