India is Secular only Because Hindus are in Majority

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

    Nowhere in the world, any majority community is as tolerant as Hindus in India. Can anybody tell the name of any country where the majority religious community has asked for Anti-Conversion Act? Perhaps none except India. It is the only country in the world where the majority Hindu community is threatened with the conversion spree of the minority communities, particularly by Christians and Muslims. Inducement, fraud, cheating, thuggery, gimmicks and other sinister ruses are used and adopted by them to convert the people from majority Hindu community to their own religious fold. Their deception knows no bounds and limits.  Does it not look strange that only in India the minority community opposes the anti-conversion law? The reason is that minorities do not have to nurse any fear from the majority community, but it is the other way around.

      All over the world, it is the minority community which vociferously demands the Anti -Conversion Laws because they always have the fear of losing their religious identity due to the intolerance of the majority community. One can see it even nearer home when India and Pakistan were divided into two countries the population of Hindus in Pakistan was roughly 16 per cent but now it has been reduced to less than 1.6 per cent. The population of Muslims in India was around 6 per cent but now it has gone up to 15 per cent. The number of Christians was less than 1 per cent but now their number has crossed more than 3 per cent. Hindus in India comprised nearly 90 per cent but now their population has gone down to less than 79 per cent. Yet look at the bundle of lies that is being played out in the report of the Us State department that ‘tolerance’ for the minority community has gone down in India after the advent of the Modi government at the Centre.

    This report has been flashed only a few days before the visit of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to India. It appears that some forces in both countries are at work to cause harm to the relationship between India and the USA. This report is a blatant lie, which does not have an iota of truth in it.

     It also speaks of the double standards of the United States. If there has been any failure on the part of India to protect the religious rights of the minority communities, then how come more than 7 to 8 crores Bangladeshis,  have intruded into India and do not want to go back to their own country? And Rohingyas of Myanmar fight pitched battles with locals and security forces to have their permanent settlement in India. This is irrefutable evidence that even migrant minorities in India are safer than in their own homeland. They make all efforts to sneak into India and then make it their haven. Look at the height of the duplicity on the part of the so-called secular forces of this country who firstly; feed false and wrong information to other countries and then lap it up in India to discredit their own country, which has the sterling and envious record of protecting the minorities in India.

    Perhaps, India and Nepal are the two Hindu dominated countries where Christians hardly have to face any resistance for their insidious, pernicious and dangerous game of conversion. They impersonate and adopt the methodology of Hindus for prayers to convert them to their own religion. They never face any opposition from tolerant and vulnerable Hindus. On the contrary, in due course of time, they raise the bar of their demands and ask even for the curtailment of the freedoms of the Hindus. It is no trite to say that ‘Secularism survives in India because Hindus are in the majority’.

There is hardly any doubt that during the last dispensations of Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav  thousands of mosques were built in the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh with the help of  Petro-dollars, which was pumped in from the Gulf countries to grab the government land and nobody could raise voice against such large-scale day-light land grabbing by the notorious Muslims organisations, which are still being used as the nursery of obscurantism and in some cases even terrorist training camps with the active connivance of the administrations of Mayawati, Mulayam and Akhilesh.

 The Christians have been converting the Vanvasis and Adivasis in different parts of the country with gay abandon by offering them money and other facilities. Therefore, it is the dishonesty of the highest order on the part of the United States of America that in her country where every Muslim is suspected to be a terrorist is talking about the failure of the government of India in protecting the rights of Minorities. In fact, it is in America where the word ‘Islamophobia’ got currency after 9/11. It is in Europe and America, where the Muslims are minutely frisked because of their names and the needle of suspicion of their being terrorists, goes only against them. So much so, the loudmouthed Mohammad Azam Khan, now a Samajwadi M.P. from Uttar Pradesh, who was a minister in UP was not even allowed to come out of an American Airport, when he had gone to America along with Akhilesh Yadav. This shows their deep-rooted hatred for Muslims (which is genuine also to some extent) and yet they have the cheek to question about the protection of minorities in India.

In Pakistan even the minority Muslims like Shias, Ahmadiyya and others have been excommunicated and are not allowed to go to the Mosques of Sunnies. Hindus in Pakistan live in perpetual fear as their women are kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted. Hindu males are belaboured, slaved and beaten blue and black even for any minor mistakes Their religious places, temples etc, have either been razed or left in the most neglected and dilapidated state, but colour-blind America’s State Department has failed to see the intolerance of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis just to pass the buck on India. This is yet another way of persecution of the majority Hindu community. So much so, in China Muslims are even not allowed to have the Mosques in the traditional style and yet America has not raised the red flag of intolerance in that country because China damn cares for the US reports.

The fact is that the Hindus are the most tolerant people in the world and they have been persecuted from centuries only because of the unconscionable weakness of their tolerance. The irony is that so-called secular intelligentsia, media and leaders in India lap up such reports and leave no stone unturned in bringing the bad name to India. How shameless it is?

The Government of India must register its strong protest against the Trump Administration and to the visiting Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo for making such false, absurd, silly, highly prejudiced, one-sided and biased report against India and the majority Hindu Community.

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