Why most Muslims of sub-continent dislike Modi and Hindu nationalists? Explains a Pakistani

He calls himself, a ‘Jangjoo General’ and describes him as ‘the great grandson of (Mohamad) bin Kasim’, and to top it all, he comes from Pakistan. He explains succinctly why the most Muslims of Indian sub-continent dislike Modi – the Prime Minister of India – and the Indian nationalists. It is the information technology that has made it possible to hear his voice of sanity. What follows here is taken from his twitter handle ‘Jangjoo General’. It is the sharp witticism of this Pakistani in styling himself as a ‘Jangjoo General – the great grandson of bin Kasim’. When translated into English ‘Jangjoo General’ means a military general who is bent upon to fight – having a propensity to fight – at all cost; and, to add to his such war-fervor, the general gets the inspiration from a sense of being not an ordinary person but a direct descendent of a ‘warier Mohamad bin Kasim’. Mohamad bin Kasim needs no introduction to anyone who has a little awareness of history. In all, there are 21 pithy twits by this ‘Jangjoo General’, which are given here. Here is what he says:

Why most Muslims of Indian sub continent dislike Modi and Hindu nationalists? The psychological comfort level for Muslims is in living along with another co-religionist as their neighbour and not living with kuffr (a Kafir, who is not a Muslim) despite there being the homogeneity with such Kafirs of culture, food, linguistic, ethnic, race, DNA and biological and social similarities.

This dislike stems from the Islamic theology and practices, which differentiate humanity not on the basis of any quality difference but only on the basis of a belief to a particular God. Hadith in 18, 25 is explicit in this, “I have been ordered to fight against the people until …. “. Thus a Muslim has to go against the grain of Islamic theology, to coexist in peace with another kuffr human. As a result, and tragically enough, most Muslims end up tolerating corrupt, terrorists, murderers, rapists as long as they are of the same faith, while exaggerating petty differences to avoid living with good kuffr. Partition of India is the classic example of this Islamic theological attitude towards other humans who were kuffr.

The next best comfort level for Muslims is having a “secular” kuffr. This is because “secular” kuffr tolerates political Islam, whitewashes crimes inspired by Islamic theology, sympathizes with their incompatible traditions and without asking Muslims to return favour of secularism. This is where Modi led India is hated by most sub continental Muslims – because Hindu nationalists refuse to accept this one-way secularism. Hindu nationalists insist on either two-way and equal participation in secularism or no secularism at all. Ask any self-proclaimed moderate / secular Muslim to not practice conversion in marriage and you would see how shallow his secularism turns out. Muslims are fine as long as Hindus do not wear their religion on shoulders, while themselves wearing religion from head to toe.
Among Muslims, Pakistani’s are the most hypocrite bunch. Pakistan has institutionalized bigotry, constitutionally excludes non-Muslims from governance and tops that up with rape, intimidation and discrimination against minorities and continued antagonism with Hindu India. But the gall at which they call India fascist for electing Modi is monumental chicanery.

Modi led India creates another problem for Pakistanis or any one believing in ghazwa-e-hind, that being, Hindu nationalists are grounded not on western import of irreligious secularism. Rather they celebrate religion while mutually co-existing and accept secularism provided the other side (non-Hindus) also accepts equality in religion and laws. Islamic theology has trouble here because it (Hindu nationalist secularism) throws the “my and only god” theory into disarray and does not give easy pass to ghazwa-e-hind fantasy. Islamic pursuit of worldwide supremacy (no less fanatical than Nazi Germany’s absurd Aryan theory) had and continues to face it’s biggest and most persistant challenge in Hindu nation, both on ideological and battle grounds, and now more so with a united Hindu nation.

Hindu theology with its decentralized, diverse practices and evolving (rather sluggishly) practices with time has overwhelmed Islamic thought and halted its growth four centuries ago. And continues to reclaim space, from geography to economy to intellectual pursuits.

This is why despite almost every Muslim country being constitutionally Islamic, most Muslims hate and won’t tolerate two countries practicing so richly their own way of life and religion: , namely Jewish and Hindu nation. Also it explains why Modi, a practicing Hindu wearing religion on his shoulder in one and the only Hindu country, is deride.

Key point to ponder is: why micro minority Zoroastrian Parsis, Jews, Bahai Faith, Ahmadis, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Atheists, LGBT are not scared of Hindu India but from pre-partition to 2019 Muslims remain insecure bunch.


Only because you are facing heat from your tribe. Muslims were then scared of Gandhi’s Hindus as they are today scared of Modi’s Hindus. Why? Muslims gave Jinnah’s communal league 89.5% votes despite Congress willingness to grant constituencies. Inherently Islamic theology is rooted in baddu psychology of fear and survival. It is like neurotic parent that uses “fear of outsiders” to protect it’s children in return turning kids violent and dull.

If you wish to help Muslims, then bare the truth – for the truth shall set people free and not excuses in place of truth.

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