Terror-camp Strike in Balakot and Atomic War Threat

By: Dr. Sathyadevi Ramakrishna

As per the report of a Swedish newspaper, Wing Commander Abhinandan didn’t return just like that!

The Pakistanis spent the entire night of 27th February in blackout and in horror!

After the F16 was shot down, America was angry, but it had to defend Pakistan from India’s anger and the Indian pilot who was in their custody!

India had kept a BrahMOS Missile in launch position for a much bigger and devastating action. The plan was to destroy the entire Air Force of Pakistan, which the USA came to know!

America immediately informed Pakistan not to harm the pilot in their custody, else it will be difficult to control India, and India being their friendly nation in case of war they would lock the engines of all the F16 that Pakistan were having!

Afraid of this likely action, Bajwa himself ran to the UAE for help. US had conversations with Saudi Arabia, China and Russia!

UAE requested India to wait for a night, and scolded Pakistan over their act! It advised them to refrain!

Russia and USA told Pakistan to release the detained pilot unharmed and that too, without any condition!

But can Pakistan understand the seriousness of the message? Then it’s not Pakistan!

Inspite of all these things they went to China to give direct link to their (China’s) satellite – navigating over Indian territory from the skies, to which China instantly refused.(Here the diplomacy of Modi Govt. came to play.)

A day earlier Sushma Swaraj had a meeting with Chinese authorities in China, and secondly China had lost faith in Pakistan as they can misuse the F16 to strike the Indian installations, then they can even misuse these satellite links if they provide them with!

Even then Bajwa ran to Turkey for any assistance, which Turkey turned down immediately. Instead, it advised them to release the pilot!

Here satellites of all the big countries were watching what step India will now take!*

From February 24 to February 28 at night, all big Pakistani army officers were staying in the bunkers installed in their respective houses!

Pakistan had no other alternative but to release the pilot without any condition!

Pakistan was helpless and was made untenable by Modiji !

Many International news agencies have reported these facts! But our paid media kept Indians in the dark!!

(Note: This post is ante dated.)

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