Pulwama Terror Attack – “Internal” and Foreign Enemies: How to Destroy ?

By: Parmanand Pandey

The entire nation is seething with the rage over the dastardly killings of more than 40 CRPF Jawans in Pulwama near Sri Nagar. But the television debates on channels further aggravate the grief and tragedy, when we see that some of the participants hold brief even for enemies.

Although this country has been replete with treacherous fifth columnists from time immemorial that have stabbed in the backs of the patriotic forces, yet today we find was unthinkable in the olden days.

The intellectual dishonesty is at its peak. These people shamelessly justify their anti-national activities and provide grist to the terrorists. There is hardly any doubt that these homegrown terrorists get full support from outside.

It is an unconcealed fact that Pakistan is a rogue and bankrupt state. It has no money to spend on any developmental projects. Whatever money is received from the people that go to the Army and the people are condemned to live in abject poverty. Feudal lords, corrupt bureaucrats, terrorists and Army have the nexus, which wants to create somehow the disturbances in India.

What has happened at Pulwama is a reflection of the frustration of Pakistan.

Pakistan is already a divided country. North-West Frontier Province does not want to live even for a minute with the Punjabis, who actually rule the roost. Baluchistan, for all practical purposes, does not consider itself to be the part of Pakistan. Sindh has a very tenuous link with the rest of Pakistan.

Therefore, the Government of India will do well to extend all possible help to the people of these provinces, who are fighting for self-determination. Secondly, the water supply to Pakistan from rivers which originate and pass through India must be stopped. It will not only wither away the crops of Pakistan but also deprive it with fresh drinking water. India must hit hard, where it hurts more to Pakistan.

Some intellectual harlots in India say that Pakistan cannot be compared with other Muslim countries because it is a nuclear state. They insist on having dialogue but with whom, they do not tell – with Hafiz Saeed or Masood Azahar? Such persons are not only timid and cowards but they are more dangerous than the identified enemies. These internal enemies must be smoked out because it is they who have been providing the base and logistic support to external enemies.

In this hour of grief and anger, the words of Prime Minister Narendra Mondi, that the martyrdom of our Jawans will not go in vain and the Indian Army has been given full freedom to deal with the terrorists and their masters, are quite reassuring.

However, one must also accept the undeniable reality that there has been the monumental failure of intelligence because it could not have been done in one day. It must have taken weeks and months to indoctrinate and train the suicide bomber and collect more than 250 kilograms of RDX used for the purpose. So, why the intelligence could not smell the rat? Secondly. why a huge contingent of nearly 2500 Jawans was not airlifted to the place of their postings instead they were being taken in unarmoured buses to almost 300 kilometres away from Jammu through the terrorist-prone area? The country needs satisfactory answers to these questions

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