Balakot Seminary Destroyed – How Come Nobody Was Killed There?

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)
Those who are demanding the proof of the killing of the terrorists in Balakot in the strike of Indian Air Force (IAF) owe explanations to the entire country that on what basis they say that no causalities had taken place. Those who have seen the presser of Pakistani Major General Rashid Ghafoor would vouchsafe that he ducked all questions of the journalists regarding the details of Balakot. The seminary of Balakot provides training to more than 3000 terrorists and nobody denies that it was pounded and dismantled by the Indian Air Force. So the question is how can the seminary which was destroyed did not have any terrorist on the campus at that time? Therefore, when the Indian media and some sources of the Air Force claimed that 300-350 terrorists were killed during the bombing of the Indian Air Force could not be off the mark.
 When some journalists asked Mr Rashid Ghafoor to take them to Balakot to see the situation for them, they were denied permission on the ground that the weather of Balakot was very inclement. It is not surprising that even after the passage of so many days, the Pakistani government has not allowed the journalists to go to Balakot and report the extent of damage that was caused by the hitting of the IAF. This secrecy and concealment of the facts is enough proof that huge numbers of terrorists were killed in Balakot.
 Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanova is absolutely right when he says that the Air Force completed its task of destroying the terrorists’ camp at Balakot by precision bombing. But there are some perverts in this country who do not mind in criticising and questioning our forces because they have the diabolical hatred for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Remember the date of 14th February when Pulwama had taken place and pro-Pak forces in India started criticising Narendra Modi for the monumental tragedy. But when the air strikes were carried out on 26th Feb at three places in Pakistan, they changed the tack and started asking for the proof. Can there be any bigger treachery against India than what they are doing? Anybody who tries to belittle the feat and the valour of the Indian Air Force to demoralise the morale of the people o by asking such silly, idiotic and stupid questions must either be insane or on the payroll of Pakistan.
 There are some people who give more credence to the reports of the New York Times and other foreign media failed to see the reason that the foreign media has always been critical to the achievements of India. It is no secret that the New York Times had, in 1971 war, said that Pakistan was not defeated. It is the same media which has been criticising nuclear explosion or Tuticorin Nuclear power Plant because if India develops its full potential of nuclear technology she would march with very high speed on the path of the progress and many countries would be left far behind. What can be said about this foreign media which despite witnessing the debris of F16 do not agree that the sophisticated American combat Plane was used to hit India?
      Pakistan has swung into action to arrest some terrorists to show to the world that this country was opposed to terrorism? But does this action of Pakistan not show the existence of the Islamic seminaries and terrorist camps across Pakistan particularly in its province of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where terrorists are trained to be exported.
Now some images. These are the images available on the social media. These killed terrorists are from Pakistan. How? Because: 1. These are in hundreds in number; 2. When persons in such great number are killed, it is bound to become an international news in this internet age. No such deaths are reported from Pakistan in the present or recent past, except the claimed deaths of 300 to 350 in Balakot; 3. In these images the covering cloths on dead bodies bear the mark of “EDHI” and a display reads “EDHI Foundation”. Just do a little Google on EDHI foundation and you will find it is a Karachi, Pakistan based healthcare organization. See what is EDHI Foundation Here.  4. In one image, near the dead bodies rifles and other weapons have been put in a heap. Now images:

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