Citizens’ Initiative for Hindu Caste Reform

By: Shreepal Singh

(A draft concept paper: It will be a widest group of highly respected Brahmins; will approach Heads of all Hindu organizations – like all Shankaracharyas, all Jyotirling Peeths, all Ashrams, all Akharas, all renowned temples etc. – to establish):

Hindu Castes Commission

(Number of members may be 100, 500 or 1000. The function of this Commission will be to issue):

Karma Caste Certificate: (KCC)

Basic rules:
1. Caste is equivalent to Varna and will be only four in number.
2. Caste is accepted a valid social division.
3. Caste is determined by Karma and not by Birth.
4. Entry and expulsion from one caste of Sanatan Dharma into another caste is applicable to all persons following this Dharma.
5. Entry into Sanatan Dharma from any other religion, whether originating out of the Indic faiths or of the Abrahamic faiths, is open to all.
6. Caste confers benefits of social status but not any legal benefits.
7. Holding of a particular caste will only be testified by a certificate issued by the Hindu Castes Commission.
8. Holder of a Caste Cerificate shall be subject to certain duties and oedbligations and confer certain privileges on that person.
9. The Caste Certificate shall be based on one’s Karma or avocation only and not by virtue of being born in his  or her parents’ family.
10. The Caste Certificate shall be issued by the Commission to a person after passing a simple test of “Dos and Dont’s” assigned by Dharmic shashtras for that Caste.
11. Benefits of certificate: Social expectation and status; social respect; privileges; duties and rights.
12. Caste Handbook for Hindus and Rules for Hindu Castes Commission will be prepared.

5 shankaracharyas
kashi heads of all orgs
mathura ditto
ayodhya ditto
7 jytotirlingas
All Akhara
All famous temples

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