China’s “BigPixal” – a Challenge to Mobile Industry

By: Shreepal Singh

We all who use moble phone know what pixal in our device is all about. We take photos of the objects of our interest with the help of inbuilt camera in our phone and the quality of the picture that we shot depends on the device’s pixal capacity: the more is the pixal (usually in mega pixals), the better is the quality of the picture.

There is a cut-throat competition among the players in moble manufecturing industry. One who provides more pixals in the device, rules the market. Moble industry itself commands a major share of the commercial global market.

There are many big names in this mobile industry and they rule the world: mint money. But now a new player called “BigPixal Studio” from China has joined this race of pixals and is sure to make all these so-called big players run for their money – if they do not catch up with this “real” big one.

This Chinese BigPixal Studio can pack billions of pixals and produce stunning pictures, photos and videos. One can zoom the picture and see the face of a person in the photo, read a number on a car or see a bird sitting on a tree. Amazing. Is India listening? It needs fast catch up.

Just watch the picture at this link, to grasp what we mean.

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