New Modi Govt and Pakistan Problem

This article was originally published under the caption ‘With War and Without War: How to deal with Pakistan’ on February 23, 2019.

Republished on March 23, 2019 under the caption “How to solve India’s “Pakistan” problem permanently?

Today on 31st May 2019 the new Modi government has taken over. The “Pakistan” problem is still there as it has been there since 1947: there is news that while Pak PM is talking of his desire for peace with India, its army is getting its terrorists launch pads ready to cross over to India. The Modi government must stick to its strategy of “no peace and offensive mode” to force Pak to strain its economy. We are republishing this article once again and adding a video, which was suppressed by the mainstream media:

  1. India as a nation has to accept the reality – the reality about terrorism and its root – before it can hope to deal with it successfully and safeguard its existence against the danger it poses. This reality is that terrorism emanating from Pakistan is not connected with or limited only to Kashmir. This terrorism has a world-wide agenda in general and against India in particular. It would be deceiving oneself if India believes or pretends to believe that terrorists’ agenda is limited to Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan. The sure path to destruction is to reject the reality; history is full of precedents testifying to this fact.
  2. The latest is Pulwama; before that  it was Pathankot and before that it was Urri. And before that there were Kargil, 1971, 1965 and 1948. This is about the past; and it is dead certain that in the future also Pulwama is not going to be the last one. One would wonder, after all, how long Pakistan will continue to do it? The answer is: forever. We do not want to go into the reason of all these past events and future estimation because the reason is well-known and much discussed in the public domain. Suffice it to say here that Pakistan as a nation has been gripped by an idea – draped as a religion but in fact an idea only – that it is the “Command of Almighty God” to either convert all those to their faith who do not bear this faith or, failing to convert them, to kill them. It is firmly believed by these Pakistani irrationals that, as per God’s words, these non-believers are ‘Kafirs’ and this world – this whole earth – has to be made free of all ‘Kafirs’ in obayance to God’s (Allah) commandment. It is a dangerous idea, which in 21st century can onset an atomic war. Unfortunately, humans are still motivated by ideas. We have very recently witnessed people moved by dangerous ideas under Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao tse Tung etc. The idea of ‘Kafir’ and ‘Command of God to convert or kill Kafirs’ is more dangerous than the mentioned ones. It is more dangerous because ‘this idea’ finds place in the minds of millions of those people who are irrational, have firm belief that if they die in an effort to kill “Kafirs”, they will be handsomely rewarded in heaven with beautiful women and possess atomic weapons. It is logical for us to realize that such people may decide to “kill themselves” with these atomic weapons, so that “Kafirs” are also killed along with them. The only thing required for such eventuality is their sense (of irrational mind) that NOW IS THE TIME to do it. Nothing more is needed; and the world will be blown out in a chain reaction of uncontrolled atomic explosions; and nobody is safe – absolutely none!
  3. Why do we call “Pakistan” a problem of India? It should be quite obvious to any observer who is neutral. India has many neighbours but it had no wars with any of them, except a solitary conflict with China in 1962. There has been no wars with Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh and China (with the said exception). But there have been almost continuous – constant – war with Pakistan. Why? The reason is that Pakistan is home to the above said dangerous idea. Therefore, it is a “Pakistan” problem of India. We are going to devote this article for the solution – solution to end this problem forever in the objective world.
  4. Today, the latest Pulwama incident has evoked strong national sentiments in India for revenge, retaliation, national unity, grief, anger, and the determination to crush this rouge country called Pakistan. Such sentiments are natural, justified, necessary, and create a much-needed national determination to teach a lesson to Pakistan. But sentiments are not enough to turn them into reality.
  5. In addition to sentiments, wisdom too is needed. One can very well guess – to an almost certainty – that Pakistan after doing Pulwama – and even at the time of the planning of Pulwama – must have calculated that there would a serious reaction and retaliation from India and it must have got itself prepared to deal with such reaction. In military science, surprise is as weighty an element – if not the most weighty – as the elements of courage, determination, weapons, strategy etc. Indian public suffering under the grief and anger would want the country to quickly punish Pakistan but the wisdom tells us such a retaliatory exercise at this moment is a foolhardy act. Notwithstanding the public sentiment to act quickly, this problem coming from Pakistan is an old one and needs a long-term action plan put into effect immediately. What is this long-term plan that needs to be put into effect quickly? We will deal with it here.
  6. Let us understand and accept the reality. There is war like situation with Pakistan – and war may be started anytime by India – and we can win the war against this state; it is not wishful thinking; India has fought and won several wars against Pakistan. It can be won once again. Let us leave apart for the time being the atomic confrontation between these two countries and neutralization of Pakistan’s missiles laden with atom bombs by preemptively launching Indian Brahmos and using Russian made S-400 anti-missile batteries; we can retaliate and the war  may start, we can deal effectively with it, and we can win that war. Is it a solution? No, it is no solution. We have fought and won many wars in the past with Pakistan and still Pulwama is there. It is no solution.
  7. Addition on March 23, 2019: India has DONE IT in Balakot. India can do it AGAIN and WILL do it again, at its own chosing of time, manner and intensity.  Pakistan must be forced to keep its army / air force / nevy 24 hours in ready mode. If Pakistan relexes its vigil against India, India must use this opportunity to strike on terror camps / terror master minds within Pakistan. This strategy will force Pakistan to remain in a constant ready mode, draining and devouring its economy. Let us move on.
  8. The world we live in, is as it is: devoted to one’s selfish interests. If you start a war, many are against you and many are in favor of you and in any case you have to fight your war yourself. If you win the war the whole world is with you. This world is like this. You need the courage to start the war and your own resources to win, before the world is with you. Still, you win the war against Pakistan and it is no solution.
  9. There are many Pakistans within Pakistan. Today, to the most of the world Pakistan is a terrorist supporting state, and to many countries it is a terrorist state itself. It is an image that official Pakistan has assiduously created for itself. But inside Pakistan, there are many segments. Army, ISI, criminal religious fundamentalists, Madarsas, a large number of terrorist outfits and Jihadi religious ideologues are on the one side of this fragmented Pakistan. Another segment of Pakistan is of those people who are sane people and who do not take to their heart seriously the Islamic religious Jihadist bigotry. Nobody knows how many they are in number – because they fear the dominant rulers. This segment of Pakistani people harbors no hate or enmity against India. But India cannot count on them. Still, their interests should be kept in mind while planning to solve the Pakistan problem. They are an asset to India’s planning and have a dominant role to play in a Pakistan of the post Indian action; they would be much-needed element for a new realignment of forces in this South West area of Asia.
