Foreigners Fighting for Hinduism in India

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  1. Stephanie Ellison
    Feb 09, 2019 @ 06:32:20

    Thank you for this video. I had relocated to India last year in August to Vaḍodarā in Gujarāt. I’m fairly early in the process, but as they say, better late than never, eh?

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  2. IPC
    Feb 09, 2019 @ 10:43:45

    Stephanie Ellison, I know there are a large number of foreigners – including you – who are defending Hinduism in India. Many of these foreigners are more learned in Hinduism – its philosophy and content of truth – than most ordinary Indian Hindus. In the globalised world, geographical boundaries do not mean much today. As it is said, “truth is one but the learned people say this single truth differently” so is the case with humans, wherever they may live; leaned people – living in India and outside India – come to defend the eternal truth expressed in Hinduism. In doing so they are serving the cause of truth, and not of India or a religious group; it is serving the humanity. May I suggest that more such videos – identifying more foreigners who are defending Hinduism in India and highlighting their work – may be prepared and shared on social media ?



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