Deal rumour mongers with iron hand

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

For the last few days, some news channels and the so-called intellectuals have been spreading rumours that Kashmiris living in the other part of the country are being harassed by the locals. However, they have not given any names of such Kashmiris, who have been harassed. Thus it has become clear that rumour mongering has become their pastime. But these miscreants do not know how much damage they are doing to the country. There are some journalists who have amassed wealth during the previous regime by means of brokering and misuse of their media organisations. Now it is they who are out to malign the government with their self created fake news. It is highly gratifying that the CRPF, whose 40 Jawans have fallen in the terrorists attack at Pulwama, has very clearly sent a message across the country that no Kashmiris will be allowed to be harassed anywhere in the country.

In Dehradun when some Kashmiri students expressed their apprehension of being harassed after the killing of CRPF Jawans, the entire administration swung into action and has provided the cover of security to nearly 300 students. The local population has also emphatically said that there was nothing for them to fear. Ours is a tolerant society and people do not react unless they are provoked. If Pulwama like incidents had happened in other countries there would have been serious law and order problem. Therefore, our people must be congratulated for maintaining calm and peace. The anger in India is not against the Kashmiris but certainly against those terrorists and sympathizers of terrorists, who have made the Kashmir a hell and have thrown out Kashmiri Pandits at the instance of their godfathers sitting in Pakistan.

Indian culture has been a syncretic culture where even enemies are respected, although in the present circumstances it is considered no better than foolishness. Those who are sitting in India and extending support to Pakistan wittingly or unwittingly, crudely or discreetly must be exposed and dealt with iron hands because they are doing more damage to the country by spreading such rumours, demoralizing the Indian people and its troops by their abominable deeds.

There is a general feeling that before starting any retaliatory action against Pakistan it will be good if the country is sanitised and freed from internal enemies and snakes of the arms. These pseudo-intellectuals have no concern for the security forces of the country as they were found celebrating the killings of Army or CRPF Jawans, who invariably come from poor families and mostly from the villages. Sometimes ago when 76 CRPF Jawans were killed in the Naxalite prone Bastar of Chhattisgarh, these intellectuals were reported to have lauded their death by organising the party of liquor and chicken biryani. Therefore, the country wants these so-called intellectuals to be named, shamed and dealt with as stringently as possible.

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  1. Santanu Dey
    Feb 21, 2019 @ 19:53:37

    Ours is a strange country where in the name of Democracy the opportunists go to any extent to deglorify the country – what purpose these heinous deeds serve them they only know, unless these gutter rats are paid handsomely to do them. It is true that they are much more dangerous than the terrorists who intrude from across the border but to tackle these skunks is much more difficult because of the cover of the defanged democracy that has been prescribed for us by the power that be in the past 60+ years. But the same prescriptions have been short-circuited by those who prescribed them for us – their numerous deeds are ample proof of that viz: Imposing Emergency, throwing out various duly elected State Governments if they turn out to be difficult to manage on numerous occasions, etc. etc. I think India should have a period of strict discipline for at least five years during which a thorough cleansing must be done and then a true democracy amalgamated with a sense of responsibility should be introduced.

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