  10. First of all, India must declare its official stand against Pakistan in  un-equivocal terms and make it an international issue: “India rejects that there is any command of God or Allah to kill all those who do not put their faith in His alleged words or commands. India also calls upon the humanity to reject such claim”. It should be India’s official position and India should make efforts to create an international consensus for this stand.
  11. India should adopt the “Constriction Principle” as the permanent part of its national strategy to deal with Pakistan to safeguard and guarantee its existence. What is this constriction principle? It is a technique that a python utilizes to squeeze, suffocate and devour its prey. As a python uses its big size and more strength to chock its prey slowly out of life, so does India would need to utilize its big size, more strength and its geographical proximity to Pakistan to slowly chock this eternal enemy state out of its viability, without waging an open war against it. It would require on the part of India to apply on constant basis a number of measures against Pakistan – as the core principle of its national defense policy. Pakistan would wish it was better for it if it were  located far away from India. The conventional war does not include in these measures – the conventional war is not among them.
  12. These measures are: No. 1: Withdraw unilaterally from Indus Water Treaty, 1960 to renegotiate for new and equitable terms or to abrogate it altogether. It would include all the six rivers – Eastern and Western river systems. Calculate the losses arising out of the breakdown of Brahmputra River treaty with China. There, with China it is a matter of loss of water but with Pakistan it is a matter of national survival of India. No. 2: Respect the aspirations of Baluchistan people for freedom and their urging for help for their right – they were occupied illegally by force. Allow a Baluchistan government in exile in India and recognize it; urge other friendly countries to recognize their government. Calculate the loss arising out of Iranian sentiments against any independent nation of Baluchistan. No. 3: Impose prohibitive custom duty permissible under World Trade Organization obligations for export to Pakistan and import into India of all goods. No. 4: With the 1.5 billion people willing to buy – and able to buy – India is the biggest consumer market in the world today and this  strength must be utilized by India as a lever to “bend” unwilling countries like China to pay heed to its concerns against Pakistan and behave accordingly. Failing which such countries must be made to suffer the economic consequences – to the maximum limit permissible under the World Trade Organization obligations.  It is reasonable that India should be willing to accept its comparatively slower economic progress but not the danger to its very existence as a nation. No. 5: Pass a parliamentary Act declaring Pakistan a Terrorist State, prohibiting any social and cultural exchange with it by Indians. Persuade other friendly countries also to so designate this country and do the same. No. 6: Respect the sentiments of the people of Sind against the injustice of Punjabis of Pakistan. No. 7: Identify, monitor and neutralize all those Indians who support and help Pakistan – overtly or covertly, like working in terrorist modules, supporting Pakistan cause publicly, writing in support of that cause. No. 8: Scrap Articles 35-A and 370 from the Indian constitution. It should be done as early as possible. Encourage ex-army men with licensed rifles to settle in Kashmir. No. 9: Develop indigenous technology – including defense technology – to help achieve these objectives. Rely more and more on technology – information and space technologies – than depending on human resources.
  13. Addition: Strategies which India should pursue – and which India is pursuing – to deal with the rougue state called  Pakistan: India has suddenly chosen not to take Pak attacks lying low, which Pakistan was habituated to  believe – that India will do nothing beyond condemning Pakistan for such attacks. It’s a strategy to keep Pak forces always on standby, which will bleed them financially.
  14. Standby mode of all forces costs the most to a country. Pakistan has only 6 Billion Dollar foreign currency to trade and buy various things from international markets.
  15. It will take maximum 4-6 months for the Pak economy to fall, if India continued this non military war. On the backdrop, pushing terrorists will no more be regular stuff till the war is going on.
  16. Kashmir has close to 200 active terrorists . Govt has been aggressively killing them speedily. The refilling of terrorists from border has stopped.
  17. Fund used by Jamat e Islami to mobilize the terrorists is seized completely under the UN Act for prevention of terrorism.
  18. Inflation in Pakistan has reached from 2% to 10% in just a few days of war. Continuation of the current scenario will lead Pak reach inflation of above 20% in a month.
  19. No economy puts money on war zones. The Saudi announcement of investment will naturally hault if India continues this situation for 4-6 months.
  20. China has an import market of close to 61.5 billion USD in India. As India’s growth as a country is ahead of China, they will have to get in sync on India’s approach.
  21. Baluchistan insurgency adds value to the current situation. It is bleeding Pak internally. But on international front India enjoys support of over 250 countries. International relation of Modi govt has given dividend at the right time.
  22. If the government returns, which is very much likely, India can demolish Pak without much casualty or much use of weapons in just 6 months. If India remains steadfast in sticking to this defence policy, there is not an iota of doubt that this country will not remain politically viable for long.
  23. Remember a Military War will bleed Indian economy and is good for other countries as India will have to buy military products extensively. So till Pak becomes weak enough, a non military war is advisable for us.
  24. Current situation is also pro India, as kashmir insurgency is taking it’s last breath and none of the development work of India is on hold unlike that of Pakistan’s.
  25. If Modi returns as PM, India will be in better position to take back PoK in the coming six months.
  26. By then, expect more Rajya Sabha seats and also the end of 35 A and 370. The demographic profile which changed in 1990, due to the killings of Kashmiri Pandits can be reversed, as any citizen of the country will be able to buy land and invest in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh region.
  27. Taking PoK will also enable Indian political seats. Five seats in the Lower House as well as one in the Rajya Sabha for residents of Gilgit and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) regions will emerge for which the private member bill is already being introduced.
  28. Most importantly it will block all of China’s hardwork and money spent till now in PoK region, to gain permanent control on the region . Taking Baluchistan from Pak will hurt China’s investment the most.
  29. The current scenario is very carefully crafted by the government, and return of a strong Modi as a prime minister will be boon for the country’s sustainability and growth.
  30. Added video:


