Gandhi, Godse, Murder, Terrorism and Pragya Thakur

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Sectetary General IPC)

Is it not strange that those who have been abusing in the filthiest language have today become the votaries of Gandhi in denouncing Sadhvi Pragya Thakur? She did not say anything about Gandhi. She only said that Godse was a nationalist. Nobody in his or her senses would justify the killing of Mahatma Gandhi. It was the most brutal cold blood, heinous and dastardly crime committed by Godse, which shocked the conscience of the entire nation. One might have had differences – even the most serious and the legitimate ones – with Gandhi but he had no right or justification to murder him.

This is no time – and no place here – to enumerate and discuss the bona fide mistakes that Gandhi might have committed and which might have prompted Godse to commit a henious crime of murder. We are on something else here.

Mahatma Gandhi was revered by the Hindus although he was hated in equal measure by the Muslims barring a few. M.A. Jinnah had declared him to be the leader of only Hindus and not of the Muslims of India. He had claimed the sole proprietary rights of the leadership of Muslims. It is very difficult to forget what Ali brothers had said about Gandhi – that any Muslim is better than him – although Gandhi foolishly fought along with them for the restoration of Khilafat in  Turkey. Surprisingly, a university has been established with the help of Mulayam Singh Yadav in Rampur in the name of that rabidly communal leader.

There is a difference between a ‘Murderer’ and a ‘Terrorist’. Godse was a murderer but not a terrorist. It is not necessary that a terrorist should be a nationalist. Even otherwise also, there is no concept of nationalism for all the varieties of terrorists that we have come to know so far in the course of history.

Nathuram Godse was, without doubt, a nationalist – a Patriot – but not a Terrorist. He was a killer for which he was tried and sent to gallows. The purpose of a killer is to kill a person because of certain reasons but the purpose of a terrorist is to create terror in the minds of the general public. Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi but he did not want to terrorise the general public. If one goes through the testimony of Godse during his trial in the Court of Shimla, there will be no doubt in the mind of anybody that he was a nationalist, though bigoted one. His aim was to protect Mother India at any cost. Since Mahatma Gandhi was largely responsible for the vivisection of the country into India and Pakistan and as, apart from it, he was very lenient towards Pakistan in giving many concessions to that country, Godse had a serious complaint against him. Mahatma Gandhi had even undertaken a fast to give Rs. 56 crores to Pakistan for the construction of its Capital.

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur has not justified the killing of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse, she has simply said that he was/is and will continue to be a patriot. So, what is wrong in it?

The Communist Party of India was always opposed to Mahatma Gandhi but now communists are branding Sadhvi Pragya as a terrorist. Not long ago, the supporters of Kansiram and Mayawati had ransacked and vandalised the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi and declared him to be the enemies of the Dalits. Ms Mayawati has been openly chiding Mahatma Gandhi in all her meetings by saying that Gandhi used to say ‘untouchables’ to the Harijans, then was he a son of Shaitan?

Abuses of Dr. Ambedkar for Gandhi are well known. He called Gandhi a cunning politician who did not do anything for Dalits. He even said, “People rever Gandhi as a saint but I know Gandhi as a person and he is crooked in his mind.”

Now when this Sannyasin has simply said that Godse’s patriotism could not be questioned, whole secular intelligensia and the opposition parties have risen up in arms. Lo and behold! A person like Digvijay Singh who coined the word Hindu Terrorism is also criticising her.

The people of India now know the doublespeak, duplicity and hypocrisy of these people and this is the reason that people of India have largely endorsed her statement that Godse was a Patriot, which she said in response to a blockheaded film actor, who described Godse as the first Hindu terrorist.

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