Media: Failed to Inform Public of Transformational Changes in India

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

The amount of work that Narendra Modi has done in the last five years is mind-boggling and unimaginable for any government to do in country and population of this size. It will take years for the researchers to properly comprehend and evaluate it. Almost every household in the country has now got toilet facilities, which was unthinkable only a few years back. When he declared from the ramparts of Lal Quila that every house will soon have ‘izzatghar’, he was being pooh-poohed by the prophets of doom, but they all proved wrong.

       Go to any village in the country, there is hardly any family, which does not have a pucca house with modern facilities of kitchen, electricity and toilet. Every house has LPG and the subsidy goes directly to the consumer, which was earlier gobbled up and pocketed by the agents, middlemen / women and brokers. There is another great achievent of Ayushman by this government, which is the Central Government’s Health Scheme that offers health services at all India level through different forms of medical systems like Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga and Siddha. Still, there are a few persons who are alergic to Modi and refuse to see any such great achievent. There is one briefless Advocate, I know, who sits in the Supreme Court, who during his government service days, was caught by the CBI red-handed taking bribes, although he got acquitted by using the same methodology of bribing. However one can still find him pouring venom against Prime Minister Modi. He has been the worst critic of Jan Dhan Yojna of Modi saying that what was the use of the bank accounts when there was no money in it. He used to say that all bank personnel are unnecessarily over-burdoned because it has increased their work many times over. But, see the result of that scheme, now even the poorest of the poor is getting his subsidies directly transferred to his/her accounts. This ‘gentleman’ often gets eggs on his face for his unfounded criticism of Modi’s work but that makes no difference for him because of the large league of corrupt persons that he still has around him.

     Think of those days when getting a license, quota or permit was considered to be an achievement because there was enough scope of manipulation. There used to lakhs of ghost cardholders and the number of subsidies was being swallowed by the nexus of corrupt politicians, government officials, brokers and license holders. But now that link of corruption has been wiped out, which has saved the country’s billions of Rupees, that now goes for developmental works like ujjawala yojana, road-building, house buildings and many other schemes, some of them have been enumerated above.

     There was a time, and that was only a few years ago, when every honest person was groaning with an unbearable effect of black money. If anybody had to purchase a house or a piece of land, he or she had to cough up 70 per cent payment in black and only 30 per cent in white causing enormous loss to the exchequer. But thanks to the demonetization the real estate market has largely become realistic to the huge relief of common man. This is the reason why all corrupt forces rose in unison against the demonetization. Despite all the flaws in the implementation of the demonetization due to the corrupt bank officials and others, it has helped the country to come out of the economic sickness. Now the benefits of GST are there for all to see. Earlier if one were to purchase anything from jewellers or any other shopkeepers, the consumer was told two prices, one without the receipt and the other with receipt. Every consumer or customer was discouraged to go for the receipt for the purchased items. But look, Modi is hauled over coals even for bringing transparency and honesty in the business.

      These schemes and projects are benefiting every section of the society without any discrimination. Muslims are the biggest beneficiaries of them but surprisingly almost all Muslims orchestrate in the opposition of Modi. The number of Muslims supporting is few and far between. And even if he advises something good for the Muslims, he is accused of polarization on communal lines. This shows the bankruptcy of the opposition and Muslim leadership. When you enumerate the good works of Modi, they will turn at you by saying that he had promised 15 lakhs to every Indian and two crores job every year. This is a patent lie and a baseless rumour. Nobody has been able to produce even single audio or video, where Modi has been seen saying or promising such things. Our Media does not have the time to present the factual position before the people because it has its own axes to grind.

       Be that as it may, Modi eminently deserves a second chance to become the Prime Minister to stem the rot that has been set in the administration. The country will achieve the dizzy heights in the comity of the nations. Some drastic measures for the population control and introduction of artificial intelligence can be taken only by Modi and none else. He is the only hope of the country, who is standing tall among all pigmies of politicians.

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  1. Rashid Azizi
    Apr 14, 2019 @ 22:37:40

    The biggest fascist order of the ruling government is of election bonds where the source of crores of black money will remain anonymous. This is total autocratic nonsense . Here on one hand there’s so much loud talk of bringing in black money ,& here huge sums of black money goes to gather votes , campaigns just to keep the legislators happy & to buy opposition legislators .
    This is undemocratic , unconstitutional , unfair & should be investigated & people who’ve used the crores of rupees accountable& arrested immediately .



    • IPC
      Apr 14, 2019 @ 22:59:22

      Dear Azizi, do you think the political party ruling this country for most of the 70 long years had ruled without a mountain of black money? Or, do you think any party – whoever it may be – can come to power without possessing huge amount of money? Do you have some better scheme – other than election bond – under which any or all parties may get this much money? Are you so honest? Your blind hate for Modi is apparent; fortunately, your such petty minded hatred for Modi will not – rather shall not – make any difference in electing Modi as Prime Minister of India once again in 2019, because an overwhelming majority of Indians love Modi. Dear one, just wait for 23rd May of this year. You are likely to feel nothing but sorrow in the face of the choice of India.



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