Why most Muslims of sub-continent dislike Modi and Hindu nationalists? Explains a Pakistani

He calls himself, a ‘Jangjoo General’ and describes him as ‘the great grandson of (Mohamad) bin Kasim’, and to top it all, he comes from Pakistan. He explains succinctly why the most Muslims of Indian sub-continent dislike Modi – the Prime Minister of India – and the Indian nationalists. It is the information technology that has made it possible to hear his voice of sanity. What follows here is taken from his twitter handle ‘Jangjoo General’. It is the sharp witticism of this Pakistani in styling himself as a ‘Jangjoo General – the great grandson of bin Kasim’. When translated into English ‘Jangjoo General’ means a military general who is bent upon to fight – having a propensity to fight – at all cost; and, to add to his such war-fervor, the general gets the inspiration from a sense of being not an ordinary person but a direct descendent of a ‘warier Mohamad bin Kasim’. Mohamad bin Kasim needs no introduction to anyone who has a little awareness of history. In all, there are 21 pithy twits by this ‘Jangjoo General’, which are given here. Here is what he says:

Why most Muslims of Indian sub continent dislike Modi and Hindu nationalists? The psychological comfort level for Muslims is in living along with another co-religionist as their neighbour and not living with kuffr (a Kafir, who is not a Muslim) despite there being the homogeneity with such Kafirs of culture, food, linguistic, ethnic, race, DNA and biological and social similarities.

This dislike stems from the Islamic theology and practices, which differentiate humanity not on the basis of any quality difference but only on the basis of a belief to a particular God. Hadith in 18, 25 is explicit in this, “I have been ordered to fight against the people until …. “. Thus a Muslim has to go against the grain of Islamic theology, to coexist in peace with another kuffr human. As a result, and tragically enough, most Muslims end up tolerating corrupt, terrorists, murderers, rapists as long as they are of the same faith, while exaggerating petty differences to avoid living with good kuffr. Partition of India is the classic example of this Islamic theological attitude towards other humans who were kuffr.

