Rahul Gandhi Grudgingly Accepts Surgical Strike

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

      Is it not ironical that Rahul Gandhi, who was asking for the proof for the surgical strike has appointed its architect Lt. Gen. D. S Hooda ( retd.), who was Northern Commander in 2016, as the head of the ‘task force on national security’ ?
This is the glaring example of the puerility of the Congress President. It also shows that he often shoots from the hip without knowing the consequences of his ill-considered statements. Now Lt. Gen Hooda can guide and give him sane advice on the matters related to the national security.
How deplorable it is that some politicians and journalists in India speak the language and logic of the spokespersons of the enemy country. Instead of showing rock like unity with the armed forces, they are asking certain petulant questions, which are enough to irritate anybody.
Now some bandicoots are levelling charges against Modi that when the nation was mourning the killings of CRPF Jawans, Prime Minister was shooting film in Corbett National Park. Can be there any more ludicrous allegation than this one? Even the diabolical Modi hater will laugh at this perverted allegation.
There is another journalist Vinod Dua, whose snobbery and ignorance compete with other, has said that the concerns of Modi government for the CRPF Jawans are empty because it does not accord them the status of Shaheed (martyr) after their death. This man wants to have the hierarchy even among the Jawans, who are killed in the line of their duties.
Is it not shameful?

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