Extinction of Hindus in India – A Prediction

 By Hitesh Papneja

(Editted and added by Shreepal Singh)

I am an ex-secular. Most reasonable Hindus I have met these days are ex-secular. Though they just don’t say it openly – well, because they are Yindoos (a figurative term for simpleton Hindus). I was super secular and said many parrot-like things like terrorism has no religion. I once claimed that Kashmiri terrorists are even Hindus too; that they do it for money. LOL!

Wonder if this nonsense comes from our Hindu parenting or DD where talking about Sex and Religion and politics was taboo. Well, our habit compels us to find a scapegoat – to find someone to blame. Let us spare our parents.

Of course the transition for me from an ex-secular to a “Bhakt” was not overnight. Its seeds sprouted 17 years back. Perhaps, the event of burning alive of Ram Bhakts by Godhra Jihadis was a turning point in my life where I started to realize that it’s an existential threat and not some secular mumbo-jumbo.

I spent many years studying Jihadi books and trying to understand what triggered them. I think, I figured them out. I used to think, if the Jihadi’s are exposed and we have a dominant Hindu-vadi government, our problems would get solved. I also did what I could do in that direction in my very limited capacity. But now I realize, it is not enough; it would not get the problem of Hindu extinction solved.

One thing is clear; if I compare with the other J-boys (J stands here for ‘Jihadi’) their reach has not gone beyond copulating and populating like rodents. They havent converted that many Yindoos lately; at least that is what looks apparent. But their numbers are on the rise rapidly and that is a matter of concern for Indian – Hindu India – demographic change. Still, this danger pales into insignificance in comparison to another danger, which is unfolding more quickly in India and is more serious as a threat to Hindu existence in India.

At the turn of the decade I started realizing that there is another serious threat from the Vatican. I studied their modus operendi and I dare say, this is a much more effective piece of machinery – Amway style Multi-level-Marketing. They may be hiring Yindoo jokers to convince other Yindoo jokers about their so-called “true” God but their plan, despite being stupid, works wonderfully.

I am still unable to figure out the poison pill for this stupid plan that is working wonderfully against Hindu India. Of course, having a dominant Hindu-wadi government is one of the answers but that alone is not sufficient; it wont help. They are very quietly and cunningly spreading their wings in Hindu societies and their areas like never before.

I wonder which one of these two is a bigger threat to India – an India with beautiful Hindu culture that respects diversity of thoughts, of Gods and of religions.

What would India be like after 100 years from now? Will my grand children curse me just I do curse my ancestors for being selfish and Yindoo-like nice to outsiders? Or, may be they would curse me as a Jahil – like most Jihadis curse their Hindu forefathers today.

Let us analyze.

India is surely not going to be Hindu for very long and we are moving very fast towards extinction, which would be suicidal in nature. The only question is whether my grandchildren would be Junaid or Jason.

Even though the Vatican is spreading its wings like wild-fire: just like in business parlance, a new organization may seem to grow faster but the aggressive one gets to keep the market share; and then the monopoly is inevitable. Vatican may seem to be growing faster now but I expect Junaid to overpower Jason at some point of time.

By 2100 – or much earlier – I predict a complete coup and Yindoos would be lost forever. Jai and Jason will be killed like dogs. Jai will be first to get killed as Jason will have the European funds to survive a little longer. But at the end Europeans wont give a shit about brown colored Jasons and give in after crying foul in UN. Since Kafir women are cannon fodder and it is culturally acceptable to abuse them, we can expect mass rapes. These rapes happen today as well – though on a small-scale. See, no one today dares to mention the name of the community due to fear of other Yindoos – I did not say Jihadis as they take pride in it.

To cut the long story short, death of Hindu culture is inevitable. There are only 3 things that can possibly change this trajectory:

  1. Yindoos become richer Hindus with more self-pride. They become more learned and able to take on Christ-Islamo-Commies and challenge them whenever our beautiful Hindu culture is denigrated. This is extremely hard work since this will mean, as parents, we will have to build a society where our kids are well-informed Hindus with deep understanding of comparative religions – which we lack today. We will have to start giving importance to our traditions and culture in our daily lives. In fact, we should become culturally and economically so strong that we become more aggressive and start bring others into our fold. There are numerous groups doing great “ghar wapsi” work in this area but it’s still insignificant. This will also need for Hindus – particularly Brahmins who are traditionally religious Gurus of Hindus – to officially and constitutionally open the doors of Hinduism to non-Hindus, specially for Abrahamic faith followers. In the caste-ridden Hindu society, there must be made a legal – constitutional – provision to confer castes – to all new comers and old followers alike – according to one’s “work, that is Karma” and prohibit and legally punish all those who wear caste (caste showing surnames) “by virtue of their birth”. The legally sanctified cate certificates must be distributed to all – Hindus and non-Hindus who like to get it – by the government agency solely based on their occupation. Using only such caste certificates – and caste surnames – should be allowed and using any other caste denoting name or symbol should be made a crime. This would open the Hindu gates to non-Hindus, with a caste pride – though based on their occupation. Else, Hindus are doomed.
  2. Consistently have a dominant Hindu-wadi government. But, BJP is not the only option. Yes, I said it. For now an RSS man is at the top and he is the right choice. He wont be there for ever. BJP is soon becoming like other parties. While we as Hindus vote for BJP, they will also have to work hard to keep the RSS discipline, selflessness and kooneeti ideology at the core of BJP. This is also very tough as it is very natural for political parties to deteriorate. Lets just hope deterioration or erosion takes place only after the Hindu renaissance is properly germinated.

  3. Even Junaid realizes that turning India into Pakistan will, well, make his life a living hell as in Pakistan. And Jason needs to be convinced that he is better off with Jai and not Junaid so he needs to support Jai. Convincing Junaid and Jason to stick with kafir and heathen Jai is the toughest part but it has to be done. And this is exactly where most political ideologies (to a great extent BJP too) fail. They don’t realize how they fall into the trap of appeasement for the sake of votes as they try to convince Junaid and Jason. The way this has to be done needs to be on our own terms. Rajiv Malhotra has shown the way. We need to create an ecosystem of swadeshi Muslims and swadeshi Christians who firstly accept that they are culturally Hindus and respect Ram and Krishna as great men in their culture. They may happily worship who they like and bring about reform in their communities. Such swadeshis will also have to stop the aggression via conversions and population explosion.

None of this is easy and I am sure, you Yindoos can’t do any of this – even a staunch Hindu like me can’t do anything about this. For now, let me request you all to vote for a Hindu-wadi and Development oriented government despite your short-sighted complaints of roads, bhashavaad and GST. Development and Hindutvawaad are necessary – although not sufficient – conditions for your culture to remain alive and more necessarily for your generations to remain alive with a name like Jai.

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