The next best comfort level for Muslims is having a “secular” kuffr. This is because “secular” kuffr tolerates political Islam, whitewashes crimes inspired by Islamic theology, sympathizes with their incompatible traditions and without asking Muslims to return favour of secularism. This is where Modi led India is hated by most sub continental Muslims – because Hindu nationalists refuse to accept this one-way secularism. Hindu nationalists insist on either two-way and equal participation in secularism or no secularism at all. Ask any self-proclaimed moderate / secular Muslim to not practice conversion in marriage and you would see how shallow his secularism turns out. Muslims are fine as long as Hindus do not wear their religion on shoulders, while themselves wearing religion from head to toe.
Among Muslims, Pakistani’s are the most hypocrite bunch. Pakistan has institutionalized bigotry, constitutionally excludes non-Muslims from governance and tops that up with rape, intimidation and discrimination against minorities and continued antagonism with Hindu India. But the gall at which they call India fascist for electing Modi is monumental chicanery.

Modi led India creates another problem for Pakistanis or any one believing in ghazwa-e-hind, that being, Hindu nationalists are grounded not on western import of irreligious secularism. Rather they celebrate religion while mutually co-existing and accept secularism provided the other side (non-Hindus) also accepts equality in religion and laws. Islamic theology has trouble here because it (Hindu nationalist secularism) throws the “my and only god” theory into disarray and does not give easy pass to ghazwa-e-hind fantasy. Islamic pursuit of worldwide supremacy (no less fanatical than Nazi Germany’s absurd Aryan theory) had and continues to face it’s biggest and most persistant challenge in Hindu nation, both on ideological and battle grounds, and now more so with a united Hindu nation.

Hindu theology with its decentralized, diverse practices and evolving (rather sluggishly) practices with time has overwhelmed Islamic thought and halted its growth four centuries ago. And continues to reclaim space, from geography to economy to intellectual pursuits.

This is why despite almost every Muslim country being constitutionally Islamic, most Muslims hate and won’t tolerate two countries practicing so richly their own way of life and religion: , namely Jewish and Hindu nation. Also it explains why Modi, a practicing Hindu wearing religion on his shoulder in one and the only Hindu country, is deride.

Key point to ponder is: why micro minority Zoroastrian Parsis, Jews, Bahai Faith, Ahmadis, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Atheists, LGBT are not scared of Hindu India but from pre-partition to 2019 Muslims remain insecure bunch.


Only because you are facing heat from your tribe. Muslims were then scared of Gandhi’s Hindus as they are today scared of Modi’s Hindus. Why? Muslims gave Jinnah’s communal league 89.5% votes despite Congress willingness to grant constituencies. Inherently Islamic theology is rooted in baddu psychology of fear and survival. It is like neurotic parent that uses “fear of outsiders” to protect it’s children in return turning kids violent and dull.

If you wish to help Muslims, then bare the truth – for the truth shall set people free and not excuses in place of truth.

Population Control must Get the Top Priority

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

The rapidly growing population is a stupendous national problem. Therefore, the suggestion of Baba Ramdev, who is an apolitical person but an ardent patriot, to disenfranchise those having more than two children has not come a day too soon. One friend – a conscientious Advocate in the Supreme Court Shreepal Singh – has also been very concerned with what he calls a time-ticking ‘population bomb’. Baba has also suggested that such people should be deprived of other government facilities to send a strong message to others to effectively control the fast-growing population of India.

If no restrictions are imposed on this fast-growing population, then India will overtake China in less than five years’ time. At present, the population of India is nearly 134 crores while China is inhabited by nearly 140 crores. In another two-three years’ time, India will overtake China.

There is no denying that strict legislation is urgently required to control the population.  Unless and until the government of India goes for some effective measures to adopt a comprehensive population policy, all the progress will go phut because the country will not be able to bear the burden of the burgeoning population.

The population of the United States of America is 33 crores, but its landmass area is 9.834 million square Kilometres making the density of population 35 person per square kilometre. India’s landmass area is 3.287 million square kilometres and the density of population is 382 per square km. Let us see the density of population of some other countries like China (152 per square km.), Canada (4 persons) Russia (8.4 persons), England (259), Germany(227), France( 118), Italy (201) Even in Pakistan, the density of population is 251 per sq. km, which is much less than India. Except for Bangladesh (1120 per square km.). All other neighbouring countries have the less and the lighter burden of the population like in Sri Lanka it is 325, in Nepal, it is 201, in Myanmar it is almost one-fourth of India i.e. 95.

Our neighbour China has adopted a very harsh population policy of one child per couple but that is now being relaxed in view of the skewed gender ratio and growing geriatric population. In India, however, it was a very liberal policy of ‘hum do aur humare do’ (we two and ours two) adopted by Sanjay Gandhi during the Emergency. Its timing and implementation were wrong, but the policy was certainly commendable.

Regrettably, the successive governments have thrown the child away with the bath water. Australia is a continent which is more than two times bigger than India in size, its population is less than 2.50 crores. An example is given in jest, which is a fact also that the number of children born every year in India is equivalent to the population of Australia.

The population is an important factor and the young population is certainly the most important one. However, when the burden on the resources becomes unbearable then no country can think of making any progress.  With the increasing population more houses, more hospitals, more educational institutions, more roads, more parks and more space or offices, manufacturing units, factories and other establishments will be required. The construction of buildings etc will certainly need more lands, which will ultimately eat away the agricultural lands and forest lands. By encroachment of forest, covers will be denuded causing enough damage to flora and fauna, ecology and environment.

