Pulwama Replied in Balakot by Political Will: Inside Agents of Enemy Need to be Tackled Now

By: Parmanand Pandey (Secretary General IPC)

The entire nation is ecstatic over the huge- military, a diplomatic and psychological- victory of India over rogue Pakistan under the bold, courageous and dashing leadership of Narendra Modi. Think of India of post-1989, she lacked courage in retaliating the enemy country, although insult after insult have been heaped upon her by Pakistanis. They did Kargil and our forces were strictly asked to fight the battle on their own ground. I remember when a senior officer of the Air Force was virtually in tears in telling when the then Prime Minister Vajpayee and theatrical Defence Minister George Fernandes, more known for his cheap and shallow fireworks, had ordered that our forces would not to cross the line of control. They fought with their hands tied to their backs to throw the intruders out.

The credit, therefore, must go to the Prime Minister that he allowed our forces to go 80 kilometers deep inside Pakistan and destroy 300 to 400 high value terrorists and dismantle their base camps in Balakot in Pakhtun Khwa province. Pakistanis have been following the policy of that wily General Zia Ul Haq, who propounded the theory of causing thousands of cuts on the body of India to bleed with festering wounds. They attacked our Parliament and we remained silent except showing the impotent rage. They attacked our bazars, trains and temples and no concrete steps were taken by us. They did 26/11 in Bombay and nothing was done. Every time Pakistan wanted credible evidence to demonstrate that terrorists sitting and enjoying all facilities and support from it have been causing terror and incalculable damage to India.

However, the most shocking behaviour is those of the Pakistan apologists sitting in India, who come with the funniest and weird narrative that peace must be given the priority. The government must take initiative to engage Pakistan to deescalate the situation to have lasting peace in the region. They do not have any qualms and compunction in negotiating even with Kashmiri separatist leaders. These apologists have been creating a fear psychosis among the people of India by showing the scarecrow of nuclear bombs possessed by Pakistan, which this government has successfully punctured to the joy and satisfaction of the people.

Such persons are the real fifth columnists and they need to be crushed more ruthlessly than even the enemy country. They are like Shalya of Mahabharat, the charioteer of the brave and gallant Karna, whose only job was to discourage and demoralise Karna in the battlefield and admire the skill and bravery of the enemy forces. Karna had said that after the battle, the first thing that he would do was to kill Shalya but unfortunately he himself was killed before the evening. The lesson is to crush these anti-Indians first before vanquishing Pakistan. Enough is enough. These ISI agents must be exposed, who have always been indulging in fear and rumour mongering in their own country.

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