When you have more people to feed and less area of land, then howsoever, scientific method of agriculture and dairy farming is adopted, there will always be the crisis of food and milk. One cannot expect to provide enough food and milk etc. to the entire population. There will be more malnutrition resulting in diseases and of various types needing more hospitals and more expenses on the health sector. This will further deplete the resources and the country will not be able to afford the more burden of population growth. Even the advancement in science, technology and education will be badly hit.

The statement of Baba Ramdev is not directed towards any particular religion; however, it defies all logic as to why only the leaders of the Muslim community and Maulvis have come out to vehemently oppose his statement. They say it is totally unconstitutional. Nobody knows how these Muslim leaders define the Constitution because making a valid, convincing and good suggestions for the betterment of the country by bringing about some changes in the law cannot be said to be unconstitutional by any means.

It is the right of every citizen of the country to put forward some ideas. Why they appeared to be rattled by an appreciable suggestion from Baba Ramdev is not understandable. Their patriotism and nationalism are unquestionable but the way they are reacting to an innocuous and non-discriminatory suggestion casts a shadow of doubt on their conduct. Law, if it is made and in fact, must be made, will not be applicable to not only one community but for all sections of the society. These Muslim leaders must, therefore, welcome such an idea with open arms because, the less population will bring more progress to them and they would able to give education, clothes and food to their children. That will also help them in getting good health facilities and better opportunities for good employment will come to them.

It is really very surprising that a senior advocate in the Supreme Court has come out with a bizarre logic, which does not have any leg to stand upon. He has said that more than a hundred Members of Parliament have got more than three children, does it mean that they should be debarred from participating in the elections? There is no need to tell that any law is applicable with a prospective effect and it has been settled by the Supreme Court in Golak Nath case. So, there cannot be any fear to anybody on that count.

Moreover, this is a suggestion which should be discussed by Parliament in detail. How can it be enforced? It can be done either by increasing the awakening of the people with a sprinkling of some punitive measures or by coercive measures, which are bound to boomerang in a democracy like India.  They can be successful only in authoritarian regimes like China, not in India. But there is no doubt that drastic laws must be introduced by our Legislators to control the population in India. Therefore, the suggestion of Baba Ramdev has all the merits to be considered very seriously by the new government of India.

2019 Elections: Who was Wise and Who was Fool in UP ?

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Parliamentary election in 2019 has thrown many surprises. One of them is that the ‘Empress of Wealth’ and ‘Opportunism’ is the biggest beneficiary and the ‘Master of Betrayal’ and ‘Amateurism’ has proved to be the certified fool in Uttar Pradesh..

The biggest beneficiary in this Lok Sabha election has not been the BJP but the BSP of Mayawati. Modi had a lot many things to showcase to entire India, but this lady had nothing but her insatiable love for money and unquestionable leadership of a particular section of the Dalits.

BJP was already having 282 seats in the Lok Sabha, ten seats more than what is required to have the magic number of majority. This time it has further improved its tally to reach 303, which is landslides by any stretch of consideration. There is no denying that no leader of the world has done so much developmental work, which Modi has performed in the last five years of his rule. The loquacious and highly impractical Communists have been thrown to the Bay of Bengal on the side and in the Arabian sea on the other.

But look at the achievements of the empress Mayawati. In the last Lok Sabha election Mayawati, the one and only leader of her party, had drawn a blank. She was not able to send even one member to the Parliament but this time the queen of opportunism did not bat her eyelids in entering into an alliance with the prince of betrayal and amateurism Akhilesh Yadav to form a caste-based Gathbandhan.

Two months before Lok Sabha elections both of them were daggers drawn. Thanks to the conscientious people of Uttar Pradesh, the Gathbandhan has been resoundingly kicked and given a tight slap to both the visionless and shameless leaders. However, the goddess of wealth and the Queen of opportunism has certainly been able to get elected ten of her candidates to the Lok Sabha. She has been able to get three Muslims elected with the support of Dalits and Yadavas.

Similarly, the Samajwadi Party has also got elected three Muslims from its party. Thus, she has improved her tally from zero to ten but the Samajwadi Part has cut a very sorry figure, thanks only to the foolishness of an Australia educated leader. Last time the SP had five Member in Parliament and this time, too, it has got five MPs. The only difference is that in the previous Lok Sabha only the family members of Mulayam Singh Yadav were representing the Samajwadi Party but this time only the father and the son have got entry to the Lok Sabha. Other three members of the family have been defeated badly. Three Muslims have, albeit, been elected replacing the members of his family. Last time not even one Muslim MP was there but this time six Muslims have got in, including one Mafia Don and another a rank communalist, who has diabolical hatred against Bharat Mata, Cow and the holy Ganges.

The sum and substance are that while Akhilesh has proved to be a reckless amateur in the politics of Gathbandhan, Mayawati has emerged as a clear winner. There is hardly any doubt that if she had not made an alliance with the SP, she would not have been able to get even a single seat.

However, it now becomes almost clear that Narendra Modi has destroyed the politics of caste and religion; otherwise Lalu would have not been reduced to zero in Bihar. The country will, therefore, remain indebted to Modi for bringing about a new culture of casteless society for making the nation strong.

Comment on Modi’s 2019 Win: Top Priorities of New Govt

By: Shreepal Singh

1. It is 23rd of May 2019 today. Modi has scored a stunning victory in 2019 Indian parliamentary election: he has got (wait for a few hours more, at this hour – 4.03 PM – BJP is leading in 294 and with allies 344 – on total count, BJP has got 303 and with allies 350) out of the total of 542 seats. We say it Modi’s victory because he secured it almost single handedly. We say it “almost single handedly” because the credit for it goes in maximum to him. BJP as a political party with its vast support base and an army of dedicated workers spread over many of its affiliated organizations and Amit Shah as an astute political strategist and the president of BJP have also contributed to this victory in a desicive manner. But still perhaps – we venture to assert – BJP without a Modi could not have performed this miracle in this badly divided country and perhaps Modi without BJP could still have done it. However, this is no time to apportion the credit between the two mutually supporting forces. It looks nice and gracious to say BJP is nothing without Modi and Modi is nothing without BJP. This is enough on this score – and nothing more is required. Let us come to the point.

2. It was said by us at Indian People’s Congress a score of decades back, “Things always go on changing and the history is continuously made. But, there is always the spirit of ‘Time’ behind every such change. It is not the entities – the events, the personalities – that are apparent to everybody who alone are there to play their role in this change. There are also forces behind them that are subtle, not apparent. These forces are more powerful than the apparent entities; the entities – personalities – are these forces’ creation, their instruments. These subtle forces operate in tune with the spirit of Time at the given moment through the apparent personalities, big and small both.”

3. Modi as an individual – and as the Prime Minister of India – is no exception to this universal phenomenon. Modi has won the 2019 Indian parliamentary election. He is set to step on his second inning as the supreme leader of India. He worked hard – the hardest that any individual can do. We all know, the political institution of democracy – as an instrument of self governance and more so as an instrument of rapid progress – is much flawed. It is flawed even in those countries that boast of being its (democracy’s) originators. But in India it is many times more flawed – a large, a very large, section of Indian population is given to act on their illitracy, ignorance, caste, religion, ethnic fault lines and what not. Adding to this pathatic condition of Indian electorate, here the established corrupt and scoundrals, and even below-average minds, are able to fling dirt on any well-meaning political personality and flourish and hoodwink this ignorant mass called electorate. Win of Modi is a miracle and also a sign that Indian people have now come of age in the art of self governance.

4. Modi’s win of 2019 Indian parliamentary election is a good omen not for India alone, it is good for humanity as well. Rise of Modi as the Prime Minister of India is the rise of spiritual India, and the rise of spiritual India is the rise of humanity.

5. Life is essentially spiritual; and humanity is the epitome of this spirituality. In fact, life is nothing but unfolding of universal divinity – life with its amazing property of self awareness cannot be explained by anything but by divinity; life is divine.

6. One step forward in the rise of the awareness of this divinity is the rise of humanity and the very existence – and survival against all odds through the ages – of an India that is spiritual to the core is a step forward for the entire humanity.

7. Rise of a spiritual India should be a cause for jubiliation for the world. Modi-win of 2019 in India is the win of this spiritual India. By and large the majority of Indians – who are mostly Hindus but also have significant number of Muslims, Christians – are in euphoria today on this win.

8. Indians are given by nature to celebrate, and celebrate incessantly. Let them celebrate at this moment of historic importance. But soon they would need to get down to the work ahead – the work that needs to be attended urgently and that is pending long overdue. What is this work?

9. There are many urgent works pending execution in India almost since its birth in 1947 as a free country but the most important and urgent of them in post 2019 election need to be recapitulated.

10. Firstly, science, science and again science. It is repeated to underline its supreme importance. But this science is not limited to its meaning in a narrow sense. We are using this term here in its widest possible meaning – science in thought (culture, habits, traditions, beliefs, education, outlook and the like) and science in action (technology, industry, defense related weapons, zooming rockets, wealth generating economy, day-to-day life studded with latest innovations and the like).  This term – science – includes an inclination or propensity of ordinary citizens – particularly the younger generation – to think originally, do search and discover new things; it is a scientific attitude, it is a culture, which is covered under science here. It includes positive science that makes discoveries and fabricate technologies. India is still backward in this age of science and technology. No country has any future if it does not master the laws of this material world, which are known as the laws of science. It is not confined to learning the already known – discovered – laws of science and mastering the technologies based on those already known laws. It is much more than that and includes original thinking in all branches of positive sciences; philosophical – ideological; and social sciences. It also includes a prompt application of newly discovered laws of that science – transforming that knowledge into technology. It includes ruthless promotion of merit and individual initiatives. It means that science is translated into technology and that technology is translated into an overall national development of India; it means a high living standard of citizens is secured with the help and advantage that this science – and its technology – provides to these citizens; high end technology utilized for defence and armed forces. There is need to emphasize the importance of the speed at which this science is translated into technology. Severe penalties and disincentives for causing delay and neglect in such translation. Heavy investment in this field – discovery of science and translating acquired knowledge into technology with fast speed.

11. Secondly, strengthen the internal security of India. Identify forces and individuals that divert issues and derail India’s fast development and expose them, discredit them and punish them in exemplary way. Judge them by their recent conduct before this just concluded 2019 election – judge them what they said and where they stood. These individuals – in the name of politicians, journalists, human right workers and some such other names – take undue advantage of India’s innocent and largely uneducated masses, and render democracy unworkable in India. When the world is marching fast forward and countries are busy to overtake their rivals in ferocious competition in economic and technology spheres, these individuals put their full might to derail India’s smooth progress – all in the name of democracy and their constitutional rights. This all talk of democracy and constitutional rights is nothing but a veneer to camouflage their real identities – you scratch a little and you will find below the surface that they are corrupt to the core, they have amassed huge ill gotten wealth by corrupt means, they are there to grind their axe. It is most urgent task of emerging new and developing India to pin point them all and clean India of this mess. No country has ever progressed without cleaning its mess – and India has to achieve this feat in a democratic manner.

12. Thirdly, put a firm check on the population explosion. There should be no leniency in this matter. There should be no way left to escape the disciplinary dragnet for those who knowingly or unknowingly are busy in increasing the India’s population. The only democratic way to control the Indian burgeoning population is put in place the “stick and carrot” policy; provide penalties for producing more children and offer incentives for begetting few offspring. India should even think of disenfranchising – taking away voting right – of those, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion, who beget more than two children. China achieved this objective of containing population explosion by force (China has political system of dictatorship) but India will have to achieve this objective by democratic means – by making a law in Parliament. If India wants to avoid civil war and strife in the face of scarce resources with large number of people demanding them (resources), then the sooner this population explosion is stopped the better it is. Population growth is a ticking bomb for India.

13. Fourthly, take the aggressive foreign initiative. Forge friendship with maximum foreign powers. Find out common agendas and take initiatives to lead such groups wedded to those agendas. There are many concerns that the humanity commonly share today: environmental concerns; sustainable development on earth; non-poluting sources of energy that may power such development; mental well-being of humanity in the face of technologies fast encroaching human mind; terrorism sprouting from fundamentalist religions and rabid ideologies; peace and equity among countries. India needs to forge a global unity around these common concerns. Spiritual India can achieve nothing if it does not win the love and goodwill of humanity by and large. This India stands not for any narrow nationalism confined to one country but for humanity, which is above all traditional religious and ideological concerns.

Results of Lok Sabha Polls will be Better for Modi than Exit Projections

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Look who is shouting that the EVM s have been swapped and hacked? It is those like Afzal Ansari, Atique Ahmad, Saiyed Shahabuddin and the parties of Mayawati, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav, who have been notorious for booths capturing. Now they have realised that the crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha polls is staring in their face and they have no face-saving device except to blame the EVMs. Thanks to the alertness of the Election Commission, this time they have failed to capture any booths. Therefore, their wailing is like the quarrelling of the bad workman with his tools.

 It is not hidden from anybody that the amount of work that the Modi Government has done in the last five years is humungous, which will be remembered for the decades to come.  By demonetisation, he has almost wiped out the parallel economy of the black money, which had crippled the life of honest and average Indian. The GST has brought significant transparency in business dealings resulting in the massive income to the exchequer. More than 90 per cent shopkeepers and businesspeople have been compelled to pay the taxes because all the escape routes have been plugged by the government.

The generation of money through demonetisation and GST has been meaningfully utilised for raising the living standards of people regardless of their caste, creed or religion. As a matter of fact, the biggest beneficiaries of Modi’s Welfare Schemes have been Muslims, Dalits and Scheduled Tribes. During the five years of the Modi Government, not even one communal riot or terrorist incident have taken place in the country. Is it a small achievement? The tough administration of Yogi Adityanath and Narendra Modi has demonstrated to the whole world that how communal riots can be curbed and controlled even in the most sensitive state like Uttar Pradesh.

The welfare schemes of Modi speak volumes and much louder about his efficient and corruption-free administration. In the last five years, there has not been even a whisper of corruption against any Minister. The achievements of the government on the border have been recognised by the whole world and now Pakistan’s limbs and legs have been so badly broken that it cannot even think of raising its eyes towards India. China has also fallen in the line of Modi diplomacy.

 Despite the overdose of the intoxication of casteism and communalism injected by the casteist and communal leaders, people have overwhelmingly voted in favour of Modi, without considering and knowing about the candidates fielded by the BJP.

On the other hand, look at the behaviour and conduct of the opposition leaders who have been trying to throw mud of Rafael Deal, which has boomeranged on them. The alliance of Mayawati and Akhilesh in Uttar Pradesh are so opportunistic that the people are not ready to believe them. Mayawati is very unreliable and ungrateful that she was saved of her life and formed the government with the help of the BJP for three times and then shunned it without even a tinge of remorse. How ridiculous it is that instead of talking about the issues she talked about the caste and personal life of Modi? Not to be lagged behind Akhilesh Yadav firstly joined hands with Rahul Gandhi and then jettisoned him in this election to be with Mayawati against whom his fulminations are well known to recount.

The less said is better about the leaders of other states like Mamata Banerjee, whose simplicity and fighting spirit had won laurels for her but then she also fell into the deep mud of corruption. Surprisingly, she adopted the same policy of rowdyism of the CPM against which she had got support from all over India. The opportunism of Chandrababu Naidu and Corruption of Lalu Prasad Yadav have hardly any parallel in the contemporary history of India. In the crowd of such tainted leaders, Modi is shining like a Pole Star. There should not any doubt that the final results of the Lok Sabha Elections will be much better than what various exit polls have predicted.

Gandhi, Godse, Murder, Terrorism and Pragya Thakur

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Sectetary General IPC)

Is it not strange that those who have been abusing in the filthiest language have today become the votaries of Gandhi in denouncing Sadhvi Pragya Thakur? She did not say anything about Gandhi. She only said that Godse was a nationalist. Nobody in his or her senses would justify the killing of Mahatma Gandhi. It was the most brutal cold blood, heinous and dastardly crime committed by Godse, which shocked the conscience of the entire nation. One might have had differences – even the most serious and the legitimate ones – with Gandhi but he had no right or justification to murder him.

This is no time – and no place here – to enumerate and discuss the bona fide mistakes that Gandhi might have committed and which might have prompted Godse to commit a henious crime of murder. We are on something else here.

Mahatma Gandhi was revered by the Hindus although he was hated in equal measure by the Muslims barring a few. M.A. Jinnah had declared him to be the leader of only Hindus and not of the Muslims of India. He had claimed the sole proprietary rights of the leadership of Muslims. It is very difficult to forget what Ali brothers had said about Gandhi – that any Muslim is better than him – although Gandhi foolishly fought along with them for the restoration of Khilafat in  Turkey. Surprisingly, a university has been established with the help of Mulayam Singh Yadav in Rampur in the name of that rabidly communal leader.

There is a difference between a ‘Murderer’ and a ‘Terrorist’. Godse was a murderer but not a terrorist. It is not necessary that a terrorist should be a nationalist. Even otherwise also, there is no concept of nationalism for all the varieties of terrorists that we have come to know so far in the course of history.

Nathuram Godse was, without doubt, a nationalist – a Patriot – but not a Terrorist. He was a killer for which he was tried and sent to gallows. The purpose of a killer is to kill a person because of certain reasons but the purpose of a terrorist is to create terror in the minds of the general public. Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi but he did not want to terrorise the general public. If one goes through the testimony of Godse during his trial in the Court of Shimla, there will be no doubt in the mind of anybody that he was a nationalist, though bigoted one. His aim was to protect Mother India at any cost. Since Mahatma Gandhi was largely responsible for the vivisection of the country into India and Pakistan and as, apart from it, he was very lenient towards Pakistan in giving many concessions to that country, Godse had a serious complaint against him. Mahatma Gandhi had even undertaken a fast to give Rs. 56 crores to Pakistan for the construction of its Capital.

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur has not justified the killing of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse, she has simply said that he was/is and will continue to be a patriot. So, what is wrong in it?

The Communist Party of India was always opposed to Mahatma Gandhi but now communists are branding Sadhvi Pragya as a terrorist. Not long ago, the supporters of Kansiram and Mayawati had ransacked and vandalised the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi and declared him to be the enemies of the Dalits. Ms Mayawati has been openly chiding Mahatma Gandhi in all her meetings by saying that Gandhi used to say ‘untouchables’ to the Harijans, then was he a son of Shaitan?

Abuses of Dr. Ambedkar for Gandhi are well known. He called Gandhi a cunning politician who did not do anything for Dalits. He even said, “People rever Gandhi as a saint but I know Gandhi as a person and he is crooked in his mind.”

Now when this Sannyasin has simply said that Godse’s patriotism could not be questioned, whole secular intelligensia and the opposition parties have risen up in arms. Lo and behold! A person like Digvijay Singh who coined the word Hindu Terrorism is also criticising her.

The people of India now know the doublespeak, duplicity and hypocrisy of these people and this is the reason that people of India have largely endorsed her statement that Godse was a Patriot, which she said in response to a blockheaded film actor, who described Godse as the first Hindu terrorist.

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